Wake up! Wake up!

Hmmm . . I'm sle . eepy.

Come on wake up!

Hmmm . .

Ree was so drowsy, and could not open her eyes. She was sleeping on her right side, facing the wall.

Come on! You got to wake up!

Jae, why are you bothering me? Hmmm I just got into my bed . . It's barely an hour. Go away!

Ree felt a cold air cover her . . and she got goose bumps all over.

All right! All right!

Ree moved, and lay down flat on her bed, but her eyes were still closed.

Come on Ree!

Ree opened her eyes, blinking several times, adjusting to the darkness of her room.

She sat up.

Now what? I'm awake.

Let's go to the room of Rozee.

What? This time of night? Are you crazy?

Come! Let's go now!

What is the matter with you? Is something wrong?

Let's go! Now! Stop asking questions!

Alright! Alright!

Raised both her hands up, showed her surrender, that she was willing to comply to Jae's wishes.

Ree slide her butt off the bed, and looked down for her slippers, and when she found them, she wore them, and got up from the bed. And, went out from her bedroom, walked to the living room, and turn left and went towards Rozee's room.

She knock on the door. ( tok . .tok . .tok . . tok)

She did not get any response, so she placed her ear on the door to listen. There was no sound coming through the door.

What now? Rozee seems sleeping.

Ree was yawning, she tip her head on the side, and scratched the side of her neck.

Go inside.

What? Are crazy?

Go inside and wake her up.


She is having a nightmare. You have to wake her up.


Ree had her eyes opened wide and her lips was open like a small letter o.

Why did you not say so in the first place? You should have said so at once.

Turned the door nob and found it unlocked. She went in, accustoming herself to the dark room, and went towards the bed and looked in on the sleeping form.

Hhhmmm hhhhhmmm hhmmm

Now, that she was in the room, she could hear Rozee moaning.

She placed her hand on her shoulder, and tried to wake her up.

Rozee! Rozee! (Shaking her)

Rozee! Rozee! (Shaking her a little harder.)

Come on Rozee! Wake up! Wake up!

ROOOOOZZZZZEEEEEEEEE! (Ree shouted at Rozee to wake her up.)

(Rozee still would not wake up but kept on moaning.) Hhhhhmmmm hhhmm hhhhhhmmmmm

Rozee! Come on! Wake up!

Please wake her up Ree! She is having a bad nightmare! Please help her!

Jae was very concerned.

I'm trying. She won't wake up.

Rozee! Wake up!

Ree was shaking Rozee really hard now, trying to wake her.

Rozee was starting to wake up.

Hmmmm What? Hhhmm What?

You're having a nightmare, come on wake up. Open your eyes and look at me. Come on wake up.

Hhhmm (Rozee was still half asleep.)

Ree placed her arm behind the shoulder blades of Rozee, and sat her up, and she kneeled on the bed beside her.

Rozee . . (Touched Rozee's cheek, and tapping it lightly)

Rozee . . (and then placed her hand on her jaw and pressed a little) Rozee . .

Rozee opened her eyes blinking, and tried to focus on Ree's face near her own.


Ye, It's me.

Ree placed her other arm on Rozee's arm, and placed her thigh behind her to support her.

Hey, guuurlll. Come on I'm here, it's going to be alright.

I could not wake up. I . . was . . dreaming . .

Ree placed a pillow behind Rozee's back and head, supported by her thigh.

It's alright. I'm here. I'm here.

I dreamed . . of the car accident again . . and . . I . .

Rozee started crying. Ree placed her head on Rozee's forehead.

Sssshhhhhh ssssshhhhh It's alright. It's alright.

Ree continued hugging her.

Rozee did not speak again, but continued crying.

Would you like some water? I'll get you some.

Yes, please.

Stay here.

Ree let Rozee go and got off the bed and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

On the way to the kitchen. .

Thanks Jae. Thanks for telling me about my sister.

(A whisper answered her.) I'm here for you. I'm here for you always.

Ree smiled.

Don't leave me, Jae. Stay with me.

( A soft voice going to a distance answered her.) I'll just be around.

Ree got to the kitchen and took a glass from a holder and filled it with water from the faucet and went back to Rozee's room.