Running Scared…

I use to hide away,

Run from the problems.

But people just drilled them inside my head.

Like a constant mantra,

I'm nothing but a loser…

Just look at me!

I tried to break pass it.

Stand up past the looks…

Whispers, Rumours, Nasty Nicknames or their pitiful looks.

But I couldn't, not that I didn't try.

Then, not without friends, I found out what I was worth.

I may not look or act how I wanted to at times…

But I was loved by the people that really mattered.

I respected myself,

Walked with my head held high.

Walked like I owned the place.

So no matter how much I hate my annoying habits or my looks.

(Like every girl my age has done).

I am me…

The me that is loved which is all that counts in life.

Not the material gains though they make life easier…

And as the famous rock star P!nk sings…

"You are perfect to me…"

So what are you waiting for?

Go out there and show the world…

Show them that you aren't

Running scared.

Not anymore.