She Was Sockified

Kiki lay awake wide eyed, for she could not get to sleep. A noise was keeping her
from rest.
"Thump, Thump, Thump," went the sound again, ringing in her ears.
Kiki looked over to Ginny who lay soundlessly on the bed beside hers.
"Thump," there it was again. Unable to bear the sound any longer she slid down
from her bed and headed towards her glistening silver kit. Her kit held everything she
would ever need in sticky predicaments. Cradling her small hand around the flashlight
that lay buried beneath everything, Kiki crept towards the door careful not to make a
sound. She laid her hand gently on the door knob and glanced at the unmoved Ginny. Just
as she was about to thrust the heavy door open. -
Ginny stirred. Kiki froze for a moment watching and listening. They heard the
noise again.
"Thump, Thump, Thump," Ginny sat up.
"Kiki?" she whispered.
"Yeah?" Kiki responded. Ginny slipped out from underneath her covers and
planted her feet on the soft cotton carpet that she had received from her grandmother
when she was three. She slowly crept towards the light Kiki's flashlight emitted.
"Kiki, what's wrong?" Ginny whispered almost in Kiki's ear.
"Thump, Thump, Thump," the noise was on the door now. -
Kiki held her breath preparing for the worst. Ginny stood behind her, frozen in her
tracks. After a few minutes, only silence elapsed. Kiki decided that she had to go find the
source of the sound before it found them.
"Stay here," she demanded Ginny.
"But," Ginny was silenced by yet another loud "Thump," However, this time it
was farther away.
"I'll be back," and before Ginny could protest Kiki darted through the creaking
door without a sound. The hallway was pitch black. Fearing a light would throw her
cover Kiki's flashlight sat lightly in her hand. Taking in a deep breath she slowly crept
her way through the hallway until she reached the stairwell
"Thump," the sound came again, this time it was directly behind her. Suddenly, a
tight grasp caught her screams, hushing her cries for help. In her struggle Kiki felt the
man – she figured it was by his muscular form- loosen his grip, and then she began
falling, falling. Each and every step pounded against her flesh, the pain increasing
immensely. With the hand gone from her face she was able to scream.
"Ginny!" she called, as loud as she could manage. And yet there was no answer.
Ginny heard Kiki fall. She hurried over to Kiki's kit.
"I'm coming Kiki," she thought. She crept out into the hall. Kiki's flashlight was
shining at the wall behind her.
"Kiki where are you?" Ginny said as she hurriedly scooped Kiki's flashlight up in
her hands. She suddenly felt a hand grip her mouth.
Then she felt her body being jerked backwards. Down the stairs, Kiki slowly
regained her strength and headed up the stairs.
"Ginny..?" Kiki's eyes glanced down on the beaming flashlight that lay still on
the wooden floor. Bending forward she clutched the light in her hand and shone it ahead.
Nothing there.
"Ginny! Where are you?" Kiki sauntered through the dark hall until she finally
got to a closed door. She rattled the door knob. Locked. Remembering her kit, she
unlatched the clasp and withdrew her lock pick. In as little as four seconds, the talented
girl swung the door open, to find nothing but a dusty window. Beginning towards it she
realized there was a note on the sill. Sliding her hand beneath the paper, she opened the
note and read the words to herself. It read:
"I have your friend and Shoe, come and you will regret it."
"Mrs. Shoemake! Ginny! " Kiki thought
"Bleep, Bleep, Bleep," the alarm clock went off.
"No time to go after them now," Kiki said to no one in particular. Off to school
she went. Social Studies was first. Kiki looked closely at the writing on the test Socks had
handed back.
"No way," she said to herself. She withdrew the note from her pocket. She
noticed that the writing was the same. Then she withdrew her green velvet notebook
"Socks kidnapped Shoe and Ginny," she wrote then she put the note and the test on the
page to keep as evidence that Socks was the one. When Kiki returned home from school
she thought about Ginny's pen and composition notebook; she took it from the shelf
where Ginny had laid it the night before. Her pen was inside it.
