I really should appreciate where I am today.

I should give myself credit for finding the right way.

I really need to stop blaming my fate.

I should be thankful that I got my priorities straight.

It's just that looking back makes me wanna go back at times.

Back to all the glitter, the glamour, power hunger and chimes.

I really wanted to be there, it's a fact that I can't deny.

But I walked away from it, I still don't exactly know why.

I guess it was what I needed to do

Dear God, to find a way to get to you.

I must have deviated because I wasn't meant to be there.

It was what should have happened, so it must be fair.

I tossed a die, and let others make the choice.

But these are people who love me so

I know I listened to the right voice.

This is not what I wanted, but this is what I've got.

I've got to live with it, whether I like it or not.

So I really need to stop my list of complaints.

The aching will go away if I don't acknowledge the pain.

I'm here now with no bruises on my skin,

I'm stronger than I think, I'm gonna win.

And I will keep on going,

Even without knowing

Where I'm headed and how's the path I take.

I trust you God, you don't make mistakes.

A/N: from my personal diary. Hence the obvious lack of rhythm and meter.