Trust me as I trust you

Be what I may be
I am not.
Movements are my second nature
while dreaming is my first.
I dream of dreams
that nobody has.
Of things that I have never seen,
nor felt, nor have.
All I have are these things
trapped alone inside.
Occasionally I step out of myself
like a child who has stepped away from her mother,
leaving all securities behind.
But unlike the world,
I take pleasure in these occurrences.
A chance given for me to take,
for me to learn,
and grow.
I plan to make the world my dreams.
To seek all that I want to seek.
To meet new faces and laugh at their jokes
and for them to accept the real me.
For I give what I have to give
and take what little I need to take.
A time based on supply and demand
but I do not fit in.
My supply is high and my demand is low.
But no one seems to want.
I just want to make my special someone
and full of life itself.
But for now I dream my dreams
and move as I move.
Displaying myself as I am
and trying not to be afraid.
I trust you
and I hope you may trust me too.
Because I no longer want to be alone.