"That's strange, she never leaves her pen inside it," Kiki thought as she opened
the book to the page.
"Kiki, if you're reading this it was Socks who has taken me. Please help. Love
always Ginny." Kiki ripped the page out of the book. She knew Ginny wouldn't be
The next morning Kiki awoke early enough to prepare. She quickly grabbed her
kit and notebook and scurried down the stairs.
"Don't you want any breakfast?" her mother questioned.
"No thanks," Kiki responded. The girl then rushed through the big front door into
the brisk winter air. When Kiki arrived at school the parking lot was. -
Empty- except for one car. In the car was a man, a woman, and a young girl.
"No! You can't do this to me you won't get away with it," the girl shouted. Kiki
recognized the voice at once
"Ginny!" Kiki whispered.
"Kiki will know you've got us she'll find us, Mrs. Shoemake," Ginny screamed,
first at Socks, then at Shoe.
"Shut up, just shut up you ignorant fool!" Socks shouted at her. Kiki was
rummaging through her kit for her binoculars and her camera. She took a picture of Socks
standing there with Shoe and Ginny. Then through the binoculars she saw Ginny block
Socks from knocking Shoe to the ground. Ginny loved Shoe; and she would do anything
for her, no mater what it was she had to do.
Kiki knew she had to act quickly. In a panic she threw her camera and binoculars
inside her kit and gathered everything in her arms. Once Socks's back was turned
completely Kiki bolted straight towards him. Socks, yet still remained unaware of her
presence. Kiki heaved her heavy kit at the man knocking him to the pavement. Ginny and
Shoe then understood her plan. The two scampered towards the ugly beat up car and got
inside- Shoe in the driver's seat and Ginny as passenger. Shoe looked over to see Kiki
still hunched over beside Socks, she had something in her hand. Just that moment Kiki
shot up from her position, grabbed her kit that lay on the ground and sprinted to the car
where she hurried to get in the back seat.
"Where do we go?" Shoe questioned Kiki. Kiki didn't reply. Instead she sat
staring at something out the window.
"Kiki?" Ginny asked with concern
"Did you lock these doors?" Kiki suddenly spoke. Before either of them could
answer Kiki's car door sprang open and a scream was heard.
"What happened?" Ginny shouted. Shoe glanced out the rearview mirror Socks
wasn't there. Neither was Kiki.
Ginny's first instinct was to cry. Shoe saw the tears in her eyes and said "Oh
come on now don't cry we'll find her like she found us."
Ginny's tears didn't go away but she said, "Yeah, Kiki wouldn't cry."
Meanwhile Socks was taking Kiki to his evil lair. Once he had her tied up in a
chair, he removed the duct tape from her mouth.
"Stay put," he ordered her as he went up the stairs and back to the school. Socks
was dumb. He hadn't thought to search her for anything. Kiki had stowed her kit under
her shirt and zipped her jacket up around it. She was able to free one hand. Socks didn't
have any idea Kiki was so slender. Then she freed the other one. She looked around at the
basement. Next she took out her cell phone and searched for Shoe's phone number. She
called it.
"Hello?" said a man's voice. Kiki knew it was Luke, Shoe's son, because it didn't
sound like her husband.
"Hey, is your mom around?" Kiki said
"Yeah, hold on I'll get her," he responded. Shoe had obviously taken Ginny back
to her house.
"Hello?" Kiki whispered once more. She heard a muffled voice in the earpiece. It
had to be Shoe.
"Kiki?" Shoe finally answered.
"Oh, Hi! Um. – don't worry about me, I'm fine. Are you and Ginny at your
house?" Kiki questioned quickly.
"Yes, we're here and safe but where are you?" Shoe asked frantically.
"I am apparently in Socks's basement, but I'm fine; don't worry if I'm not home
soon, you'll know where to find me," Kiki quickly said as she heard a door open
"Hey! What are you doing?" Socks shouted from the top of the stairwell.
