Mer-X Date Log: 12-11-09

Drug injected into subjects. All twenty have taken, but one, subject006, appears to be struggling with a fever. Outside factors involved. Will keep close on subject006. Subjects001, 007 and 016 are ready being to show signs of mutation.

Mer-X Date Log: 19-11-09

One week and all subjects are still alive and so far have no no ill effects. All have mutated gills and various fins/tails depending on animal type injected. Subject006 recovered fast and had shown no signs of relapsing.

Note 1: The gills have not replaced the lungs. We are unsure to whether the subjects are able to use both, but we are unwilling to place an experiment to discover if so until they are stable. It is interesting to also note, many exhibit sighs of wanting to leave the tanks and use either the pool or the outside aquarium. Possible animal traits passed along visa mutation?

Note 2: Subject006 is under careful watch. Animal type: Carcharodon carcharias aka great White Shark. Very territorial. Already showing signs of wanting to eat the others. Will keep separate until training can be introduced.

Mer-X Date Log: 26-11-09

Two weeks in and MX001 (Draza) has visited the Lab. Or rather threatened to kill everyone in security if they didn't let him in. Director has given him access to the project under the pretext he won't interfere with it. MX001, has expressed concern over the fact few are showing signs of intelligence, despite the fact other mammal and reptile groups are. At the moment the only theory for this is the fact they are still adjusting to a whole new ecosystem. One subject is weaker then the others but all subjects are healthy.

File attachment: Sec Vid 001. Main lab. Open.

A scientist is shown, holding a clip board appearing checking something on the computer to do with the water temperature. The door slide open and a female scientist walked in two men behind her. The scientist looked up and beamed at her, his smile faltering at the looks on the faces of the two men.

"Darza, Razor. What do we owe this visit?"

"We heard rumours you were experimenting on children again with our DNA" Razor growled, moving away from the female scientist and walking over to the tanks, where two are floating. They are awake but seem to pay no attention to the new faces in the Lab. He frowned and poked at the glass screen. There eyes fluttered and they looked at him for a moment before swimming away.

"Rex, Olivia. Have you not learned anything?" Darza asked seriously, watching his beta from the corner of his eye. "You have no idea how any of these children will be now this has happened"

"Darza, you know as well as i do we can't disobey orders. The kids are mostly happy. There re-development of self consciousness is behind the normal time, but is the first time we've used fish and water mammal DNA before"

"You mean our DNA. First time you've used New-Formed Mer-X DNA" Razor cut in his voice angry.

"Razor" Olivia said, her voice quiet. She knew not to try and anger the creature. You would be wrong for assuming Razor was a man, but no it was a mutant just like the children in tanks, more so because he and his brothers hadn't started as humans or anything at all. A test tube grown creature who had grown consciousness. Problem was he was dangerous and when his brothers escaped, he had been the one to kill the most people on the way out and sink water city. One of the wonders of the worlds gone.

Out of the eight sea-based forms, he was the most volatile. Anything could set him off, and you weren't always sure what. Other then Darza, Olivia could only think of about a dozen people who could theoretically stop him on a rampage. All of them experiments or new-Formed. No human would stand a chance against him. He was quite literally a shark on water, despite his human appearance. There was some Thaumoctopus mimicus DNA in him. Quite amazing really.

"Olivia, some of these children. They remember who they were. But others don't. Or at least not clearly" Razor replied the in the same quiet tone. The other three in the room blinked surprised.

"Razor, you can hear them?" Razor nodded, his eyes fixing on to a solitary male. He looked at first glance the same as the old myths of mere-maids but he was different. Razor recognized the look in his eyes. He was a predator, someone who killed to survive. Someone who shouldn't really be in the same tanks as so many prey, he concluded.

"That's subject006. He's mostly your DNA Razor. 'Carcharodon carcharias' ,Great white shark." Rex said, standing by the creature, following his eye line. "He's mostly solitary but he does appear to stalk some which have DNA from the Delphinidae Family"

"They're dolphins right?"

