I am not a problem in need of fixing
There is nothing the matter with me.

You may be surprised to hear this
But I am the same as you -

The same hopes, the same fears
The same kind of fierce fighting
Fashionista cum feminist
you see in yourselves.

I have no dark, brooding past
Driving me to dress like a rodent
And live in a cave;

My past is normal; the same murkiness
You once waded through; almost drowning,
But now we are alright.

My past is bland, but it is my story
And only I know the true version.

I am not the hopeless case
You make me out to be;
I may falter but I will not fall.

You hope that my glorious rebirth by your charity
Will assuage your guilt and clear your conscience;

But I will tell you again,
I am not a problem in need of fixing.

I am myself, the same as you -
And yet not you;

So do remember that
My pace, my rythmn and my
Idiosyncracies are all my own

They may not be the same as yours
But that does not mean that
They are something to be mended.

They are merely a lifestyle
And there is nothing wrong with that.

Do not murmur in my ear, well-meaning medusa;
You turn me to stone with your
Pity and your sad, judging glances

Moving me to inertia
Instead of forwards
Because I can think for myself, thanksverymuch.

Let me decide what my problems are;
I have enough fears without
You deciding more for me.

I'll say it again; philanthropists, world -
I am not a problem in need of fixing;
And if I was, I'd fix myself.