I've got to go," Kiki quickly spoke to Shoe as she hung up. She glanced up at the
man descending down the steps. He had something in his hands. As he got closer near
her, she realized what the object was. Kiki gasped as she saw it. It was a knife. -
Meanwhile Shoe and Ginny knew Kiki was in trouble by the way she had ended
the conversation.
"We have to help her, there's no telling what Socks will do to her!" Ginny
"Okay, okay," Shoe said as she grabbed her car keys and motioned for Ginny to
follow. Shoe's car was a dark blue convertible, much nicer than Socks ugly beat up one
which they had stashed in a junk yard.
"What are you gonna do with that?" Kiki said as she was slowly backing up and
looking for an escape.
"What do you think?" Socks said as he crept closer and closer to her.
"Um; I think; Ginny, Mrs. Shoemake!" Kiki exclaimed
"What?" Socks said as he turned around to face Shoe and Ginny.
"James, put the knife down," Shoe said calmly and firmly.
"Not until. -" His voice trailed off as Kiki grabbed the chair and whacked him
over the head with it
"Run!" Kiki shouted at Shoe and Ginny as she grabbed her kit and her jacket and
raced up the stairs.
As she tumbled up the stairs, Kiki suddenly heard a loud thump from behind her.
She whisked her head around and saw Socks had regained his consciousness and was
sauntering up behind her. Kiki glanced back up the stairwell to find that Shoe and Ginny
were not there.
"Mrs. Shoemake! Ginny!" suddenly Kiki felt a sharp pain in her lower leg. The
next thing she knew she was tumbling downward. After that every thing went black

"Kiki? Kiki," shouted an anxious voice. Kiki's eyes fluttered and she saw two
faces in front of her. Yep, they were Shoe and Ginny. Kiki's eyes glanced back and forth
between the two. She opened her mouth yet no words came out. All of a sudden she felt
Shoe's arms around her. -
"Kiki, do you remember what happened?" She asked.
"No, I only remember whacking him over the head with the chair. Why? What
happened? Why am I in the hospital?" Kiki said starting to panic.
"It's okay," Shoe said still hugging her.
"K, Socks stabbed your leg," Ginny said breaking into tears
"Hey, don't cry," Shoe said to her. "Oh, come here." Ginny walked over to Shoe
and Kiki and Shoe gave her a hug, too. Just then as Ginny began to cry on Shoe's
shoulder the doctor came in. Kiki quickly began to ask what was going to happen to her.
"Slow down, slow down." The doctor ordered. "We put stitches on your wound
and the police are looking for the man who did this to you." Ginny cried even harder
when she heard the word "stitches."
The doctor went on ignoring Ginny's outburst.
"We need to talk to you about the man who harmed Kiki," the doctor continued
"so will you follow me please?" she gestured to Shoe. The doctor slowly headed to the
door and Shoe got up from the bed where she had currently been holding Kiki and Ginny
and followed the doctor. Before long they entered a small secluded office. They both sat
down. The doctor pulled out her clipboard and pen.
"When did you first begin to see this man?" the doctor asked
"When school started. We are both teachers at Kiki and Ginny's school and our
rooms are right next to each other," Shoe began. "He's new this year," she finished. The
doctor quickly wrote on her clipboard.
"And, so, I assume you know his name?"
"Yes, his name is James Brock." Shoe responded. The doctor nodded.
"When did you start to notice Mr. Brock acting strangely?"
"Well the girls have said things, and they warned me that he was a bad man, but I
didn't notice anything until one night when he kidnapped me from my home"
"I see.-" she responded, "So can you give me a complete summary of what
"Well, I was tucking my daughter into bed and making sure my son was in bed as
well. My husband was away on a business trip. Once the kids were in bed, I as well went
to bed. I heard thumps on the wall but I didn't think a thing about it because sometimes
Layla will get up in the middle of the night to get water, or if she gets scared she will go
and curl up in Luke's room. Then the next thing I knew my bedroom door opened once
again, I thought it was Layla. Then the next thing I knew after that, was I was being taken
from my bed and I ended up in his ugly beat up car. The next night Ginny joined me. The
next morning, Kiki found us in the school parking lot and she saved us; but then he got
away with her. She called us from his basement and so we went there and saw him
holding a knife over her; then she grabbed a chair and knocked him unconscious. We ran
for it but Kiki got stuck; then Socks came up from behind her and stabbed her leg and
ran." Shoe finished and sat quietly trying so hard to hold her tears back.
