Socks's Revenge

Eighth grade was finally over. Kiki and Ginny had heard from Riley that Shoe
was moving up to high school. The same high school that Kiki and Riley had gotten out of district forms to, so the three friends could go to the same school, Gryffin High. The
week before ninth grade; the three girls had to go to open house to receive their
schedules. Kiki and Riley were jumping up and down because they all had Shoe for
Language Arts. Ginny was happy as well but she noticed something else.
"No way!" she screamed gaining the attention of those around her. Kiki and Riley
stared at her wondering why their friend was about to have a major meltdown. She
looked up, almost in tears, and slowly said
"Guys, who do you have for science?" Riley and Kiki looked at their schedules.
"Oh my gosh!" Kiki screamed
"You've got to be kidding me!" Riley said. At that moment Socks appeared.
"Hello girls, we meet again," Socks said with a menacing grin.
"Why did you move up to ninth grade?" Ginny flashed back at him.
Socks paused for a moment and then said, "I felt like I needed a change." The
three stood dumbfounded in front of him as if they didn't quite believe him. Without
saying anything more, the girls scurried off as Riley led them to the girls' bathroom.
"Okay, why is he here?" Riley spoke in a whisper. "He's supposed to be in jail!
What did he do break out?"
"Maybe some one bailed him out?" Ginny suggested. This time Kiki spoke
"No: I think we would have heard about this by now, and besides who would bail
him out? His mom?" The three laughed at her remark, but were stopped by the loud
sound of the bell.
The bell signaled open house was over. The three girls found Ginny's mom but
yet could not find the other mothers.
"Hey guys!" Ginny shouted catching up to her friends, "My mom said that you
both are supposed to come over to my house tonight.
"O…k…. that's kinda weird that my mom would leave without telling me." Riley
said. Kiki nodded in agreement
"Well my mom just told me that so," she was cut off by Shoe.
"Hey girls," she said. The three girls looked at her.
"Ginny, No!" Kiki shouted knowing her friend was about to make the biggest
mistake of her life.
"Oh my gosh, Mrs. Shoemake!" Ginny practically screamed as she held Shoe in a
tight hug. "Oh my goodness I cant believe you're here! Did you know Socks was here
too! Ah! Oh, you should come to my house with us! You would have so much fun!"
Riley and Kiki just stared as Ginny made a complete fool of herself in front of most of
the school. Finally she had stopped her little screaming secession, but remained happily
jumping up and down.
"Uh, Ginny you okay?" Riley questioned
Ginny was hysterical. Shoe looked at her like she had just been hit over the head
with a bace ball bat. Ginny had ignored Kiki and made the biggest mistake of her life;
embarrassed herself in front of everybody. Many twelfth graders laughed, and those with
younger siblings were now comforting them. Shoe was speechless.
"Don't mind her, shes a little overwhelmed because Socks is here and he is
supposed to be in jail" Kiki said trying to help her friend out.
At this the whole room got quiet. Realizing what she had just blabbed Kiki's face
took on a bright red. After a moment, the students broke out uttering whispers.
"At least no one knows who Socks is!" Riley mentioned. Even though that was
true, their secret-and Socks's was getting harder and harder to keep quiet.
Shoe slowly lead them to her secluded classroom as Ginny's mom approached.
"Girls lets go!" she shouted
"Um, its okay, I can bring them" Shoe quickly said, she wanted to know what
exactly happened with these girls.
"Oh, um, okay, but please do try to hurry" he mom said as she scurried off.
"Okay girls what exactly is going on?" Shoe questioned as she shut the door to
her room. Ginny sat huddled in a corner as Kiki was trying to comfort her
"We came here to get our schedules," Riley said
"Riley and I were excited to see who we had for Language Arts and Ginny-"Kiki
paused looking at her friend.
"And I noticed that Socks is out science teacher!" Ginny said and started sobbing.
Shoe walked over and hugged Ginny
"How did this happen?" she asked over Ginny's loudness
"I'm not sure," Riley said, "We think he might have broke out," she continued.
