Chapter 1

The normal school life, I'm sure most of us take this time for granted, it was something I was looking forward to, a new school, new classmates, a new start. However sometimes life has ways of throwing those little surprises right from left field and your life can change so dramatically. Do I resent it? Do I wish I could be someone else in my class? With every negative there is a positive to balance things out.

On a cold spring morning, the sun rising into the sky, relaying a beam of light into a window in a house on a rural area, the trees swaying in the breeze just outside. An alarm clock was beeping loudly on the windowsill, a small room, with a small table sitting in the middle on a rug, a small cushion either side. A person was laying fast asleep on the bed sitting under the sill of the window, the sheets over his head blocking the sunlight from view. A voice called up to him from outside the room.

"Katsuo!" a girls voice called out "Wake up!"

The person under the sheets stirred but refused to wake up, or rather wanted to go back to his peaceful slumber. However whoever the voice belonged to wasn't about to let this happen, the sound of thudding footsteps came from the other side of the door, shortly after stopping his door began shake some knuckles rapped on the door.

"Katsuo! Get up!" the girls voice stated again. "Don't make me come in their!"

The boy turned again under the sheets

"Shut up" he said in reply sleepily and rather grumpily "Gimme another hour" he said his hand coming from under the sheets and shutting off the alarm.

"Don't tell me to shut up" the girl replied sounding ticked off. "I asked nicely but if that's how you're gonna be…"

With that the girl swung back her leg, throwing it forward with force and as the foot made contact with the door it swung open and banged against the wall. With that loud noise the sheets were thrown off and Katsuo sat up alert to the danger.

"Heheh, looks like you're finally awake, Katsuo" the girl said sweetly as if nothing had happened.

"The door wasn't locked you know" Katsuo said scratching the back of his head which had some short brown hair looking messy, he was in nothing but a pair of Blue and white striped boxers, he was pretty toned but not overly. His green eyes were half closed, obviously still feeling sleepy.

This is me, Katsuo Arai. 16 years old. 5 ft 6 tall and weighing at 133 pounds.

"Really?" the girl asked him.

"Your always to quick to react Ayaka" he replied.

"My bad" Ayaka said and knocked her head and stuck out her tongue clumsily. She was dressed in a spaghetti stringed top, yellow in colour of which white bra straps were visible over her shoulders, with some grey jeans, done without a belt, her Pink hair done in a tiny ponytail sticking up and over the right side of her head, her eyes a vibrant yellow colour.

This is my childhood friend, her name is Ayaka Hitogi, 16 years old, 5 ft 2 tall, weighing in at 111 pounds. Cup size B.

Katsuo looked over at the clock, it read 8:57am.

"You really couldn't let me sleep in on the last day of our spring break?" he asked Ayaka.

"We need all the time we can get to prepare for our first day" she replied. "Still got to pick up our new uniforms and everything."

"Fine, fine" Katsuo said and got up. "You're buying Lunch then."

"Ehhhhhh!" Ayaka said in unpleasant surprise.

"Let me get changed" Katsuo said and pushed her out of the room, a slight push to push her over the threshhold and closed the door.

"Fine then, I'll pay, just hurry up" Came Ayaka's eventual response and he heard her proceed downstairs.

Katsuo sighed and removed his boxer shorts, proceeding to his walk in wardrobe and pulled some clothes out. He slipped on some plain grey boxer shorts, then pulled on some Navy blue trousers. He pulled a green shirt over his head then pulled it down and finally took a navy blue jacket and put it on over his shirt. He picked up the boxers he left on the floor and exited his room, walking down a wooden hallway towards the staircase to his right, when he descended the stairs he walked round the banister and down the hallway where in a door to his left was the bathroom, a linen basket was on the side counter next to a washer and Dryer, the room over has a clear glass wall of which a wet room with bath tub against the back wall, a shower head was over a little plastic stool next to it.

Leaving the room he proceeded down the hallway a small way and entered the dining room, there was a plate of toast with 4 slices sitting in the middle of the table, Ayaka was standing over a plate and putting some bacon on the plate along with a sunny side up egg, there was one sitting opposite her and she looked up.

"Western style today?" Katsuo asked sitting at the table in front of one of the plates of food.

"Well I'm excited to get going, to think we're going to be high schoolers tomorrow." Ayaka said cheerily.

"Time sure has flown hasn't it? Seems like only yesterday we were enjoying middle school." Katsuo stated as he took a piece of toast and munched into it.

Ayaka had put the washing up into the sink and went to sit and start her breakfast.

"Remember that time when we snuck in after hours because I forgot the homework sheet?" She said fondly.

"Yeah, you were clinging to my arm the whole time, afraid of something coming to get us."

Ayaka puffed her cheeks at this a light tint of embarrassment colouring her cheeks.

"I wasn't scared" she said defiantly. "I was worried you might be afraid so I stuck close."

Katsuo tried to stifle a laugh but couldn't hold back.

"You still haven't changed since then, you should be more honest with your feelings." Katsuo said whilst laughing.

Ayaka looked pretty pissed off.

"Shut up, Stupid Katsuo!" she said and angrily stuffed a whole piece of toast in her mouth and munched furiously on it.