I see it every day, but it's like I'm watching a fairytale merged with reality. An unrealistic, impractical fairytale and a dreary, cynical reality. I watch lives around me blossom with the nourishment of this "blessing" given to us by God, and yet they aren't living up to what they could be. How could I subject myself to that kind of prison when I've just escaped a different one? I will not fall in love.

Finally, after all these years, I quit the job that was threatening to consume my insanity, digest it, and laugh at me for being such easy prey. Now that I'm back on track, I don't want the stability I've worked so hard to regain get burnt to the ground with the heat of some passionate love story. Every where you look, there's a movie, a new romance novel, telling the tale of a couple that falls madly in love. Those who represent the media have finally begun to paint their products with originality, but one thing remains the same.

The victims of love all suffer from major scarring on their judgement. I've always made it my number one priority to look at the world with a pragmatic point of view, and this thing people call a gift, an unexplainable miracle, has drugged the sheep-minded public. Drugged them with fantasies of meadows and butterfly kisses, and other sweet, love-related things that do not exist in the three dimensional world. I will not fall in love.

I've never been one to allow any substance into my body that could blind my good sense, so why on earth would I allow this idea of romantic perfection to poison my mind? I will not fall in love.

In denial you say? What would I have to deny? The blubbering of broken hearted girls on prom night? Teenage pregnancies that resulted from stupid kids that claimed to be "in love"? No, love is like a plague that makes you feel better instead of worse, and your subconscious releases it's hold because if one is to be insane enough to let this blindness take hold, they might as well push their insanity to the limit. But I refuse to be blind, and I will not be insane. No, I will never fall in love.