I sat between the trees, heart still as I stared at the girl resting on the seat. A face so full of glory stared out with eyes deeper than the sky, lips so gentle like the lace that covered her. Silent wings lay folded on her back, ready to lift in the wind. A cool-drawn dress flitted silently down her body, layers of white falling over her legs. Sleeves covered arms so delicate that even dove's hid in jealousy, spreading beads down to her hands. I traced my eyes down the shining side, falling as it fell. My eyes paused their time as they came to rest on her hand, a single ring fitting over her finger. Compared to her beauty to ring stood out dull, though jewels covered it round. It had no magnificence, only the bleak lifeless look where emotion did not exist.

She moved suddenly, causing fear into me, making me shrink further into the shadows. I looked away, my mind thinking that if I didn't see her, she wouldn't see me. But I knew that my diverted gaze would not keep me from her eyes. Slowly I turned my head to once again gaze at her. Her movements before had only placed her bare feet on the mottled grass, her eyes still staring straight. I sighed, a deep long sigh that sounded of my fear and wonder. This girl so of grace, she sat without knowing of my desires, of my wishes. She knew not that I had spent every night praying amongst the stars for her to see me. That every wish I had found had been spent on her. I waited for the day when she would notice my yearning eyes, yet feared it more than death.

I could always feel him looking at me, his patient eyes straining to see through the night air. Sometimes, when I knew his eyes had been diverted, I would glance at him, pushing every moment of him to savour in my mind. And sometimes, when he continued to look another way, I would stare. Every time I would watch his smooth face, dappled skin running to eyes brighter than the sun. Silver plate grew around his body, shining to reflect the trees around him. It curved rigid around him, showing how beauty erupted underneath. He would rest so softly amongst the trees, as if he were a part of them. He moved suddenly, and those callous movements were as graceful as a dove's flight. And when he returned his gaze to me he would sigh. A beautiful sigh that came wistfully to my awaiting ears. When he sighed my heart would rise with his upturned voice, then fall as it disappeared with the wind. I would gaze to the stars, waiting for a wish to shoot across the sky. And when it did I would wish for him, the boy so filled with grace. I waited for the day when he would notice my glancing gaze upon his turned figure. And when it never came, I let another boy place a ring on my finger.

The boy sat silently in the shadows, staring at the face that was covered in perfections. On this last night of the girl's freedom she sat, staring into the stars, wishing beyond hope that her single wish would come true. A shooting star played across the sky, both eyes upturned to look as it made its way across the expanse above. But neither made a wish, for stars are but stars and do not hold anything but beauty. With a silent gaze the boy turned once again to the girl, and the girl had but time to turn away. Together they gazed at the one they had so wished for. The girl rose, her subtle dress breathing around her. The boy saw her move, but did not shrink to the shadows as he otherwise would. Silently they both paced their beautiful steps to the other, bare feet striking softly the ground. Neither noticed the ring slip silently off the girl's finger to lay hidden in the dirt. Nor did they notice the colours that sang as they walked. For the first time they saw each other as they truly were, the rags of the boy, the scars of the girl. But neither cared. For she was his angel, and him her knight in shining armour.