I don't like the lonely silence
that frays off from even the light-
Stray from that which is alone,
I never loved which will love back
and perhaps one day betray the love I gave-
It would be given to someone better that you deem,
and alone I walk in the colds of night.
I didn't complain about the chilly breeze
or the light from lampposts that shine so bright
as I chanted to the winter serenades from the town-
lively, yet ever so lonely.

Laughter heard, smiles seen-
yet it's all in the memories that played
like a beautiful piano piece.
But just like it, it will have to end one day.
I hated that feeling of meeting,
and leaving once you've
brought so much happiness to my life-
It's like holding a torch that will guide me
and when that's gone,
I'm lost in the journey of life until someone else comes,
but now, I stand alone in the streets as I watch
couples, family, friends- they're happy.

It's the desire of happiness as you watch them;
it may have been jealousy that caused the empty gaps.
I never liked the dark.