The world is doomed when one looks at it as a whole—there is no hope. For whoever raises good will be chased by evil, whoever attempts to save souls will be seen as a murderer and a bigot.

Yet does this then mean that we should not try? No…I believe not.

For even though this world is one shrouded in sin, even though it is one where people kill with little remorse and through their minds to simple cruelty—a world of unthinking immorality where it is easier to survive…easier to die. For even though it is that it is so much more. It is a place where stars light up the sky at night and where one can view other worlds. Where trees shed leaves of red and gold in the fall, and create flowers to dress the fields in the spring. Where music is made by the falling of the river, by creatures in the night. It is a world of life. To throw that away…that true greatest gift that the Lord ever gave to us… no that would be truly terrible.

No…rather we should continue to live on. To take in every moment. For even though the world will never be perfect; even though it shall never be saved, it will exist, and we can help it the best we can. We should live as we know we should, and attempt, though the attempt be futile, to do what we can to create memories that make our life worth living. To create happiness so that not only we, but those around us, in their dying moments will smile at their gift of life on Earth.

I am but a human and can vouch nothing for the Lord, his words, or his wishes, for I have read the same words as you from within his book. But alas, I plead that you, if nothing more, consider these words.