The little boy wandered through the streets. It was almost dark and the streets were becoming emptier as the night fell. He wandered into a dark alley, where he found an old worn, rusty dumpster. He climbed up the side to see if it contained anything he could use to sleep with tonight. The rust scratched at his bare feet but he ignored the pain and kept climbing. When he could finally look inside he saw a bag of trash, some broken glass and one old torn shoe, nothing he could use.

As he hopped down, tears welling up in his eyes, the door of the small apartment next to him flung open, casting a yellow light on him. A very pregnant looking woman walked out carrying a bad of ripped, smelly, and old clothes. Just as she was about to put them in the dumpster, she noticed the boy, whimpering against the dumpster.

"What do you think you're doing boy?" she asked.

"I'm sorry mam, I was jus looking for a pillow." he replied. She noticed his blood and dirt covered feet, and clothes that just barely covered his body. When he saw her looking at him his tears couldn't help but to start rolling down his face.

"Oh, now dearie, don't cry. Where are your parents?" she asked being sympathetic as she knelt down beside him.

"I aint got none, this is all I have." he said pointing to his too small clothes.

"What's your name boy?"

"Kyle" he replied

"Well, Kyle, I say we get you inside here and clean you up. You look like you could use a nice warm bath, and I'll find you some clothes that fit." she said standing up. Kyle's eyes lit up, he had never had anyone tell him he could go inside. He was used to people telling him to get lost and if he returned they would call the police.

"Excuse me mam," he began as he followed her into the house. "What is your name?"

"My name is Kendra dear boy. You can call me Kenna." she said as she shut the door behind

"Well, Miss Kenna, you sure do have a nice home" Kyle said as he turned every direction taking in the home he had entered. Kenna chuckled.

"I'm glad you think so." Kenna didn't have much either. Her husband of two years had left her just a few months ago. He didn't like anything about what they had anymore, and he didn't want anything to do with the child she was soon to have. She was all alone. Of course he was the only one she ever loved, could love really. He had been her world.

"Ma, Pa, and I never had this nice of a place" Kyle said bringing Kenna out of her own little world. "We moved around from place to place every day." Kenna lead Kyle to the bathroom and turned the water on so that she could start him a bath.

"What happened to your parents?" she asked.

"Ma died when I was three. She had some disease. Turbulonis? No, no, that's not right, it was something like that." he said.

"You mean Tuberculosis?" Kenna corrected

"Yeah! That." Kenna nodded her head.

"Well, after that Pa died when I was eight. Some man shot him; thought he was a dog." Kyle's eyes began to tear up again.

"How old are you sweet heart?" Kenna asked

"Eleven now." Kenna shut off the water.

"Your bath is ready now, I'll let you get in and go find something for you to wear when you get out." She left Kyle to himself and shut the door behind her.

He looked at the water, hesitant. He had never had a bath before, at least not one he

remembered. He opened the bathroom door.

"Um, Miss Kenna?" he called

"Yes Kyle, she said coming back to see what he needed.

"I've never had a bath before" he said. Kenna sighed.

"Take your clothes off, and get into the water." She said. "That's the basic, I'll be back to help you with everything else as soon as I find you some clean new clothes, and a towel, alright?"

"Okay thank you." Kenna left him alone again. He finally made it into the water. It was warm, relaxing somehow. He sat down and leaned against the back. He could have fallen asleep, but Kenna came back. She helped him with his bath and before he knew it, it was time to get out.

"Come on now, it's late. You look like you are about to fall asleep" Kenna chuckled.

"Yes mam, I am really sleepy" Kyle replied. Kenna didn't quite understand Kyle. He was much too polite. She didn't know an eleven year old boy who was as polite at him. She let him alone again to dry off and get dressed. When he came out she showed him to her guest room.

"Here is where you can sleep for the night" she said, "my room is just across the hall if you need anything, I'm going to let you settle in now." She watched him look at the room. It was your typical guest room. It had a bed and a dresser. Nothing more. Kenna figured that Kyle was used to being alone, and he wasn't used to her being so helpful. She just couldn't stand a child being alone on the streets.

She couldn't imagine that he had been alone for that long. Again, she didn't understand why he was letting her help him. Any child who had been alone for almost four years would usually turn down such hospitality. But maybe he was tired of being alone.

Kenna watched as Kyle climbed into the bed.

"Goodnight Miss Kenna" he said

"Goodnight" she replied. She shut off the light and closed the door

Kenna walked around the house. It was small, but it was a house. It had three bedrooms, one she had been working on turning into a nursery but then when her husband left, she abandoned what they had started. The other two were her own room, and the guest room.

Downstairs was her small living room, small kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. That was really all that was there. She didn't have a lot of things; she was used to not having much. The house was the nicest thing she had. Since her husband had left it was fairly easy to keep the house clean, less of a mess to clean up, not that there really was one before.