"Yes. Though its a bit of wide term. It there will have 001, 002 who are Delphinus capensis, Long-beaked Common Dolphin. 008 is a Bottle-nose Dolphin, 013 and 014 are Stenella frontalis, Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. And then we have 019, he is the one we would of thought would have been more aggressive then 006, he's Orcinus orca, killer whale"

"That's because he remembers who he was was. Well some of who he was. He's confused, his hearts to soft to be a predator and as long as you feed them there he always will be" Razor shrugged, "Just don't expect me to let any of my brothers near him. Orcinus orca were known for eating Carcharodon carcharias so while he's fine with 006 because they changed together, a new predator in the environment could spark rivals"

Rex nodded in agreement, dimly aware of Olivia and Darza talking to each other in the background about various things to do with the experiment, one answer She was carefully deflecting from, but Darza didn't push. Why they were doing the experiment. There were some things the Mer-X understood they couldn't talk about. Rex absent-mindedly scratched the back of his neck where his chip was. He only hoped when they learned from the study would be worth it.

Subject 006, blinked, as if suddenly realizing something was different. He turned his head and looked at the two were standing by the glass. He tilted his head curiously and swim over appearing by the glass pressing himself against it in the blink of an eye. Rex jumped back in surprise, making Razor laugh at him.

Subject006 looked at them curiously, studying Razor closing. As he did this, Rex took the time to take in 006's appearance, like most mutations, his hair colour had changed but his eyes were the same. It was an odd phenomenon among the labs, it didn't matter which species were used, this happened. His hair was almost white with only the barest hints of blonde, which was in stark contrast to his skin with had changed from a standard pink to a dusty blue type colour. Looking at him so closely Rex suddenly became aware of the patterns on his skin, all random and mutated but there.

Bang, Bang Bang. Rex jumped out of his skin this time, having not expected that at all, making Razor almost fall to the floor laughing at scientist. 006 seemed amused as well, smiling slyly at Rex before looking up at Razor again, giving him a grin, his teeth showing. Rows of shark teeth. An mutation which they still weren't sure how they all fix in his mouth. Razor mirrored it.

"Shut up" Rex muttered rolling his eyes at him as Razor continued to laugh at the shook up scientist. Razor chuckled and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, a human gesture but one that didn't seem lost on Subject006. He tilted his head and made a shrill like sound.

"Curious. He's the only one that seems to notice you're even there" Rex murmured at he looked around the rest of the tank, none of others were even looking in there direction. Razor made a similar shrill before smiling almost evilly, making Rex feel uncomfortable.

"He doesn't know who he was before this. Thinks the others are stupid because they care who they were. His view is that shouldn't matter. What only matters is what they are now" Razor said, firmly not letting Rex take his arms of his shoulder, while keeping eye contact with 006 at all times. "He recognizes me as someone like him. A predator. While the others are mostly all prey"

"Curiouser and curiouser" Olivia smiled as She and Darza walked over, Darza shuddering as he remember that look in the scientist who had experimented on him and his brothers. He took a moment to remember that was behind him now. He was free, as were they.

At the sight of Darza, 006 fell back into a hiss. Razor made a shrill which even Rex (the only one who was all human in that room) could tell was taunting. Darza rolled his eyes and hit him over the head.

"Stop playing dominant games with a child"


"Stop or I'll show him just how a leader mate asserts his dominance on his underlings, on you" Darza warned. Both Olivia and Rex glanced at each other before slowly edging away from the angry Mer-X. Razor visibility pouted but didn't retaliate when 006 sent back a shrill of his own. "Oli, Rex. if something goes wrong and you are ordered to terminate. Tell us and try and see if you can get them to us. We'll look after them, but do not terminate them. Understood?" Darza asked seriously, too many lives were lost in this lab of horrors. Too many. At least these they could look after, could save.

"You know we..."

"If you kill any of these children, we kill you!"

"Was going to say we would try, but that works to" Rex said sounding slightly bitter. Both Darza and Razor winced this time. Rex and Olivia were as much trapped by this lab as the children who were condemned to it. They had no choice but to follow orders. Sometimes, it didn't matter how much they cared about the two scientists, they forgot that. Sighing Razor took another look 006. Who seemed to grow bored of them and swam away, butting into another subject and sending him flying backwards.

