Once upon a time, there was a place called Dalandir. Dalandir was a medieval island that could only be accessed from a gold arc. It traveled by its own to find the people needed in Dalandir from the regular world. People from Dalandir were people from the real world that had been taken there by the golden arc. There was nothing different about the people in Dalandir from the real world. But if a child was born in Dalandir, then they were not known of in the real world. Dalandir was a peaceful island with a king and queen. The Island of Dalandir was a fine island.

That all ended when the queen gave birth to two boys. They always gave the younger boy more attention. They would never do anything with the other boy. The younger boy, Christopher, was talented in music, art, and school. The older boy was failing in all, and was thought as a disappointment to the royal family. When the king and queen would introduce their children to visitors, they would never mention the older boy, Alexander.

Then one day, the older boy ran away. He did not want to deal with the disappointment anymore. He wanted to be loved. But out of that feeling, he wanted revenge with his family. He wanted to make them suffer the pain they deserved.

The king and queen were informed that their child was missing. The king and queen paid extra attention to Christopher. A few years later, the boy went missing. The kingdom searched and searched for Christopher. A few days later, they found the younger one's body in a ditch. The boy was dead. He had been stabbed with a knife, and had died.

The king and queen sobbed at their loss. They never figured out what had happened to Alexander. They never knew what their child was planning.

Time went by, and the king and queen got a message. A mysterious man had come up to the gardener and told him to give this to the king and queen.

To: the king and queen of Dalandir


Hello my parents. It is I, Alexander. I am now known as Alexander Moe. I have run away. I now have the power to live for as long as I want. I killed my brother. He deserved it, and so did you. You never loved me, only Christopher. I hated it. Now I realize that Christopher's death was not enough. You shall pay more for what you did. For now on, the royal family is cursed to have bad luck until the day I die, which will never happen. You will learn from your mistake. You should remember this day. You will never be able to hear from me again. No matter how many people you have come to defeat me, you will never win. The Kingdom of Dalandir shall always live in pain. Remember that. You should remember Moe, the name, the man in your stories who was the master of powers, until he made a stupid mistake with a potion. I would never make such a mistake. But you should be able to realize why I am Alexander Moe. I am now Alexander Moe, Master of Powers. You will always remember that name. I guarantee, you will.

Have a terrifying life.

-Alexander Moe

Alexander Moe