At The End

Numb is a feeling I've felt only a few times. The first was when I was 7 and my grandmother died. The second time was when my mother was killed. There were a few more, but at this point of my story, they are irrelevant. Now as a feeling a numbness mingled with shock washes over me, I have to stop and think how I did not see this coming. How did I not see everything leading to this.

My hands drop to my sides as I stare across the room at the man I have fallen in love with. I cannot do anything except stare as my mind slowly computes that I was an idiot to not see this coming. That I know the man, despite his sweet gestures, gentleness, and love, is ruthless and has forever kept secrets and information from me.

And yet here I find myself, stopped dead cold as he points the barrel of a .45 at my head. Of everything I new of him, I knew he was an assassin, my father's soon-to-be boss, the son of a man just as ruthless and cruel. But even knowing all of this, I absolutely did not see it coming to this.

As I whisper his name in disbelief, his eyes soften the slightest amount, revealing the confusion and shock hidden deep in his grey-blue eyes. He looks at me with an expression covering his face similar to that of a man haunted by the trails and pains of war. My heart thuds hard in my chest, as if it is trying to escape from my chest. The quick beat fills my ears, drowning out the rolling waves from outside the balcony. I always knew that being a daughter of an assassin could one day lead to my death. But never did I imagine my death could be caused by the man I trusted most. By my husband.