"Or his mom bailed him out Kiki added. Ginny kind of laughed while she was
crying and so she got louder. Shoe took her phone off her desk so she could call and tell
Luke to either take Layla out for dinner or to make them dinner, she would be late getting
"Come on girls," she called to Ginny, Riley, and Kiki, as she walked out to the car
Shoe approached her car and motioned for the three to get in. As they pulled out
from the school, Kiki spoke.
"Do you think we should head to the police station first? See if he broke out or was
"I think that would be the most logical place to start." Shoe answered
During the rest of the ride none of the girls really spoke. Finally, though, they
came towards the station
"We're here." Riley said as she stepped out of the polished car.
"I'll speak with the police and you girls can wait for me outside okay?" the trio al
nodded with obedience. Kiki's eyes wandered around the area. Suddenly, something
caught her eye. It was a newspaper in a dispenser.
"Hey anyone have a quarter?" she asked abruptly.
"Here," Ginny said as she fished a shiny coin from her pocket. Kiki quickly slid
the coin in the slot and retrieved the worn newspaper.
She gasped as she read the headline: "Arrested teacher breaks out of jail"
Below was a picture of Socks him self.
"Mrs. Shoemake, wait!" Ginny screamed just as Shoe was opening the door to the
station. She turned around and the girls ran towards her
"Look," Riley said. Shoe looked at the paper
"Okay how about you all come with me, hurry," she said. They quickly scurried
after her.
"Hey!" an officer yelled as he saw them.
"We know where this guy is!" Shoe shouted looking like she was about to cry
Ginny crept up behind her and put her arms around her and held on in a tight hug.
"Okay well come with me," he ordered Ginny continued to hold on to Shoe as
they followed the cop. Kiki and Riley followed behind. They entered an office.
"Sit down" the cop ordered. Ginny let go of Shoe and sat in the chair beside her.
The two of them had tears rolling down their cheeks. Kiki looked as if she were about to
cry, and Riley was confused; she had no idea why the others were like this. She had not
been with Kiki and Ginny last year when they'd had their encounter with Socks.
The cop noticed Shoe and Ginny in tears and turned to Kiki and Riley
"So, um, you say you know this guy?"
"Yeah," Kiki replied, noticing that Riley had no idea.
"So, how do you know him?" the cop asked again.
"He was our science teacher last year and look," she paused for a moment to pull
up her pants leg to show him the scar, "I still have a scar from where he tried to stab me."
Riley sat quietly and Shoe and Ginny were no longer crying, but they were sniffling -
Ginny more than Shoe-
"And, so, you also say you've seen him?" the cop went on also noticing the tiny
scar on Ginny's arm that had been left by Kiki.
"Yeah, we went to open house to receive our schedules and we had just noticed
we have him for Biology, although it doesn't say his real name" she showed him her
schedule. Under the subject, Honors Biology, was the name Joey Brockily
"He was in a really lame disguise too," she added. The cop took notes
"So, um, can you tell me what he looked like?" he went on.
Riley spoke up, "yeah, the devil." Shoe and Ginny laughed then started to cry
again, Kiki laughed as well. The cop, however, was not amused.
"He was wearing black pants, a lime green shirt with a tie, and I think he had
contacts, or he wasn't wearing his glasses" Kiki said
"How is that unusual- or as you say lame?"
"Well," Kiki paused, "he never wears really dark or really bright colors, never
wears a tie, and he had glasses, although contacts are a possibility" she continued.
"Would you mind if I copied this," He asked holding up her schedule.
"Sure go ahead" she responded. He copied it and gave it back.
"We will be on the look out, what school do you all go to?" he quickly asked
"Gryffin High school" Riley piped up.
"Okay you all can go" he said as he opened the door.
When they got to the parking lot Shoe gave each of the girls a hug, Riley, then
Ginny, and last, Kiki.
"Thanks a lot Kiki," she said as she let go.
"Anytime" she responded as Ginny gave her a hug too.
"Yeah, thanks" Ginny said
Shoe got to the car and ushered everyone in.
"Do you guys think it would be ok if you stayed over with me tonight?"
The girls exchanged looks and smiled
"Sure, but we would need to stop by my house to pick up our stuff" Ginny said.
"That will be fine," Shoe replied. She drove over to Ginny's and let the girls out
to grab their things. In less then five minutes they were all tumbling back into the car.
