Chapter 2

Katsuo was in the hallway, he was on the phone to someone.

"…So that's how it is" he said finally, he looked tense as he waited for the response.

"Hmmm…Well it's fine by me" came a man's voice on the other end. "I can wire you some extra money"

"Thank you dad" Katsuo said, looking relieved.

"Well they're your friends, right? We can always put them up for a little while. But Katsuo, I don't want you to get up to any funny business, I know you're at that age"

Katsuo chuckled "It'll be fine dad, really."

"Alright then, I need to get back, I have a presentation to prepare."

"Ok, talk to you soon dad"

"Alright, later"

Katsuo put the phone down, he breathed a sigh of relief and headed back into the living room. The 3 girls were present, Ayaka was staring intently at Miu's cat ears poking out from her hair, Miu however didn't seem to notice, or maybe it didn't matter to her, she was staring blankly out of the window at the dark street outside. Tomoyo was staring fascinated at the remote for the Television, holding it in her hands and examining it.

"Right" Katsuo announced and all the girls attention were drawn to him. "I've just been on the phone to my dad, he says it's fine for you guys to stay for a while."

"I see, you have a very understanding father" Tomoyo said in a tone of approval. "I would like to have thanked him properly myself."

"Sorry about that" Katsuo said and took the free seat next to Miu. "But you'll both be expected to help round the house while you stay here.

"…No problem" Miu said in her stoic voice and then her heaf fell on Katuo's legs. Katsuo let out a murmur as her head made contact.

"Hey!" Ayaka said suddenly inadvertently raising her voice. "What are you doing?"

"Master, please pet Miu" she asked.

"Hold it!" Ayaka yelled "You only just met Katsuo an hour ago, you can't go so far so fast! I wouldn't allow it!" But she was taken a back as Katsuo put out a hand and stroked Miu's head. Miu closed her eyes dreamily, enjoying it.

"Ayaka…" Katsuo said "…You're a real pervert, you know that?"

Ayaka stammered and blushed so furiously steam might erupt from her head at any moment.

"Katsuo, you jerk!" Ayaka shouted and with a swift thump Katsuo received a wrathful blow on his head.

"Ow" Katsuo said rubbing his head as Miu sat up straight again.

"Ahem!" Tomoyo said bringing their attention to her. "There is a matter I need to address." her eyes set themselves to Miu's. "Ayaka, could you give us a moment?"

Ayaka looked at Tomoyo's serious expression for a second.

"I understand" she said and got up "I should check on dinner again anyway"

When Ayaka left the room closing the door behind her, Tomoyo spoke.

"Miu, why did you come here?" she said sternly to Miu, she seemed unfazed by Tomoyo's sharp words, she paused for a second and the words "I wanted to help" came from her mouth.

"I find that difficult to believe" Tomoyo said her expression serious. "You'd not have done the bonding ritual with Katsuo if you only came to help and return when it was resolved."

"I'm not going back" Miu said bluntly, a flash of shock was apparent in Tomoyo's eyes at those words. "I've finally found the master I've been looking for, I'm going to stay with Katsuo till I die."

Katsuo was surprised at the confession he had heard which was evident on his face.

"Impossible" Tomoyo said calmly "You aren't of this dimension, you're life would be drastically shortened were you to stay here for an extended period of time."

"…I don't care" Came Miu's reply.

"Don't be a fool!" Tomoyo said sharply, a hint of anger in her words. "Your life is precious, don't waste it on a first impression."

Miu looked down at her lap, for a few moments she stayed silent, but a smile gradually appeared on her face and she looked back up to Tomoyo.

"Thank you, Miss Tomoyo, you've always looked out for me, despite not being able to become my master…"

Tomoyo's expression softened a little at these words "I'm glad you've seen sense"

"…But's it's alright now."


"I know he's the one, I don't how to explain it, but I just have this feeling deep down" She leaned her head on Katsuo's shoulder, a slight pink tinge to her cheeks.

"Miu…" Katsuo said touched by her fondness of him.

Tomoyo looked like she wanted to argue back still, but this look gradually wore away and she smiled in return closing her eyes.

"I can't believe you were smitten at first sight, you're feelings seem genuine, any more argument would be pointless."

"Thank you, miss Tomoyo" Miu said.

"Wait a second" Katsuo said sensing he was allowed to talk now. "How long do denizens of the cyber world usually live for?"

"About 180 years" Tomoyo answered.

"Wow that's old" Katsuo said.

"It might be to you, but not to us."

"But won't you have quite the overpopulation problem if people live for so long?"

"I can't say we do, plus people tend not to live that long, what with the monsters." Tomoyo looked very reflective as she said these words. "it's mainly because our worlds differ in a few core areas, but on the surface they abide by very similar laws, such as survival of the fittest, even with stronger bodies than you humans it goes to show the power of the monsters. The ones who are getting here…The humans don't stand a chance. When they take over human bodies and cause all this pain and suffering to others, I can only apologize that we can't do more as a collective force to protect the equilibrium, but only a small group of us have the power to stand up to them" Tomoyo sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "You're world is so nice, I want to help protect it as best I can, it's not right they come and disrupt this monster free world, which is why I asked you for your help. I'll ask you one more time. Will you help me?"

Katsuo hardly needed time to think, if she was willing to save a world she didn't belong to, if there was anything he could do…

"Yes, I'll help you, I want to protect my world too.

Tomoyo nodded. "That's a good answer" she stood up and held out her hand in offer of a handshake, Katsuo got up and accepted it, at that moment a deep blue light surrounded Tomoyo's body and she leaned forward and planted a kiss on his forehead, Katsuo was taken aback as he felt her warm lips on his forehead, a jewel temporarily appeared on his head and then vanished in a flash, Tomoyo stopped glowing and smiled cheekily.

"Our bond is made, I look forward to working with you, sir Katsuo."

"Y-yeah" is all Katsuo could say.

"Hey you three, it's ready!" Came Ayaka's voice from the kitchen, the three of them went to get their food together.