Staring at nothing, lifeless glass eyes glowing with mockery. The smiles molded onto their faces seem childlike…at first. But if you actually bother to watch these lovely little things for longer than it takes to dress them up and have a tea party, you'll see that they are porcelain bodies made to hold demons. Demons that are obviously not here for tea or pretty little ribbons and bows. Devil's minions

I learned long ago to keep my concerns to myself, because parents and children have convinced themselves that dolls of any kind are innocent, and they let them into their homes. They won't hear it when I warn them that dolls are vessels like us, but for something much darker. I don't know what, yet. I'm no expert on black magic, or evil forces, but these dolls are more than toys and presents. And no doll will ever enter my house. If a child would like to come in, they must leave their doll, Barbie, action figure, whatever in their car, where frightening, inanimate creatures like them cannot plague my home. Devil's minions.

I learned the truth at a young age. When I was a girl, I was given a porcelain doll from Germany. At first, I was enchanted by the perfection of her round, sculpted face…but the longer the doll resided in my bedroom, the more uneasy I had become by the still watchfulness of her eyes, and the way she seemed to know what I was doing no matter where I went, and what I was thinking when I did it. After two weeks of keeping my first and last doll, I was frantic, and wrenched the doll from its shelf, taking it outdoors to be shattered and completely destroyed. That way the spirit of it's evil could not settle back in my room and continue haunting me. From that day on, I regarded dolls as what they were.

Devil's minions.