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Cherries and Cheese, Please

"I'll have a half pound of cherries, please," I hear a voice call over to the elder woman at the fruit stand next to me. I come out to the weekly farmers' market to help out my dad with the heavy lifting of all our home-grown pineapples. And here I am, on the hottest Sunday SoCal's ever seen, when I should be with my friends at the Topanga mall, drinking frappachinos and checking out all the hot girls.

I watch her walk away, go over to another booth, smile and look around, before deciding not to buy anything and wave as she walks away. Abruptly, she stops in front of the smallest booth here and looks at the few dairy products a young girl has set out on her table.

Sure enough, a few minutes later I hear, "I'll take this cheese. Thank you." She turns away from the booth with her little package. At first I thought she was going to continue on and buy more for her fridge, but instead she walks right past our booth and out to the cars and toward the exit. Interesting. Cherries and cheese only.

"Excuse me, do you mind stepping to the side, please," I hear a voice say from behind me. I turn, recognizing the voice at once, and see the girl I was watching at the market yesterday, standing behind me with her purse and a book in her hand; looking very determined.

"Sorry," my deep voice rumbles out. With my taller, larger build, I tower about a foot over her already-tall 5'10. My dark, medium length hair falls into my eyes at the motion and I rush to push it out of my eyes, hoping she didn't notice. Of course she didn't, this girl was on a mission to buy that book. Her tall, slim figure storms past me, her heels clicking the only sound she makes. Her hair, long and blonde, is swept over her shoulder from the speed she's walking at, and just as she passes me I notice, surprisingly, that her eyes are not blue like I had expected, but a dark yellow/brown mix.

"Thank you," she says over her shoulder, and I feel dumb as a say, "no problem," to her retreating back. Who is this girl?

"Dude, where were you yesterday? Todd and I were sitting here when this chick walks up out of nowhere and asks us directions to the bookstore. And man, let me tell you; she was HOT! Dude, you would have sat here drooling over her just like the rest of us. Aw man, so hot," Thomas says to me as I walk up to him.

"I was at the bookstore, buying a book for my mom's birthday next week," I say. Thomas and Todd work at the Green Thumb with my younger sister, Jeanie, who's just turned 21. And I know for a fact that Todd's been crushing on her since her sophomore year, when we were 21 and she was 16. I told him once that I was cool with it as long as she was, but Todd is so shy when it comes to talking to her about his feelings, it almost made me pee my pants once when Thomas and I eves dropped on one of their conversations. So of course, Todd would not be drooling over mystery girl as much as Thomas.

"DUDE! Did you see her?" Thomas shouts in my ear.

"Chill man, she just asked me to move out of her way, but I saw her the other day when I was helping my dad out at the farmers' market."

"Hey, here she comes now. Act cool, ACT COOL!" Thomas whisper-screams at me and hits me just before she locks her eyes on us. Which I notice are a light gold color today.

"Hi, . . . Thomas. Can you help me find a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree please. The only way I know them is with flowers, but it's not their season now, so it's a bit difficult for me," she goes on.

"Sure, . . ." he pauses, hoping to subtly get her name.

"Stephanie," she replies curtly.

"Stephanie, nice to meet you. I'm Thomas," she cuts him off with an, "I know." It goes quite a few seconds before Thomas speaks again, his pride just a little bruised, "And this is my friend Brandon." I stick out my hand, using the good manners my mother drilled into Jean and me. Stephanie shakes it before pursuing her previous reason for coming to the Green Thumb. Thomas leads her away toward the oriental plant section, being not-too-subtle about his interest in her. She looks slightly uncomfortable, even from this distance and I feel my chest rumble with a laugh.

SLAP! "Ouch, Jean, that hurt. You can't just do that to whoever you just happen to walk up to," I say, peeved that she surprised me. I mean, my own sister, God. . . .

"It's not like I just walked up, I've been calling your name for the past minute. What were you thinking about, hm?" she questions me. Too bad I don't get a chance to answer, "I bet it was that girl, she's really pretty, but she seems cool from far away. Never seen her around here before."

"Must have just moved here," I mumble. I'm in such a daze that I don't even notice Todd walk up next to Jeanie and whisper in her ear about something, and then a few seconds later her giggles.

"Brandon, right? Well, considering your friend Thomas, I didn't expect to see you working here," Stephanie says to me from her chair in the waiting room. Stiffly, I reply, "Well, normally I wouldn't be my mother's receptionist, but Jeanie couldn't take sitting at a desk any longer, and my usual job, a high school gym teacher, is on summer break right now. And besides, working for the owner of the Dodgers isn't something to frown at. The pay is pretty nice at the end of the day." She smiles and quietly laughs at my failing attempt to hold together my dignity.

"I'm sure some of your students would get a kick out of seeing you in a suit," she laughs at her own joke. She looks extremely different when she's smiling. Still pretty, but nice too.

"Especially the girls, too," I chime in. It causes her to laugh louder and I crack a smile at the sound of her laugh. It's nice.

"Brandon Jamie Williams, where are those bank files? I need to pass them on to the team manager before picking the new team members," I hear my mother shout from the other room. Calmly, I respond, "In the third file cabinet from the left, Mom." Distantly, I hear an excited thank you while I turn my attention back to Stephanie.

"So what are you doing here?" I ask smoothly.

"Got a job with the Dodgers as team manager. You know, an ok gig for someone just moving here and all," she jokes. I smile at her, she has a sense of humor.

"Oh, well team manager, have you found any good places to eat lately, because lucky for you- I know them all," I say, already removing my Bluetooth and putting my computer on hibernate.

"Actually, I have found a good restaurant or two around here," my day starts to look bleak, "but! I would love for you to show me a restaurant you think is good, if you'd like." She smiles wickedly at me and I exhale a breath I hadn't meant to hold.

I shout to my mother in the other room, "Mom, I'm going to take the new team manager out to lunch, OK? All the calls will go through to your office directly," and hear in reply a mindless, "Ok."

I turn back to Stephanie and stick out my arm, and proper and gentleman like, saying "Shall we?" And she laughs, slipping her arm into mine and saying, "Yes, yes we shall."

That was the start of it all. After that, Steph and I went out to lunch . . . every day. She always drank water and a small sprite, while I always ordered for her, explaining that she would like anything from the place we were at that day.

It went from lunches, to surprise visits to her house for dinner, loading up with all the ingredients to cook a good meal for the both of us. We'd talk about everything, her family, my sister and mother and farmer father. One day she said I would fit in perfectly with her family and the next thing you know we're on a plane to Northern Arizona to meet her parents.

A year after that, instead of surprising her at her house, I take her out to a nice restaurant in LA and ask her to marry me. Steph looked so happy, she even cried. I'll remember that moment for the rest of my life. And two years after that, when I was 29 and Steph was 26, we were married in front of a beautiful waterfall and all of our friends and family. And fast forward three and a half years to find me next to Steph, holding her hand telling her to breath and push. We're having our first two children, twins I know! Two little boys, Jared and Aaron. Aaron looks like his mother with his dark brown eyes and yellow hair, while Jared looks like me, blue eyes and dark curly hair almost identical.

There is one thing I constantly remember having to run to the market to get for Steph when she was pregnant. And she'd always ask me like this, "Cherries and cheese, please."

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