"Okay, so can you describe him?" the doctor said
"Oh, yeah, sure," she said, tears gone from her eyes and completely happy again.
"Um, well, he's tall with short brown hair, he has glasses, and he wears hoodies
with collage football team logos on them," she continued.
"Okay," the doctor settled. "I guess that's about it." She gathered up the clipboard
and motioned to the door, "You may go now. Thank you for your time." Shoe continued
out the door and back the direction from which she had came. Once she got to Kiki's
room she noticed there was a figure standing over the bed
"Hey!" she yelled the figure spun around to show his face. It was Socks.-
He was strangling Kiki. As Shoe was trying to pry his fingers from the young
girls neck Ginny came back.
"Oh my gosh, Kiki!" she screamed. Socks let go and the unconscious girl fell
back gracefully on her bed.
"Hey what's going on here?" a doctor entered the room. Ginny was trying to
keep Socks away from Kiki and Shoe was shouting at the doctor to go and get security.
A security guard entered the doorway at the sound of their helpless calls.
"Hey!" the guard ordered as he saw Ginny and Socks romping on the floor. He
quickly thrust the man away from Ginny with his hands pulled tight behind his back.
"Nurse!" Ginny shouted as she saw Kiki still unconscious on the bed. A lady in
blue scrubs walked into the room just then and glanced at the monitor that lay above
Kiki. Shoe noticed that the guard had vanished with Socks.
"We are going to need you two to step outside please," the nurse ordered them.
"But-," Shoe protested while being shoved outside the glass sliding door.
"Close the curtains!" yelled another nurse that entered the room. Ginny and Shoe
had no idea what went on inside the room from then on , however, about ten minutes later
the same nurse that pushed them out entered the hallway.
"Kiki is fine now, and I believe the guard will handle that man. He will be taken
into custody for further questioning. We are going to ask Kiki this time to watch Brock's
conversation with our detectives. You two may come if you want," Ginny nodded in
"Can I go see Kiki first though?"
"Of course," replied the nurse while stepping aside so Ginny could open the door.
"K, are you okay?" Ginny said quietly as the nurses filed out behind her.
"Yep," Kiki said turning her head and opening one eye. Ginny walked over and
hugged her. At that moment Shoe walked in.
"Hey, how are you holding up?" she asked Kiki.
"Okay I guess," Kiki replied. Layla came in behind her mother and blushed when
she saw Kiki and Ginny looking at her.
"Anyways," Ginny said breaking the tension and turning back to Kiki. Ginny
herself started to blush a little as well.
"Gin, it's alright," Kiki said patting Ginny's tiny hand that lay on the bed beside
her. Layla stepped out from behind Shoe.
"the doctor that took…" she paused for a moment thinking of what to say next
"Socks…" she paused again not sure if that was the right name to use "into custody told
me to tell you that when they interview him they want you to be there to hear what he has
to say" Layla finished now as bright as a strawberry. Shoe put her arms around her.
"I think you have to go now," Layla's voice trailed off. Kiki nodded in agreement
and slowly tip-toed out of bed. The doctor peeked in at that time.
"You may let them come as well," her eyes darted towards Ginny, Shoe, and
"This way," she instructed the four of them. As Kiki walked down the corridor,
she felt several eyes on her, and not just those of Ginny, Shoe, and Layla. Parents,
doctors, and family members swarmed the hallways, they wandered some, but it was if
all eyes were on her. After what seemed to be forever, the doctor came to a more isolated
hall and finally to a dark room with chairs and a huge glass window. Inside that window
sat Socks. Kiki heard Ginny gasp behind her.