"Are you all ready?" Shoe asked them. All three replied with "okay" and "yes's"
Before long they arrived at Shoe's house.
"We're here," Shoe said as she opened the door to let the girls out
Layla came running out of the house, screaming, followed by Luke. He was
chasing her and scaring her. Ginny, Kiki, and Riley watched astounded as she ran into her
mother's arms. Shoe turned to the three girls.
"Um, im really sorry about this" she said turning to her kids "Layla, help these
girls bring their things into the guest room, Luke stop scaring your sister."
"But mom, I was only joking." Luke protested.
"I don't care just stop" she said. Riley and Layla were taking Riley's things into
the house, as Ginny and Kiki just stood there watching Shoe and Luke. Ginny was glad it
was dark out. She was blushing. She knew Luke was too old for her and he most likely
had had a girlfriend, but she didn't care; she still thought he was cute. Kiki smiled when
she saw that Ginny was blushing, Shoe, however, didn't notice.
"Come on in girls," Shoe called over to the girls standing in the drive way.
Shoe's house was amazing. Everything was neat, organized, and colorful. Ginny
let out a gasp as she saw everything.
"The guest room is over here," Layla said gesturing towards another room just as
clean with three beds and a night stand. Layla then sat the girls' belongings onto the bed
and walked aside
"Just make yourselves at home," Shoe said through the doorway.
Just as Ginny, Kiki, and Riley entered the lovely room, a bang came about the
front door.
"Who could that be?" Luke questioned as Shoe opened the door. In the doorway
was Socks.
"Why fancy meeting you here," he greeted with a sly sort of smile. Ginny ran
back into the spare room to the phone. She whispered to Kiki and Layla to go help Shoe
keep him busy. Layla and Kiki scurried down the stairs.
"Hello Mr. Brockily." Layla tried to sound cheerful and bouncy like her mother
usually did. "Why don't you sit down," she continued.
"Layla!" Shoe said, she gave her daughter a look as if to ask "what in the world
are you doing?"
"Hey Mrs. Shoemake, will you come help me for a moment?"
"One second" she turned to Socks, "if you so much as touch my daughter, I will
make sure you are put on Death row." She went in the kitchen wile Luke watched Socks
and Riley stood dumbfounded. She would never have guessed Shoe could be so
protective of some one.
"Ginny is upstairs calling the police, keep him busy until they get here," she
"Okay" she replied
"Thanks!" Kiki said as she and Shoe went back into the living room.
Shoe walked towards Socks with a fake smile.
"What brings you here?"
Socks paused for a moment then spoke
"Uh… well I was just coming over to… to… to welcome you to Gryffin High
with me," he smiled after his remark
Kiki and Riley giggled behind Shoe as Ginny came down the stairs. Ginny walked
up to Kiki and whispered,
"The police are on their way." Kiki nodded and turned back to Shoe and Socks in
the doorway. Shoe continued to stall Socks.
"How nice of you…" she replied. Suddenly a siren came closer and soon there
were blue lights flashing, racing, towards Shoe's house. Socks took on a face of
embarrassment and distress and looked as though he was about to bolt.
"Um, im sorry to leave you lovely ladies, and sir," he said acknowledging Luke,
"but I must go" he got up and headed for the kitchen where the back door was. Ginny
moved in his path. He went to shove her out of the way as she said
"I bite." He ignored this and pushed her down. Shoe grabbed a chair and smacked
his head as Ginny lunged at his leg and tore off a chunk of skin with her teeth.
"Ewww!" she screamed getting up and running to the bathroom to rinse her
mouth from the blood. Kiki, Riley and Layla laughed at Ginny wile Luke made sure
Socks was unconscious and then rushed to go and aid Ginny. Shoe rushed to the door to
let the cops in. All of a sudden the power glitched and Socks was gone.
For a moment, no one dared to move or speak. Everyone just stared at the empty
space where Socks had once had lied. Riley broke the silence,
"Where did he go…?"
Suddenly a noise was heard upstairs, followed by a scream.
