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I wasn't the Queen-B of the school, in fact I wasn't even remotely popular. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the nerd either. I wasn't the awkward loner, the outcast emo kid, the band geek, or any of those. Nah, people fear me; they're scared of me. Every school has that one person - sometimes more - who rebels against everything. Bullying? Fuck that. Superior attitudes? I don't think so. Annoying blonde bitches with fake boobs? As long as they're far away from me.

I attend Monty View High, and if you ask me they deserve half of the terrible people they get here. Who names a high school that? We live in the middle of New York, in the center of a large city, with a population well over the average. AKA: Too many people. If I was the least bit more insane, I would go on a killing rampage just to get more breathing space in this cramped area. I didn't like people, and I only had two friends.

Yet everyone knew who I was. Popular? Nah, like I said before, not in the least. But I did have the people who looked up to me for being able to do what they only wish they could, and I did have the others who would give anything to get me expelled and out of their lives forever. That one person in particular being my Culinary Arts teacher. Her name is Mrs. Athest, the funny part about her is that she's a hardcore Christian. She's hated me ever since the first day where I accidentally called her 'Mrs. Atheist'. But hey, can you blame me?

They just sound so much alike.

Maybe that was my first mistake; making a teacher my number one enemy. That's what lead to her quitting, which lead to a new teacher, which lead to the ruining and remaking of my life, which is where I am now. I used to live by three rules:

1.) Trust no one.

2.) Fear nothing.

3.) Love is a four letter word.

I thought up the first and second rule when I still lived with my parents, the second rule came first. My father, well you could say he was abusive. Hit after hit after kick after punch, and I finally realized that crying would just fuel his anger. He hated crying, almost as much as he hated me. And so came the rule: fear nothing. Fear not the pain, but cherish the strength. The first rule was born after I was sent to therapy for being 'depressed'. The therapist told me everything I told her would be confidential, but that was a lie.

After a year of seeing her, I finally told her what my father was doing to me. She called my mother, who the next night hung herself from the ceiling fan in our living room. She didn't leave a suicide note, but everyone said she was already one out of it. After that, my father was sent to prison, and I was sent to New York City to live with my brother.

The third rule I created after I moved here. Although it was made in honor of my parents, I apply every type of love to the rule. What's the point of falling in love with someone who could change you as a person? I was too independent, too argumentative, and too much of a feminist to ever want to fall in love.

But eventually you realize sometimes you don't have a choice in whether or not you fall in love, it's just something that happens. When he came into my life, he taught me something I don't think I ever would've learned on my own.

You don't change for the person you love, you change because of them.

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