"Stop staring at my butt, Brad."

Lisa was washing the dirty dishware when she told her husband that. Apparently, Brad was standing a few feet behind her, clutching a glass of red wine.

"Do you see the glitter of adoration in my eyes when I stare at your butt?" Brad's tone was so playfully sweet Lisa couldn't help but smile at it.

Turning off the faucet, the woman then swiveled to face her husband, who she met with a somewhat salacious countenance. "You know, why don't you put yourself into good use and help me with the dishes." Lisa scooped up a stack of newly washed plates from the tiled counter and showed it to Brad. "Dry this out for me, please?"

As though entreated to act upon something revolting, Brad instantly let out a grunt of distaste. "Oh, you know how I hate doing household chores, right?"

Lisa managed a pair of squinted eyes, firing away her husband with a scorching glare.

Undeterred, Brad joked, "now turn back around to the dishes, hun, and let me go on with staring at your cute butt."

Lisa puckered her lips in controlled grumpiness, pensively instructing herself not to acquiesce to the request of her husband. Then in a flash of a moment, a glistening idea poked through her thoughts.

"How about I wash the dishes naked while you dry these?"

Shaken by his wife's proposal, Brad hastily put his glass down on the table and sauntered to the sink. "Where is that goddamn towel!"