"Ginny!" Kiki remembered
One of the police officers bolted up the stairs with a gun in his hand, he motioned
for the other officers to follow, just as the two reached the top of staircase, the power
glitched once again and this time- it didn't come back on
"Mom," Layla whimpered. Shoe grabbed the flashlight behind her
"It's okay" she said. Layla wanted to cling to her mother like a little kid but she
could not bring her self to move.
"Girls don't move I will be back" Shoe said as she took the flashlight and scurried
off to the kitchen. In a matter of moments she was back with more flashlights. She gave
one to each of the girls and then followed the cops up the stairs. In the bathroom they
found poor Ginny, tears streaming down her face, huddled in a corned by the sink. In the
doorway Luke was laying. Shoe bent down beside him, thinking that if anything had
happened to him she would kill Socks herself.
"Luke, can you hear me?" she questioned as Ginny let out a small whimper. He
opened his eyes and touched her hand just as the power came back on. He slowly sat up
and pointed to the window. Ginny continued to whimper like a puppy. She was cut in
several different places from where Socks broke the window to escape.
As an officer examined the window, Kiki helped Ginny to her feet
"You okay?" she asked with concern. Ginny didn't speak, but she stood still
before Kiki.
"Ginny?" she asked again.
"Aside from these scratches and the fact that im a little shook up, im fine." Ginny
finally responded. Shoe then helped Luke to his feet. Kiki felt the cold air rush in through
the broken window as she walked up to it.
"Where do you think he ran to?" Kiki questioned. When no one answered, the
officer spoke,
"We're going to need a description of this man and some personal background."
"He couldn't have gotten far," Kiki went on, "I mean with his leg and all" her
comment was ignored. Again.
"Okay, I can give you a description and some personal background" Shoe said
"Yeah, and I want to help too." Ginny said in a half whimper half normal tone of
"No," Shoe said, "you will get some rest so you quit whimpering"
"But…" Ginny began to protest
"Come on, Luke interrupted. Ginny looked at him, blushed, and then looked at the
floor. Everyone looked at him.
"What?" he said noticing all eyes were on him. "I'm only trying to help"
"Thanks for offering but that's what friends are for." Kiki remarked.
"Kiki!" Ginny softly exclaimed as she gently touched her friends arm. Kiki
looked at her. The cop then said
"Okay, well, um, we will need you to come in in the morning" and then he left.
Luke held out his hand to Ginny and said
"Are you coming or not?" Kiki went to smack his hand away as Ginny took his
hand and Kiki's too.
"K, its fine, you can come too." Shoe gave them all a weird look and left. She
wanted to keep a close eye on Luke. She suspected he was up to something and she was
not going to have it.
The three traveled down the stairs and into the spare room. Luke went to assist
Ginny but Kiki got in his way. As they approached the room Ginny noticed Shoe
watching them from around the corner.
"Hey, Luke, I know you are trying to help and it is very sweet of you but do you
mind if I speak to Kiki? Alone?" She tried her best to sound sincere because she didn't
want to hurt his feelings, and she knew Shoe was watching.
"Sure." he said turning back to the living room
"Kiki, what's your problem?" she asked climbing up on her bed.
"Nothing… It's just…" she trailed off thinking of the best way to put it without
hurting her friend and shutting the door half way.
"He's flirting with you." She finished. Ginny could not believe the words Kiki
had just spoke, even though she knew Kiki was absolutely right, and Shoe obviously
knew it too.
All of a sudden Shoe popped out from around the corner. Kiki jumped up in
"What are you girls talking about?" Shoe managed to say with a smile. Kiki and
Ginny knew she probably had heard the whole thing already, but Kiki spoke anyway.
"We were just discussing a plan to catch Socks." Kiki replied with an innocent
"Oh really?" she raised her brow. Kiki nodded as she grabbed Ginny by the arm
and led her away from Shoe.
"Kiki!" Ginny screamed quietly at her. "Thanks a lot" Just as Ginny had finished
Luke and Layla reappeared
"The officers need to speak with you two," Luke said to Kiki and Ginny,
"There're out front."
"Thanks" Ginny said with a bright smile to Luke. Kiki just sighed,
"Ginny, this is not the time…"
Shoe gave the two girls a look as if to say "you are lying to me and I know it."
Ginny really really wanted to tell her the truth, but with Kiki around; she couldn't.