"He can't see, or hear you. This way he won't feel tempted. All you have to do is
tell-or write- if what he says is true," the doctor spoke with comfort although Kiki found
none. Through the speakers outside she heard the detective ask Socks a few questions. He
then held up a knife in a plastic evidence bag.
"Do you know where we found this?" the detective casually asked. Socks seemed
hesitant at first, "I've never seen that knife before; it could be anybody's."
"Then explain how your finger prints got on it," Socks said nothing Kiki could
hear Ginny whimpering in the back. All Kiki could do was bite her lip to keep from
"Answer the question, Brock," the detective said sternly.
"That kid Kiki planted 'em there. All she wanted was revenge because I gave her
a bad grade that she knowingly deserved," Socks finished. The detective scribbled some
notes on a notepad.
"Kiki?" The doctor suddenly asked. Despite his question Kiki remained silent.
Socks however ranted on, "that good for nothin' girl got that Mrs. Shoemake and Ginny
on her good side, yet all she did was make them contribute towards her own actions."
"So you're saying you didn't stab this young girl?" the detective challenged.
"I did no such thing," Socks replied innocently. Socks's lies were enough for Kiki
now. She burst through the soundproof door entering the room with Socks and the
"He's a liar! He's making it all up!" she shouted as tears flowed down her cheeks.
Kiki stepped even closer to where Socks sat.
"You tried to kill me and I want to know why," Kiki whispered in Socks ear.
"Hey! Someone get her outta here!" the detective shouted.
"Kiki come on," Ginny said as she and Layla tried to drag her out of the room.
Kiki bit Ginny, and broke loose from Layla knowing that if she bit Layla, too, Shoe
would be all over her. Then Shoe came in and coaxed her into leaving the room. Ginny's
arm was bleeding from the bite. Once Kiki was back in bed, the doctor started to clean
the wound. It was rather deep, she had to get stitches.
"Ginny, I'm sorry," Kiki said as Ginny came back from receiving her stitches.
"It's okay. Now we have matching stitches to show to Riley!" Ginny said.
"There goes Ginny always finding something positive out of something negative."
Kiki thought. Shoe had gone to take Layla home to keep her out of harm's way but she
promised them she'd be back.
"Hey, where's my kit ?" Kiki said looking like she was about to cry again.
"It's right here," Ginny said pulling a bag out from underneath Kiki's bed.
"Oh, okay would you mind giving it to me?"
"Sure," Ginny said struggling to get the bag open. Ginny handed it to Kiki and
Kiki took it and hugged it so tightly that you would think that if she squeezed any harder
it would break. Just then Shoe and the detective came in. Shoe looked from Kiki to the
humongous bandage that was covering Ginny's stitches then to Ginny's eyes as if to say
are you okay?
"I'm fine; it's only a few stitches," Ginny said satisfying the look in her teacher's
eyes. The detective cleared his throat.
"We are putting Mr. Brock in jail for a while and the school board has also fired
him from teaching." Smiles spread across the girls' faces. Ginny rushed over and hugged
"Ahem," the detective went on, "Kiki, you will be able to return to school on
"Alright!" Ginny exclaimed high fiveing Kiki.

So Monday came and everyone had heard. The girls showed Riley, their best
friend, their matching stitches. She laughed.
"So, you got Socks fired?" she half asked half said as a statement.
"Yep!" they both said in unison. Life as they knew it would never be the same

Authors Note: Hey, so this story is one that my best friend Kiki Strike and I wrote when we were dumb little immature 8h graders :) I cant take all of the credit for this story because i didnt write it myself.

6-23-11 Im sorry about the format. I uploaded this from my brothers computer and he doesnt have the program that this file was originally in. I had to copy and paste it to a word document from my blog... and yeah. I PROMISE i'll fix the formating when i can!

The notes on this are the same for the sequal :)