Razor liked his style.

End video clip.

Mer-X Date Log: 3-12-09

Three weeks. Many showing signs of intelligence. Subject006 becoming more hostile towards humans, but appears calmer towards the other experiments. Theory, protective of territory which is the Lab. Only Olivia and Rex are able to go near the tank without threatening gestures.

MX001 (Darza) visited again with MX004 (Razor). Was happy by progress. MX004 named Subject006 'Monroe' after ancient pop-star. Logic? none, something to do with the white hair subject006 has.

Out of the twenty, only 006 has no idea about who he was before the change. Possibly due to the fever? However only five, 001, 002, 007, 008 and 009, have complete memories of being human. Of them all but 008 have changed there names. Subject 008 goes by 'Daniel'.

Note: 007 has re-named himself as James Bond. Can only hope his humour is a good sign to his mentality. Soon tests will begin.

Mer-X Date Log: 10-12-09

One month. All have completely converted into the new form, starting to exhibit behaviour patterns of there animal DNA in captivity. Apart from 006, which is a good thing as to date the longest a Carcharodon carcharias has survived in captivity is 16 days. Orders to start tests this week. 006 seemed to be able to tell something is up and is growing more and more agitated. Only answers to Monroe now, completes refuses to answer to 006. Others starting to show similar tendencies, the only problem with that being we have to work out what they want to be called. 006 seems to respond best to Razor when again, possibly due to the fact they are able to communicated though Razor's 'ability'.

Already social groups are beginning to form. 008 appears to be a loner. Whether this is due to the fact he remembers being human or he is the only one of his sub-group, has yet to be determined.

note: 001 and 017 seem to be experimenting with there new bodies to find pleasure spots. Others seem disturbed by this. 006, breaking them up and separating them a few times. 006 is the overlord of the group. While 002 seems to be the leader.

Mer-X Date Log: 17-12-09

015 died due to experiment. Respond in tank, distress. 006 refusing to allow any others be tested on now. If this continues will have to either separate him or terminate. It would appear he's being protective of the others, or not possessive. Though of the Delphinidae family appear to have been herded to the far corner of the tank where we can't get to them. 006 not hurting them, but refusing to let them leave are apart from to get food.

Note: autopsy on 015 reveals she dies from a weak heart. Screening for experiments will not begin to ensure a repeat is not made.

Cafe Ser Vid file. Opened.

Rex walked over to Olivia who was hunched over some data pads. She seemed to be looking for something, constantly changing which one She was ready, bookmarks and tagging pages. She was looking for why 015 had died. Why they were unable to stop her from dying. It was like this when a subject died late in the experiment.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her into a hug as she broke down into tears. He hold her tight, the others looking at them sympathetically. The Director had called them to his office for an explanation, but they weren't going to be able to give him one.

"Why can't we do it Rex?, why can't we save them?" she sobbed to his arms ,hugging onto him tightly.

"I don't know, i don't know" He murmured, in the back of his head remembering Razors warning. "I don't know"

File closed.

Mer-X Date Log: 20-12-09 - unplanned update.

Darza called to warn of mating season in a few weeks. He thinks the subjects will be affected like the Mer-X's are. 006 still refusing to let scientist conduct tests. Director's patience running out.

Mer-X Date Log: 23-12-09. - Unplanned update

Scientist Olivia in infirmary due to punishment inflicted by Director in front to subjects. 006 now allowing experiments. All seem disheartened. 008 appears to be suffering a lot. He particularly was close to Scientist Olivia. Scientist Rex comforted him, but it appears to have spiked jealous from 006, who is now tormenting 008. If continues will separate.

Mer-X Date Log: 24-12-09

Behaviour continues as normal. 006 still tormenting 008, but only when 008 near glass of tank. If 008 stays in centre, he is left alone. When approaching glass 006 starts attacking him.

note: When food was released, 006 allowed 008 to collect it before herding him back. Seems 006 wants 008 alive.

Mer-X Date Log: 26-12-09 - Unplanned update

mating season started. All ready subjects showing signs of being effected. 006 more aggressive.

Note: Keep eye on 006 and 008