AN: I was kind of feeling sappy after reading this book published by all of the 8th graders at my school for when we leave to high school this year. Anyway, I was in a lovey-dovey mood when I wrote this. ^^

Once upon a cloud,
Once upon a love,
There existed a window.
I was on one side.
You were on the other.
I could see you,
I could watch you,
You could see me,
And you could watch me too.
We were in love,
Intertwined with each other.
We would reach out our hands,
Lean forward to each other,
Hold out our arms,
So we could be embraced.
And we would catch the cold glass of the window.
And we would touch the transparent sorrow.
We'd try to whisper our words of love,
We'd try and sing to each other,
To make the tears go away,
And the glass would hear every word.
But we could not.
The glass took away your hands,
That wiped away my tears.
The glass took away my voice,
To soothe you when the rough got rougher.
And the window stood there,
Torturing me with the visions of you,
And you with the visions of me,
When we could never feel each other's warmth.
I lost my voice yelling to you,
"I love you! I miss you!"
And you lost the feeling
Inside your fingers
Trying to reach me through the glass.
Keep trying please,
Just to get one finger through.
And I'll keep trying to whisper one word,
Just one.
Just so you can hear me, and know,
This window can't take my love from you.
I'll find some way to open it.