I can't believe it. H – how absolutely terrible I was. I was so inconsiderate and selfish. I thought I was having a bad day. Who cares if I didn't pass the Geometry Test? Who cares if my article wasn't posted in the paper? I was so upset about absolutely nothing. I feel horrid right now. My life was perfect, and now it's all gone.

-One Day Earlier-

Josh Hamilton is my best friend. A guy...unlike any other. He has pretty sweet taste in music and is always there for you. You could say we have a bromance going on. I love the guy. Josh would be there for anyone. He was great at reading people no matter how much you tried to hide it. My best friend would push at you until you spilled the beans...and that always seemed to help people. I don't think I can live without the guy.

We have been friends for...how many years now? Eight, nine? I think it's eight. I remember meeting him at Chuck. E. Cheese the day of my birthday. Actually, it was his birthday, too. I know it's cliché, but I can remember it like it was yesterday

"Mommy, why does that boy get more presents then me?" I tugged on my mom's pink sleeve. My mother looked over the next few tables to see a boy looking rather bored but surrounded by what seemed millions of gifts, to a seven year old boy.

"Oh honey-," but I was already gone. I had army crawled under the tables to the table with the shiny presents. I grabbed a random one of the edge, got up and bolted out of there. I thought I was free, but I was wrong.

I heard fast, little footsteps behind me. Then, I heard a phrase I don't think I'll ever forget.

"Bitch stole my birthday presents!" Now it may not seem that significant, but when It's coming from a eight year old boy who has just jumped in the air and is now tackling you to the ground, it's pretty big. We were now wrestling on a dirty Chuck. E. Cheese floor for some cheap gift we both probably would have gotten sick of within a week. I felt that I needed to come up with an equally cool comeback. I mean, he had said the word bitch!

"Nigga this is my bike!" Yes, Yes, I realize the toy wasn't a bike, but it just sounded cool, ya know?

We ended up laughing on the floor. Mainly because of the look on both of our mother's faces.

"I'm sorry I stole your gift...I didn't mean to." I hadn't felt really sorry, but I didn't know what type of kid this was. What if he was actually offended?

"Really? You didn't mean to crawl under the tables and steal my gifts?" We both laughed again. Alright, this kid is actually cool.

"My name is Derek. What's your name?

"My name is Josh."

"By the way my mom is screaming, I think I'm grounded." I looked down at my light up Batman shoes.

"Same here. But when we're not, do you want to come over to my house?" I looked up and smiled.


And here we are. Eight years later and with a bigger vocabulary. It's funny, not only have we grown up together, but it seems like we've grown to look alike. The only differences being that I have a more rounded chin and he has a butt chin. Our hair is basically the same...Scene you could call it. Mine is dark while his is blonde. We have the same dark brown eyes and, well, rather weak muscular build.

I had just finished shoving my crap in my too small locker when Josh walked by me. Something was off about him. Sure he looked okay, but something wasn't right. Yet again, it may be cheesy but there was something in his eyes. His locker was across the hallway from mine. After elbowing my way through a group of, well, to put it in nice terms, rather loose women.

'Ugh, don't touch me I'll get an STD!' Okay maybe I didn't think to highly of them, but it's extremely suspicious how they all have A's in English. Did I mention that every time I go to a game, one of them always seems to be leading another guy under the bleachers?

Anyway, I got closer to Josh's locker. As I stepped closer, I could tell something in the air had changed. I was really worried about him.

"Hey, Josh! You okay?"

"What?" Josh looked up confused for a moment. I knew he was frowning earlier, but he had put a smile on his face after he realized I arrived. He looked really tired. More so then any teenager that spent their nights playing Legend of Zelda would look. His eyes were dark, ominous. "Nah...I'm fine, dude."

"Really? No sarcastic and hurtful remark? Woah, you must be sick."

"Really...I'm fine. There's nothing to worr-" The bell rang, "Look I gotta go to class. Seeya."

"Yeah, bye." We walked opposite ways down the hallway. He was on his way to AP English. I was, well, on my way to stupid math. I didn't get the smarts of the group, so bite me.

I couldn't shake that feeling that something was wrong...All through class, I couldn't comprehend what was saying. Wait, that's like any other day, but this time I wasn't thinking about Jessica Paulmer. I was more worried about Josh. But now that we're on the subject...essica Paulmer... Another great friend of mine. She has long wavy honey-brown hair, and she smelled like roses all the time. Don't judge me. Her button nose was just as adorable as her laugh. I always felt right when I was next to her. Always happy.

But, she wasn't interested. I know. Well, not because I asked her. She has a hard time keeping her feelings under control. The most inexperienced could read her like a book. And I've seen the way she looks at Josh. It hurts a little, but not enough to ruin either friendship.

And Josh...Well I don't know who he likes. He'd just need to be in love with me to complete this little love triangle, right? But Josh doesn't role that way. Let's just say, when Josh gets drunk, any chick within a 15 foot radius is fair game. He's never had sex with them, no, Josh says that's really important to him and he wants to save it for marriage. I guess I feel the same. I mean, your virginity isn't something to be thrown around. I looked over at the whore-leader sitting across from me. Yup, something I defiantly don't want to give to the likes of her. I looked down at her knees...scratched up as always.

"Mr. Jays! Repeat to me what I just said!" I snapped back to attention. "Um, yeah, something about a triangle or something, right?"

"Derek, pay attention! I was just discussing that-" BAM! She's lost my attention.