The two girls, followed by Shoe, walked out into the brisk night air.
"So, you say you can give some background information on this man?" the cop
asked Shoe.
"Yeah, but it isn't a lot." She responded
"Okay that's fine just let me hear what you have." He continued
"Alright," she began as Kiki and Ginny sat down in the grass beside her car. "He
has brown eyes, six-foot-two, used to have glasses, not married, wears a silver watch, he
really needs a hair cut, and he has a chunk of his leg torn apart so therefore he limps and
can't go very far. What else would you like to know?" Shoe went on.
"How long have you known him?"
"Long enough to know he's evil," Ginny butted in. the cop turned back to Shoe
"Can you please keep your girls under control?"
"Sweet! So now we're her daughters!" Ginny beamed, laughing with Kiki.
"No, they're not my daughters, they are friends" Shoe replied giving Ginny a
"don't you ever do something like that again" look
"So how long have you known Mr. Brockily?" the cop asked again
"It's Brock, not Brockily," Shoe remarked, "and I have known him for a year and
a half"
"How did you meet him?" the cop was taking notes.
"We were teaches at their school," she said pointing at Ginny, Kiki, and Riley,
who had just come to join the pair. Layla ventured into the back yard to let Pumpkin, the
dog, out of her pen. As soon as she closed the gate behind her, Socks jumped out and put
his hand over her mouth so she could not cry for help. It wasn't long before the cops left
and Shoe went looking for her.
"Hey have you seen Layla lately" Shoe questioned the three girls.
"I haven't seen her…" Ginny trailed off. Riley interrupted Ginny's thoughts.
"Actually, I think I saw her go into the back yard while the officers were talking
to us." Shoe scurried to the back yard at this and called for Layla. After a few minutes she
retreated back to where the girls were.
"I looked every where- she wasn't there. Are you sure she went back there?"
"Positive. I saw her walk out to the back gate and then I saw a larger figure
running with something." Ginny gasped
"You don't think…"
"Socks has her!" Kiki screamed in fright.
"Kiki, go and get Luke, and Riley go call those two cops back, now!"
Shoe was beginning to panic. Ginny went over to her and gave her a hug.
"It will be okay, we will find her" Riley came out of the house after calling the
cops again. Kiki and Luke weren't far behind.
"Mom, its okay," Luke said as Ginny backed away so Luke could try to comfort
his mother. Shoe burst into tears. The cops arrived at that moment and Kiki took charge.
Talking ninety miles and hour, Kiki explained how Layla had gone into the back yard and
has not been seen scence. Luckily the cops understood; they apparently got things like
this all the time.
"Okay we will find her," the other cop reassured Shoe as they got into their car
and left once again.
Meanwhile, Socks was taking Layla back to his lab, where she would stay until he
could figure out how to dispose of her. She was sitting in the back seat of his new handme-
down car, his brother had wrecked time and time again, crying. He had to get this car
because the last one he had, Shoe and Ginny had stashed in some foreign junk yard.
Layla was scared to death. Now she really whished she had clung to her mother earlier
when the power had gone out.
Meanwhile, Kiki, Ginny, Riley, and Shoe rode in the back of the police car.
"Do you have any ideas where he is living at this time?" one officer asked. Once
he had mentioned this, Kiki remembered the last encounter at Socks's house.
"I think I remember," she started, "uh, take a right here," Kiki told the officer
driving as they came to a light. As Socks returned home he looked at his precious lab. He
remembered how Kiki trashed it last time, so he decided he would leave Layla in the car.
He was in a kind-hearted mood and he liked Layla, she didn't fight back, so he went
inside and came back with a pillow and a blanket for her. He saw the blue lights
approaching so he got back in the car.
"This is my chance," Layla thought as Socks got back out of the car to get his
keys, just inside the front door. Layla slipped out of the car and bolted towards the blue
"Stop!" Shoe screamed as she saw Layla running. Even before the car stopped
completely Shoe had opened the door and was out it.
"Layla!" she said pulling her daughter in to a tight hug. Socks saw the two and
took an innocent act.
"You should never talk to strangers dear." he said, "let alone hug them" he
mumbled under his breath as he went for her. Kiki, however, was sick of him. She snuck
up behind him and talked him to the ground so he could be handcuffed.
