Ok so I lied, this is the 3rd Episode. Music is so inspiring; especially,when the melody of a song has such a passionate part that screams for a kissing scene. So rock your heart out at The Concert.

Paulina and her two friends had just arrived into the stadium's parking lot. It was five in the afternoon and in less than an hour they were about to have the ultimate concert experience.

Jacob was walking with his friends up the ramp to the next floor; they were excited beyond belief. Star Shield was one of Jacob's favorite bands. He would rock out to all of their songs on his electric guitar; day dreaming of the day when he'd be up on the stage surrounded by all this madness.

The crowd kept pouring in; slowly all the seats began to fill up. Jacob found his seat in the center of the row, with his friends sitting to his right. The opening act was about to begin; he saw some girls come down from the left side of his row. One of the girls had a pink shirt; she stopped, leaving an empty seat between them. He thought nothing of it as he started to take pictures with his camera phone.

Paulina had just bought some bottles of water. She then hurried to find her seat but didn't realize how difficult it would be now that everyone was standing. She spotted her friends, thanks to their bright colored shirts. Assuming her seat was the one in between her friend Tessa and that other guy, since the rest were full.

Paulina squeezed her way through. Jacob hadn't noticed yet, for he was still fidgeting on his phone. When his friend Marcus nudged him, pointing towards his left, Jacob turned and was caught by surprise. He raised his eyebrows and grinned back at his friend.

The sun had set and Star Shield was about to go on stage. The faint sound of a guitar a rose; they were playing one of their hits as an opening song. Once the crowd recognized it, they roared and jumped out of their seats. Every fan was screaming, waving their hands and throwing their fists in the air.

All the commotion had people bumping into each other, including Jacob and Paulina. He excused himself several times, turning to apologize. She'd pat his shoulder, indicating that it was okay. They were having such a good time, she didn't care.

The next song was one of her favorites.

"I love this song!" she shouted.

"Me too!" he yelled back.

Soon they both were singing along; he was jumping and she was dancing.

"This is the best part. You ready?" she announced as the song reached its final crescendo.

Paulina, Jacob and everyone else in the stands exploded with waves of energy. It seemed as though the crowd had synchronized their movements, like a giant heartbeat. The pounding echoed throughout the stadium, like thunder. Every soul was at its emotional peak, living in the moment, young and wild.

"This is sick!" he shouted

"I know!"

After a few more songs, there was a short intermission. Now Jacob had a chance for some brief chit-chat with Paulina. Some of their friends left for the bathroom and the others wandered off; leaving them both alone.

"Are you from this area?" he asked

"No, my friends and I are actually staying at the hotel two blocks from here. You?"

"I live three hours from here...You know if you and your friends aren't doing anything after, we should all get a bite to eat or something," He suggested.

"Sure, we'd be up for that," Paulina responded.

They talked a little while, about their obsession of the band and music. He told her he played the guitar and she just happened to know how to sing. Shortly after, their friends returned and the lights dimmed for the second part of the concert.

Suddenly, a subtle strike of the bass drum sounded, followed by another. A melodic pulse ignited the crowd, as each section in the stands began to stomp. The ground trembled as the stomping grew stronger, followed now by rhythmic clapping. Jacob and Paulina kept glancing at each other, blown away by the massive response.

The more Jacob looked at Paulina, the more he saw her blush and smile enthusiastically. She silently counted all the times he looked over, positive that there was something developing here. Everyone's adrenaline was out of control; nerves racing, people feeling and acting crazy. Jacob especially, he was completely out of his element. If anything spontaneous was to happen... now would be the perfect time.

Paulina observed that Jacob was getting very anxious while staring at her. He looked as though he were waiting for the blast of a gun to race off. This made her excited and giddy as ever. Feeling as if this upcoming moment would be one she'd never forget. With the explosion of the guitar's power chords, he reacted accordingly.

Jacob pulled Paulina's arm gently so that her whole body swung around in slow motion, coming to a halt the second they stood face to face. He tilted his head downward to kiss her, relying on the power and magic of the music to orchestrate the rest. Both sides of friends were staring in disbelief, knowing it was so unlike their character. Instantly, their shock turned into cheer.

Jacob leaned back to see Paulina's reaction. Apparently she wasn't done yet, as she grabbed his shirt and tugged him toward her, laying another kiss on him. Jacob was overwhelmed, scooping her up in his arms. He lifted her off the ground; her feet dangled below by his knees, as her head was inches above his.

The song ended. The screams and applause didn't. Neither did Jacob and Paulina's kiss, after he brought her back down. She didn't even notice, as she still felt like she was a float. The minute she pulled away, there was only one thing she managed to say.

"Best concert ever!"

~The End~