Rex and Monroe made quickly work of the corridor, mostly as Monroe learned quick ,how to walk again. his footsteps were strong as he reached the door which would lead him to his dolphin. He slammed the door open disturbing Olivia as she was feeding Daniel.

Olivia stood, Daniels eyes flew open wide at the sight of Monroe looking very human. For a moment, he doubt it was him but there was no doubt when he felt those strong eyes look at him. It was Monroe. The relive that flooded though Monroe's eyes was amazing, he had really been worried about his dolphin.

"Daniel" he said in the softest voice he had ever heard. He took a step towards him but Olivia was there first holding a frying pan ready to hit him if he moved another step. He ignored her at first and walked towards him, but She banged him over the head, making him fall to his ass. He rubbed his head and looked up at the angry woman

"Take one more step Monroe and you'll wish you'd never discovered you have legs" Hissed Olivia, "What the hell are you doing Rex?"

"He jumped out of the tanks to come and find him. you don't do tat for no-one"

"What is it with you and frying pans?" muttered Monroe, pouting, before turning his attention by towards Daniel who was watching with wide eyes. Everything he knew was screaming at him to run to him. To get to him as quickly as he physically could.

"He has been abusing Daniel for too long for me to stand aside and let him damage him more" Olivia hissed, her own eyes hinting she had been hurt in the past. Rex paused, not sure where to go with his. Olivia was just trying to protect the kid after all.

"Oli" Rex stared but she shook her head.

"Don't you Oli me. We're supposed to protect them. He craved his name onto Daniels back!"

"Olivia. He's a shark with human emotions. We didn't teach him how to deal with them we just assumed him knew." Olivia bit her lip lightly, knowing in the back of her mind it was truth but all of there instincts were screaming at her not to let Monroe pass to. "Look at him Olivia. Look at his eyes"

Olivia looked at Monroes eyes to see them fixed on the creature she was trying to protect. Longing and dare she say it, love in his eyes. He hadn't meant to harm him so badly, but he didn't know any other way then his instincts.

She sighed and moved out of his way. he ran those last few steps and dived into the water. The splash covering both Olivia and Rex much to there annoyance. Daniel met him half way in the water, the two of them hugging each other close like either one could disappear again. Olivia watched as a tear fell from Daniels face but his mouth was a smile. he was happy beyond believe.

When they pulled apart, it was Daniel who was swimming everywhere studying Monroe who stayed still for him, chuckling at the look of wonder on his mates face. Well soon to be mate. They weren't that far yet.

"How?" He asked his face full of awe.

"Thaumoctopus mimicus"

"The mimic Octopus?"

"SO that's what the animals called! razor didn't know and no-ones told me yet!" Exclaimed Monroe making Daniel laugh. "razor once said we might be able to transform like he and his brothers can. Thaumoctopus mimicus DNA"

"Does that mean i can too?" he asked, his eyes widening. he had wanted to be 'human' again for so long. To able to walk and to be able to run, run as fast as he used to be able to. He missed being human so much.

Monroe chuckled, before sweeping him up, "Lets find out" he grinned before jumping out of the water and landing outside the tank.

Olivia and Rex were by his side in an instant, ready to catch them if he fell but he stayed standing. They al watched at Daniel's tail disappeared, leaving to legs. Daniel's skin did return to the normal colour and Daniel was left looking completely human.

Monroe let him down and watched as Olivia helped him over to a mirror. He touched it, shock in his face. "I'm normal again" He whispered, before breaking out in to a massive smile. he let go go Olivia and turned to look at Monroe who was beaming at him.

He took one step, before he broke out into a run and jumped in Monroe's arms, he leant upwards and kissed Monroe who was surprised by this. He still had no idea how humans males mated, but he found himself enjoying the kiss. he leant into it and hugged his dolphin close, content just to keep kissing until they ran out of air. He'd just follow his instincts, he always did.

Slowly he felt other urges appear, his cock slowly becoming hard. Daniel smiled to himself, he could do this in this form. He knew what he was doing at least! He smiled as he felt Monroe half hard dick pressing against him as he leant in slower to the kiss.

He couldn't wait for this, he decided.

Rex coughed and tugged on Olivia's sleeve, she had been completely caught up in the sight of the two Mer-X she hadn't noticed yet but he had. Neither was wearing clothes who it was easily to see. They were turned on, and the way Monroe was going... Olivia looked at him confused before looking where he was pointing.

She blushed and nodded. Both of them quickly but quietly slide out of the room, leaving the two to there own time. Rex was bright red, while Olivia just chuckled at the idea. Though two would do fine, she decided despite her earlier doubts.

If worse came to worse, they would just send them to live with the Original Mer-X.

Rex Personal Log

There are something i don't need to know about even as a scientist. I need a drink.

Project Logs Completed

The end