A police officer followed her pursuit and handcuffed Socks
"Hey! What are you doing?" Socks shouted as the officer pinned him to the car
hood, patted him down, and gave him his rights.
"Well, well, well, look what we have here," the officer said while holding up a
silver knife he had withdrawn from Socks's pocket.
"That's merely for self-protection. I would never hurt an innocent person," Socks
said innocently.
"Oh, just like you didn't hurt these two girls not long ago?" he gestured towards
Ginny and Kiki.
"What are you talking about?" Socks retorted
James Brock, you're going down for attempted murder, assault, kidnapping,
illegal possession of a weapon that was used in evidence in the case with the girls, for
lying under a fake name, having a fake ID, and hired under a fake name. You will be in
jail for a long time with no escape." The officer's voice dragged on the "G" in long as he
walked Socks over to the other police car and put him in.
Kiki looked over at Layla and Shoe still in a tight hug. Once the two were done
hugging Shoe wandered over to Riley, Ginny, and Kiki.
"How can I ever thank you enough?" she asked as she hugged the three.
"You could take us home and let us sleep for school," Ginny said. Layla joined
the four and they piled into the back seat of the empty car. Layla had to sit in Shoe's lap
because there was no other room.
"Layla!" Luke shouted as his mother, sister, and the girls filed out of the car once
they were back at home. Shoe told all the girls, and Luke, she had a surprise for them.
"Im so tired," Ginny said falling on the soft cotton couch
"Me too," Kiki said falling on top of Ginny as a joke
"Hey move over!" Riley said to the two as she took a pillow and smacked the
both of them. Layla grabbed a pillow and yelled,
"Pillow fight!" all five of them were in on it. Shoe had to laugh. The sight of
them, and the few shrieks from Ginny, looked like a lot of fun. After they had all ran out
of breath and but the pillows down, Shoe brought them some water and scurried back into
the kitchen for the surprise.
"Oh my gosh, it's a Sock cake! Kiki said laughing, as Shoe brought it out
"Correction," Shoe began, "it is an anti-sock cake" it had a picture of a sock with
a red circle and a line through it.
"Im not tired anymore, let's eat!" Ginny said. Shoe laughed as she set the cake on
the table and started to cut it.
"Wait!" Ginny said, "We should get a picture of all of us with it so we can make
this a memory forever."
"I will take it; you ladies can be in the picture." Luke interrupted.
Before he took the picture, Ginny got a finger full of frosting and smeared it on
her friends' nose so it was there in the picture. After the cake had been demolished and
the girls had helped Shoe with the dishes, it was time for bed. The girls said good night to
Shoe, Layla, and Luke. Ginny couldn't help but to give Luke a hug as well. Kiki rolled
her eyes. As they shut the door and climbed into their beds they said goodnight to each
other. They fell instantly asleep because they were so tired. What felt like only a minute
later, Shoe came in the room to wake them.
"I just closed my eyes," Ginny whined as she turned over to go back to sleep.
"No you haven't" Shoe contradicted, "you three have been tossing and turning all
night long. I have been in here at least five times to make sure none of you rolled off the
bed." She continued.
"Okay, okay" Ginny said as she heard her friends sit up.
"Hurry and get ready or we ill be late." Shoe said as she went to go wake Layla
and see if Luke could take her to school. Once the girls were ready they filed into Shoe's
car. At school they had science first. They had a substitute until the school could find a
new teacher to take the class. The Substitute was Mr. Waters. Ginny had had him in
seventh grade and she was excited to see him. The day flew by fast. Before they knew it
they were filing into their Honors English class with Shoe. Kiki started to act very strange
and did not stop the strange behavior until the ride home. In the car she began telling her
friends that she saw a kid in their English class who looked like Socks.
"Socks is in jail though" Riley whispered.
It didn't stop him last time," Shoe said, she couldn't help but to overhear what
they were talking about.
"Oh well, just don't fall in love with him, Kiki." Ginny said. Everyone except
Kiki laughed. Shoe took the girls each back to their own homes before she herself went
"What a night" she thought as she fell back into her bed. She was glad they never
had to worry about Socks again.