AN: This was written during another one of my lovey-dovey moods where I'm so sappy and pathetic. ^^;;;

Take me home please,
I don't want to stay here.
I can't take the tears anymore
As you turn and walk away.
Please turn back to me.
I need you here. I need you now.
I'll wait forever and a day
If I have to.
Just turn your head.
Wipe away my tears,
I can't take the back of your head anymore.
I can't stare in your eyes anymore.
Please, please, please,
Just turn back and look at me,
Hold me please.
I'll hold you forever and a day
If I have to.
And I want to.
Please, turn back to me,
I want to see your smile,
I want to hear you laugh,
I want to smell you,
Breathe you,
Be with you,
Smile around you,
I just want you.
Please come back.
I need you here, today.
I want you here by my side.
And I know I can't leave you behind.
Take the tears away,
You're the only one who can.
I'll smile and laugh for you,
I'll love you,
I still do.
Please, just don't take a step,
Turn around and come back to my arms,
I want to be in you arms more than you can
Possibly imagine.
Just don't turn.
Don't walk away from me. Please.
I love you.
Forever and a day.
Please, just love me too.