A small teenaged girl ran up the steps of a spiral staircase, white gloved hands on the polished wood railing. She was wearing white, heeled shoes, and had on leg warmers the ended below her elbows. A pair of white tights were underneath white shorts. A white tank top was covering her torso, and her gloves climbed up her arm, ending just below her armpit. White beads were around her skinny neck. She had wavy, light blonde hair that reached her knees. Some people said that if she was in the right light, her hair would look like her favorite color, white. Her eyes were a pale blue, almost white. She got to the top of the staircase and smiled, looking at the plants surronding her. There were a few bookshelves so you could read, right inside the botanical garden.

"So, you're here again?" A deep, female voice asked. The girl looked to her left, and saw another teenager, one older than her, almost an adult. This woman had light purple hair that reached the middle of her back. She was wearing a large, pale, yellow sewatshirt, that covered her thumbs. A navy blue miniskirt was secured around her waist. The girl was barefoot, but there were bandages wrapped around her feet. Half rimmed glasses rested on her nose, protecting her green eyes.

"Mei! Its great to see you!" The white girl said, her small voice said happily. She clasped her hands, together, behind her back.

"You too, Clause. I can't remember the last time I saw you." Mei commented.

"It was last month! I've been busy training!" Clause told her. Mei nodded, and tossed a book at her. The book sailed towards the young girl's head, but it stopped short, levitating an inch away from her nose.

"Good job. You still need to work on your timing though." Mei told her, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Clause nodded, and held one hand up, floating the book down to her breast line. The book flipped open, turning a few pages before stopping on page 105.

"Where's Nikki?" Clause asked.

"I think she has some more training, but I'm not sure. Let me check." Mei said. She took her glasses off, and her pupil shrank, looking as if it were non exisitant. After a few moments she blinked, and her eyes returned to normal.

"She's just finishing up." Mei answered, sliding her glasses back into place. She picked another book off of the book shelf and walked over to a table, next to the indoor balcony. Clause followed her, reading her own book. When she sat down, the book gently lowered to the table, resting in place. Clause put her arms on the table, crossing them.

"Things have gotten so boring lately." She complained, pouting.

"Don't say things like that, you may get your wish, especially if Emma has anything to do with it." Mei scolded her.

"Sorry." Clause sighed. She stood up, abandoning her book. She walked a few feet, looking at the rest of the library below her. "The library tower is a great place, isn't it? There even a Botanicle garden at the top, with butterflies all around." Clause smiled, just as an orange buterfly flew past her.

"Yes, its a beautiful place." Mei agreed, not looking up from her book.

"Mei! You didn't even look!" Clause accused, catching her.

"I don't have to, I'm here every single day, no matter what my schedule." mei told her, turning a page in her book. Clause frowned, turning back to balcony.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late. They were testing me!" A girl shouted. She looked lke she was ten years old. She had shoulder length black hair, and her skin was white like porcelin. She looked to be of Chinese desent. She was wearing a black dress that reached her knees. The dress was long sleeved, and had a swing skirt, fit for dancing. There were ballet slippers on her feet, the ribbons climbing up her legs, ending at the middle of her thighs.

"Again? Why do they keep testing you?" Mei muttered.

"Its not my fault! Its the fault of Professor Folker." She complained.

"Oh, come on, Luili, if you would just stop blowing things up, they would have to keep testing you." Mei snapped. Luili slammed her hands on the table, and glared at Mei.

"Incoming! Mind-reader at three o'clock!" Clause exclaimed, pointing to a young girl that had blue hair, in a curled, cone ponytail. The cone started near the top of her head, and reached her shoulder. A grey cloak was on her shoulders, covering her outfit. The three girls, however, knew what she was wearing. A blue, leotard, with long sleeves. She also had on white tights, covering her legs, and blue boot covers. She was holding a drawing pad and marker. She saw the others and waved.

"Hello!" A voice rang through their minds.

"Hi, Nikki!" They greeted. Nikki nodded, and sat down at the table. Clause looked at her white watch and gasped.

"Crap! I have to get home before Charlie gets home! I had to wash the dishes, and I was swamped with tests. See ya!" Clause shouted, freaking out.

"Well, hurry! You know what happens when she gets angry." Luili told her. Clause nodded, and grabbed her book, before jumping over the railing. Several other kids rushed to the railings, watching her fall.

'We're like, 50 stories high!" Luili exclaimed.

"Do you think she'll make it?" Nikki asked them telepathicly.

"She'll make it." Mei stated. They watched her as she sped up, but before she hit the ground, she flew towards the exit, not before quickly checking the book out.

"Come again!" The receptoinist called, watching Clause fly away.