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-A Jessie Analogy-

Relationships are like bedsheets.

You crawl in, and everything is cold around you, not used to the warmth of your presence. You have to lay in bed for a while before you realize that the blankets have warmed up, falling gently around you, clinging to every curve of your body.

This is true for every sort of relationship: friends, family, colleagues, peers—boyfriends, girlfriends.

Plunging into relationships was as natural to me as climbing into my bed at night.

That was the thing.

Until him; until Jonah—I had never met anyone who hadn't warmed right up. Who hadn't put me at ease; who hadn't quickly moved past the awkward stage.

Maybe that was why I liked him.

And maybe it wasn't even that I liked him as much as it was that I wanted to prove to myself that I could make him like me.

Maybe I had allowed it to become a game.

In retrospect, trying to turn the relationship that Jonah and I had built into a game—a competition—was probably it's fatal flaw.

Because in a game, there is an ending in sight, and it leaves two consequences:

A winner.

And a loser.

Comparing a relationship to a game is one analogy destined to fail.

Instead, relationships are like bedsheets.

Or should be, anyways.

I know that now.

. . .


Hey Guys.(:

This could be considered a sequel to Room 475; and while it will focus on Jessie and Jonah, this really is Jessie's story.

So, don't get scared off if you haven't read Room 475, because it is it's own story, and you will understand it perfectly without having prior knowledge.

So. Here's to my new project.(: