"So you live just across the street? That's great! Then I can come over when ever I like!" Jack exclaimed excitedly.

Why Lord? Why am I tortured like this? I'm a good person aren't I Lord? I at least try to be a good person to everybody! I don't even pounce on Gabriella that often to get this punishment!

"Chicken Little can we just go?" I said a little more depressed than before.

"Oh right! Alright, let's go. Remember you're paying!" Jack said in a singsong voice as he climbed inside my car once again.

"Jesus." I muttered to myself whilst getting in and staring the engine.

"Hey Andrea? Can I come over after school tomorrow?" Jack suddenly asked as I backed out of his driveway.

I scowled at him and said, "Even if I said no you already know where I live, kid. So there's really no point. Anyways I'm going to have to try out my new curling iron on your pretty hair. I've been dying to try it on someone with a different hair colour." I joked with a dark aura.

"My hair isn't long enough, Andrea." Jack said nonchalantly.

I scoffed and ignored Jack's rants about how perfect this afternoon was going to be for him.

And finally we reach the ice cream parlour.

When we headed inside I reminded Jack about his behaviour and not to attract any attention. Which he just responded with, "You and me babe are the ultimate attraction, I get why people would look. Let them look, I'll protect you from the girls' jealous glares."

I flicked his forehead using my middle finger and thumb and walked away briskly to gain distance from the child pervert.

"Nanny, you're still paying." Jack reminded me for about the tenth time since the car ride.

"Yeah, yeah. Just tell me what you want." I said, looking for my favourite ice cream in the menu.

"Can we share a banana split?" Jack asked with half lidded eyes.

"You look constipated. And no, I hate bananas." I responded.

"How about share an ice cream cone?" Jack tried again.

"Sure, you get the cone and I get the ice cream in a cup." I said sarcastically.

"Do you want to share the same air then?"

"I'm sharing air with half of these peoples' farts in this store. Breathing in the same world with you is already too much to handle." I retorted.

"Andrea, you're my nanny, nanny's need to cooperate once in a while." Jack pouted with his arms crossed.

I looked up at him behind the menu and lifted one eyebrow at him.

I then placed the menu on the table and leaned close and said in my most seductive voice I could muster, "You wouldn't want people to know what I'd do to you as a punishment do we now Chicken little."

Then I winked.

I saw Jack's face reddened and hide his face with the menu while avoiding my eyes.

"Pfft." I snorted. I then took my menu and hit his head lightly. "You're no match for me Chicken Little."

"Whatever." Jack said with a pout.

At that moment our waitress came over and asked us what we wanted to order.

Which I responded with, "A banana split please." After writing it down on her notepad she walked away into the kitchen.

"I thought you didn't like bananas." Jack said, still refusing to look at me and still have a bit of red on his cheeks.

I smiled and said, "Cute." With that I ruffled his hair and sat back on my chair with a triumphant smile on my face.

That should shut him up for a while.

"I'm home!" I seriously didn't know why I even bothered shouting that out even if I knew that nobody was home at this time anyways.

"Andrea! You're home!" Apparently, someone is.

"Kyle why the hell are you wearing mom's dress and apron?" I asked refusing to look at him as soon as I saw that image in front of me.

Kyle pouted and said, "What it doesn't suit me? I thought it was cute." With the corner of my eye I saw him twirl making the dress ride higher making me see his hairy thigh.

"You're disgusting." I grumbled and headed up the stairs.

"Hey I was cooking dinner, wanna see?" Kyle offered.

So that's what that awful smell is coming from.

Just kidding. Kyle is actually pretty good in the kitchen, it's just that I never knew that he'd take his obsession farther and dress up like a woman in an apron.

"I always knew you were gay." I shouted from the second floor.

"Yeah well I always knew that you had the hots for your twin brother. Yeaaaaaah, you want some of this sugar? I'll be in the kitchen waiting." Kyle joked with a suggestive voice.

My face twisted into a scowl and I mumbled to myself, "Now that is truly disgusting." I shuddered at the mental picture and I continued to shiver in disgust all the way to my room.

"Andie! Dinner will be ready in a few so get changed out of those innocent clothes and come downstairs only in your underwear!" I heard Kyle yell.

"Oh God. This guy…" I grumbled as I took of my t-shirt and exchanged it with a sweatshirt.

I heard the door ring and it was followed by Kyle's loud steps.

Oh God, please tell me he didn't answer the door with that stupid dress on.

"Oh, hi, please come in." I heard Kyle say.

I heard another voice talk but it was really hard to hear with Kyle's hard steps.

Jesus, it's like he's a fat man walking on a drum. I complained in my head.

I went down stairs in the same shorts that I wore the whole day and the sweatshirt that I just put on, I then found Kyle sitting on the couch talking to someone.

Where's his dignity? He's talking to someone so seriously in that dress. I cringed and went in the living room, ashamed to even call him as a relative.

"Andrea." Kyle said standing up. "She's here."

I looked at him and then to our guest to see…

"Maya?" I said in shock.

"Hey Andie." Maya said with her head down.

I went over to hug her.

"Where the hell have you been? I've been trying to call you for the past couple of days. I know you went to school but I also know you deliberately skipped the classes you have with me. What the hell?" I scolded her.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry okay? I just need to explain why all this is happening. When I heard that Ace is gone I panicked. I was like Oh shit, Andie can't think straight with Ace gone. He's like her life battery. And I was right. What made you think that you can wear that sweatshirt with those shorts?" In the end she was the one scolding me.

"Wait, hold up. What is this talk with me not thinking straight without Ace? For your information I'm relieved that he's gone. I can actually focus on my work." I huffed letting go of her and glared at Kyle, "You made her come here to talk about this?"

Kyle held his hands up and said, "Hey, I didn't know they were both coming okay?"

"Both?" I asked confused, at that moment I saw another face pocking behind Maya.

"Stasha? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"See that's what we came here for, to explain. The bitch had to come along." Maya said with a glare to Stasha.

"Maya, watch it." Kyle warned. "Wait here. Let me just get changed out of this dress and then start to explain. Or better yet, start dinner in the kitchen and wait for me." With that he ran up that stairs to change.

"Can you explain why that idiot is wearing your mother's dress?" Maya asked.

"Thinking about it… that's my dress." I muttered recognizing the blue dress Kyle was wearing.

That son of a bitch.

"What?!" Kyle and I both shouted in unison.

Stasha and Maya sat across from us on the breakfast counter explaining the situation. You can totally tell the Maya didn't want to be here judging by the frown on her face. Stasha just looked uncomfortable at the moment.

"The bitch's mom made my dad cheat on mom, that's basically the summary of all this." Maya muttered.

"No name calling in this house." Kyle warned, pointing his fork at Maya.

I scoffed, "As if you don't call me a bitch all the time, Kyle. Don't be pathetic."

"But you know I'm joking. You can tell Maya isn't." Kyle said in a dark voice, which made the situation really scary and awkward.

Kyle and Maya refused to look at each other, which left Stasha and I to act nervous in the conversation.

"If only your mom didn't fuck my dad, maybe I'd even like you." Maya muttered obviously talking to Stasha.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't know. Look my dad said sorry already a long time ago." Stasha responded.

Maya stood up and slapped Stasha across the face.

"Maya!" I shouted and stood up too to get Maya away from her supposed sister.

Kyle was fast to act to grab me and sit me back down on my chair, "Leave them. Just let them figure things out."

"Your dad?! Not your dad but my dad. He was my dad before he could even think about being your dad." Maya shouted.

"Well your mom wasn't being good to your dad anyways!" Whoa, Stasha actually answered back.

Kyle and I continued to watch both girls fight with their words until they were completely exhausted an hour and a half later.

Kyle was beside me leaning on his hand with drool dripping out of his open mouth and his eyes were drooping as if he was about to fall asleep and I was leaned against Kyle's body sighing every time one girl said something that made me cringe.

When they finally died down I bolted out of my seat and exclaimed, "Alright! It was nice talking to you guys. I hope this session resolved all your problems, now I can't take this anymore so please can you leave?"

"Andrea…" Kyle said pulling my arm towards him and cuddling it with his face. "Ew, your arm is hairy. When was the last time you shaved your arms?"

I smacked his head lightly but hard enough to get my point across, "I never shaved my arms in the first place you idiot. Go back in mom's stomach would you?"

"Whaaa…? No way! It's so dark in there Andie, if I'm going back then you are too." Kyle whine.

"Devil child" I muttered trying to pull my arm out of his grasp.

"I thought Kyle was adopted." Stasha said in a confused voice.

"You're not wrong." Kyle said finally letting go of my arm but took hold of my shoulders anyways. "What can I say? We're just too much like siblings."

"But weren't you mad that he took away your parents' attention from you?" Maya asked.

"Maya, you have been my best friend for the longest time. I think you already know that I don't even want to associate with my parents from the very beginning." I said with a smile.

"But he took away any attention left of your parents." Maya said in a sad voice.

Oh I see what the problem is. "Maya, Kyle wasn't adopted because my parents wanted to look nice. Well okay most of it was that, but my parents, our parents took Kyle in so that there would be attention given to me since they're never there give me theirs in the first place." I explained.

"Kyle's the best thing that ever happened to me." I whispered more to myself.

It's true. Kyle had helped me through a lot in my life that he was involved in. Though we hated each other at first, we soon realized that our parents weren't going to notice us and without the other we would go inside with the thought of no one paying attention to us. I mean we were rich, spoilt, second graders, naturally we wanted to be paid attention to.

Well when you're an egotistical person like Kyle you practically need attention to breath.

"Awww! Andie!" Kyle cooed and hugged me but then in a lower and serious voice (though what came out of his mouth was anything but serious), "You do know that incest is deeply frowned upon in this house if you propose to me, you do know that right?"

I pushed him off of me and kicked his shin, "Jesus Kyle I'm just happy that I got you instead of some cute guy that I can't get my hands off." I joked.

"You're mean. I am so cute. You're just jealous, bitch" Kyle stuck out his tongue at me. I then pretended to cut them with my pretend scissors that I made with my index finger and middle finger.

Kyle doged quickly but I stabbed him instead on his stomach with the two fingers that I was already holding up. I then laughed truimphantly while my brother groans in pain.

We then heard laughter at the other side of the counter.

"You guys are unbelievable." Maya said in between her laughs.

"Incredible." Stasha added. The supposed sisters laughed for a while till it slowly died down and they looked at each other, Maya still frowning but you she didn't say anything horrible and Stasha wasn't smiling or looking down trying to avoid Maya's gaze. They were equals at that moment.

Good job Kyle. Remember when we were like that? When we fought and laughed and made up?

I looked at Kyle only to find that he's looking at me too.

Kyle smiled at me and bumped his forehead against mine and whispered, "I remember."

So Maya still didn't like Stasha, but we all knew that she wouldn't create trouble unless Stasha initiates it.

But as we all know our Goth queen (I say that in the most nicest way as possible), though she may look like she might kill you at first glance is a timid and very shy person. Maybe even too shy for her own good.

"So in the end they knew that there's really nothing they could do about it, huh?" Kyle said after Maya and Stasha left.

We were walking up the stairs when I asked with a frown, "Whatever Kyle. The more important question is why in the world were you wearing my dress?"

"Oh! That… heh heh." Kyle laughed nervously, while walking up in the same pace as me.

"Well? You really had no reason? You just wanted to dress up 'cause you were too afraid to come out by just saying it? I knew it." I chuckled in mock triumphant. "I have finally found out your secret."

Kyle smiled and said in a serious tone, "I just wanted to see you smile again, sis'"

I stopped laughing and I suddenly became a bit down by his statement.

We finally reached the top of the stairs where we stopped to continue talking.

"What do you mean? I smile all the time! See?" I pointed at my face, showing him my biggest smile.

"You're really worried aren't you? About Ace I mean." Oh my god! If I hear Ace's name again I will literally kill myself.

Everyone has been telling me not to worry when I'm NOT WORRIED. I'm not concerned of where he's living, and knowing him, Ace probably went to a five star hotel and got the most expensive suite they have. He's probably living his dream, I mean to miss two weeks of school is serious damage.

Then again, Ace is smart, even if he acts pretty stupid at some times. You have to admit, you miss him.


I frowned and I turned my whole body towards Kyle and said, "If you think that I actually spend minutes of my precious time in a day to even think about that bastard, then you're wrong. Please just stop talking about him in front of me. If you really want someone to gossip with, please talk to the cheerleaders, I'm sure that they would be happy to talk to you at any time of the day." I paused for a moment to see the damage that I have done, Kyle wasn't even looking at me when I said all those things. He's looking out the fucking window instead. I sighed and said in a more hushed voice, as if I was just talking to myself, "Now if you would excuse me…"

I started walking away down the hallway and was going to turn to head to my room but I was about to turn the corner when Kyle grabbed my arm.

Without even facing me and just giving me a sideway glance he said, "You know, I expected you to be looking for him right now. Unless you already know where he is."

I tore my arm away from him and responded, "I don't know what you're talking about. Now please, leave me be and bother someone else."

"You know you're worried. You know about Ace being gone and all."

"I am not. Kyle how many times do I have to tell you, I don't care about that bastard. He can die for all I care." With that I walked with my head held high to my room.

Once I closed the door to my room I punched the wall nearest to me.

"Damn it. My chest tickles."

Well this is awkward…

"Morning Andrea!" This kid's voice must be the most annoying voice I have ever heard in the face of this world.

"Morning Jack." I said mechanically. I grunted and scratched my back. It was waaaay too early in the morning to be happy-go-lucky like Chicken Little here.

It's so early in the morning and I didn't get any real sleep last night because of a certain unknown caller id that texted me a suspicious text message.

It was Saturday morning and I was hopping that I could sleep in for a little while… but as expected, if I'm not bothered by Kyle, I'm bothered by someone worse.

Would you happen to be talking about Ace?

NO. No, no, no, no, no. No more thinking about Ace.

"Are you going to let me in Andrea?" Jack asked.

"Oh right. Uh, no." I said nonchalantly and began to close the door. It's way too early in the morning to deal with this kid's bullshit.

Jack stopped the door with his puny hands and said, "My mom's watching you know, and I'm here to give you your money from the date we had the other day."

I groaned and let him in with a semi-graceful smile.

"Andrea, who was at the door?" Kyle came down with only his batman boxers on.

"Who are you?!" Jack exclaimed pointing at Kyle.

Kyle looked confused and looked behind him to check who the kid was talking to and then pointed at himself, still confused.

"Yes you! Who are you to Andrea! You do know that we are in a relationship right now!" Kyle started to laugh and wiped an invisible tear off the corner of his eye.

"Andrea, do you know this six year old chicken?" Kyle asked going in the kitchen.

"I'm eight! And you still haven't answered my question!" Jack followed Kyle into our kitchen and started shouting our demands.

I silently followed knowing that if I don't watch over them the two six year olds will do something immature to burn the house down.

When I walked in Kyle looked at me with a devilish smirk and walked towards me.

He took me by the arm and pulled me to his side and said, "We're married, didn't you know?"

"Eh?! You're disgusting. Kyle put on a shirt, you're all sweaty." I exclaimed, pushing him away.

From the look on Jack's face, it says that he totally buys whatever this retarded bastard is pushing in his ear.

"Baby I'm all sweaty because of such a rough night we had. Or should I say a rough morning we had." I cringed in disgust and kicked his batman ass towards the stairs. "You're disgusting as fuck you know that?!" I shouted as Kyle laughed the whole way up the stairs.

"God that bastard!" I mumbled to myself as I poured myself some coffee.

I looked up towards our guest and saw him with his jaw on the floor.

"What's wrong kid?" I asked not even bothering to look up.

There was a short silence before Jack actually said anything, "Seriously, who was that?"

"That was my brother and we have a child together." I said with a deadpanned expression. Why not have a little fun while I'm at it?

"What?!" Jack screamed. "You guys are siblings, but you don't look a like but you have a child together?! Andrea! Why? Why would you cheat on your loving boyfriend?"

"Oh, so you're relationship is like that. Well wifey, can you please make me a cup of coffee and then escort this child to his daycare?" Kyle appeared suddenly behind me. Then he said quietly in my ear, "Mom and dad called and they wanted to let you know that they're coming home with a guest so be home and dressed nicely by 5ish tonight."

I nodded and took a sip out of my cup.

"My coffee, dear?" Kyle asked with a playful grin.

"Make it yourself, bastard." I snapped.

"At least I know that you guys don't get along. How old is your child?" Jack asked while glaring at Kyle.

Kyle laughed and nudged me on my side, which would translate to: Where the hell did you pick this kid up? He's incredibly stupid.

"I don't really know. Can you just entertain this kid while I go change?" I asked Kyle and before I could leave he grabbed my arm and because of the retarded pout on his face I was forced to say, "Honey, would you please, entertain this child for me while I'm gone? I'm going to change and I'd rather not make any noise while guests are here, Pumpkin." I said in between my teeth.

I growled at him as he let go of my arm.

Damn bastard. So early in the morning too!

I padded through my house to head to the closest bathroom to take a leak.

Damn that Kyle. Damn him and the whole world. Damn Jack too? What made him think that he could just visit me whenever he likes? This day has already turned it's worse point hopefully it'll get better from here on out. I thought as I walked.

I finally reached a bathroom and head inside.

"Shit, what am I doing here for?" I asked myself truthfully. "Ah fuck. I forgot what I'm doing here. Um…" I thought hard and just went back outside and tried to retrace my steps.

While walking backwards and trying to think of what I was thinking of going down this hall I bumped into one of the maids.

"Sorry miss, I should have been looking where I was going." She said in a small voice.

"No it was my fault, I'm trying to retrace my steps. You don't happen to have heard what I was planning on doing?" even though she probably doesn't know, I really need to pee so I gotta know what I was going to do in the bathroom quickly.

"To pee!" I shouted out loud. I smiled at her and said my thanks; though she looked confused my only concern was that I really needed to take a piss. Badly.

Afterwards I trotted to my room only to find Jack sitting on my bed.

"Okay, you really need to get out Chicken Little." I said heading in my closet to find something to wear.

"Stop calling me that. It's Jack, or honey if you want." Jack said following me. "So this is what your closet looks like. Hm. Pretty small."

"It's a walk in and I don't really need that many clothes." I muttered taking out a pair of skinny jeans and a lose shirt my mom recently mailed me from wherever she is.

"So Kyle told me that you guys weren't really married and you don't have a kid but you were destined to marry this other dude named, Ace. I understand your situation, Andrea and I will wait for you." Jack suddenly said when I was taking out a towel from a drawer.

"Excuse me?" I scrunched my nose and raised an eyebrow at the kid.

"Ace Sanders, your future husband. I get that some parents arrange marriages—."

I gave out a loud laugh and said, "Kid if there is anything the only ceremony I will be attending that has him involved is his funeral. Sorry to break it to you but that dude is not on my top list of people to marry."

"You have list? Am I on the list?" Jack asked.

"Uh no. Get out kid; I'm about to change. Go hang out with my brother or something." I suggested.

"Nah I'll stay here and enjoy."

"You're a pervert in a child's body, do you know that? Now get out before I get your mother to pick you up."

"Andrea I am still a kid, I need to learn these things anyways."

"Your mother is just across the street, do you really want me to call her over?" I threatened pushing the six year old (eight sorry) out of my closet.

"I'm actually going somewhere, I just came here to drop off your payment from that day. I'll leave it on your bed. See you, nanny." Jack said.

"Bye Chicken Little." I said uninterested. I just wanted the kid to get out. Like right now.

"Can you come over tomorrow? My mom's leaving today and I don't want the old nanny." Jack said.

"Yeah, yeah." I said without thinking and just waved him out.

"Awesome. I'll get my mother to call you. Bye." With that Jack ran out of my room and closed the door behind him.

"KNOCK, KNOCK!" I heard Kyle shout behind my door.

There is really no point on yelling at him to not come in since I was already in my bra and it was nothing that he never seen before.

I'm not saying that he and I show ourselves naked to each other it's just that we had been siblings for so long that it doesn't seem to bother us anymore that we're walking around the house in our underwear.

Not that I would ever admit that to anyone, especially Ace. There was actually one time that Ace came over with Kyle's other friend, Ryan while Kyle and I were chasing each other with a water gun with only our underwear on. Ace was pretty shocked to see me in just a bra and panties but I was a fast runner and Ryan was still outside retying his shoes to get inside fast enough to find me half naked.

Ace probably doesn't remember that day happening and probably just think that it was some vivid dream since Kyle punched him for checking me out too much. Poor Ace really, we had to lie to him that Kyle accidentally hit him with the door and that's why he had the scar on his forehead for a while.

I wonder if he really doesn't remember.

I blushed and quickly put on the shirt I was planning on wearing.

"Andie? You dressed?" Kyle checked even though he was already inside my room and bouncing on my bed.

"Give me a second, let me just pull these stupid tight pants." I took my shorts off and wiggled the jeans on trying to make it a swift but smooth move.

But, naturally that wasn't what happened. I ended up doing the skinny dance around my room until I only had to jump to pull the pants up.

"You know, you could just get a different pair. How in the hell are you going to get that off later on?" Kyle asked playing with my pillow as I looked in my mirror to check for any lint on my ass.

Totally focused on my ass I said without looking up, "These jeans are the future and answers to many cute girls out there. They're pervert proof. I mean if I can't get them on or off quickly and nicely, I doubt any horny pervert would have enough patience to pull these babies off of me." I laughed evilly in the end and smoothed out any creases on my shirt.

"I'm heading to Ryan's place to play some video games, do you want to come?" Kyle offered.

"Tempting but no, I planned to go uh…um… shopping today. Sorry." I lied (pretty smoothly for an on the spot lie) as I picked my phone and car keys from my bedside table.

"Okayyyy." Kyle dragged the word on as if he was suspicious. I froze on the spot thinking of what he would say next. "Are you going to get information from somebody today?"

"Eh?! What?! No!" I shouted in shock.

Kyle looked at me weirdly and pouted and said, "Please tell me who you're meeting."

I looked at him shocked upon how he figured me out.

"I'm shopping! Yeah! I'm not meeting anyone at all!" I screamed and then tripping on my own foot as I head for an escape out of my room.

"Huh? I asked you if you could give me a ride? Saves gas."

Oh. I realized that whatever I thought he said was not really what Kyle said…. I'm an idiot. And then I realized one more thing and narrowed my eyes as I said, "The only reason why you would say that is because you don't even have gas to save on your car. But fine I'll take you, just take that face off and I'll even let you open the window so you could wave your head out until it falls off and blows with the wind." I chuckled in the end, then heading out my room with Kyle tagging along behind me.

Phew, that was close.

"Admit it Andie, you liiiiike this face."

"Yeah okay. Just shut up and maybe I'll be civil." I smiled and left a note if our parents ever came back early, which is highly unlikely anyways, but I still do out of habit to let them know that we're out but will be back for dinner with their guest.

"Hey, what was the point of the Andie?" Kyle asked as we both hopped in my car.

I shrugged and said, "Just in case I come home a little bit late, then at least they'll know that I'm going to come home no matter what." And then I mutter to myself, "It's not like I want to go where I'm going anyways."

With that I backed out of our drive way and drove off to Kyle's friend's house.

"So are you sure you're the one that texted me last night?" I asked the man.

"Yes. Look girl, if you don't believe me then don't, I'm only passing information here. And I wasn't the one that texted you, I wouldn't have a number of a girl like you." The man said. He seemed like a man with money, I just don't get why he would do these things to gain money.

"Just wondering, but what do you get out of this?" I asked curiously, fingering the piece of manila envelope in my hands.

The man looked away from my eyes as if he was embarrassed and said, "Let's just say I owe someone that you got this information from."

"Well thanks, I'll be sure to thank that person." Who ever this is.

We said out goodbyes and left in different directions, I went to my car and he went to his.

When I was in the comfort of my leather seated car I contemplated on whether I should even open this package.

You already know what's inside. The envelope read at the middle in a very distinct and familiar writing that I have know for far too long.

"Jesus Andrea just open it." I whispered to myself.

I shook my head of any thoughts and just focused on the damn envelope.

What if I don't want to see what I'm going to see in this? what if whatever's inside isn't even as important as I make it seem? What if this is all a fake just to lead me out or something?

"Damn this." I threw the envelope on the passenger seat and put on my seatbelt to get ready to get out of this mucky place.

Just follow the instructions below and you'll find the information I will give you. Read the text I got in the middle of the night yesterday. The text was from an unknown number and curiosity overruled me to even open it.

I halted the car in the middle of the empty street and grabbed the manila envelope and tore it open.

He's with his grandparents just an hour away from where you are (assuming that you're still in the place where I told you to go). Here's the address: 3075 McGaver Street, Morrison Road East.

Love, Cindy Sanders.

"Eh?!" I shouted in my car.

I sat stiff for a moment's time trying to consume everything that just happened.

"What the hell Mrs. Sanders?!" I shouted in my phone after my whole silence moment.

"I'm sorry Andrea I just thought that it was a great time to act like an spy. I have always wanted to do that. You know, send top secret information." I heard Mrs. Sanders giggle at the other end of the line.

"Mrs. Sanders I'm grateful and stuff but this is really unnecessary. Couldn't you just get your son by yourself?" I remember the last words that Ace told me before he completely left my life.

Well okay I wasn't too troubled when he left and he didn't technically left my life, I mean that dude haunts my dreams every now and then.

You mean every night.

Eh?! No way! That dude is not worthy enough to mush into my dreams!

"And who said that it was Ace you're picking up?" Mrs. Sanders said in a singsong voice.

"Then who?" Got your hopes up Simons? I thought so.

Why you…

"Well you are getting Ace, I was just testing you. He he. Anyways, he wouldn't come home even when I offered him his favourite steak yesterday, Andrea you must understand, that boy is throwing his future away with missing this much school. Please Andrea, do this for your loving future mother-in-law!" Mrs. Sanders begged.

"Mrs. Sanders…" I started.

"Call me Cindy."

I sighed and continued, "Cindy, please I can't get your son. He hates me. He told me so, like before he disappeared."

"What? That can't be right. Just, please Andrea I'll make those special brownies that you love so much."

Brownies my only weakness… No. I must resist. Ace is not worth it, even if the price is brownies…

"Mrs. Sanders I really can't I'm having dinner with my parents tonight and I can't be late." Good going, use the dinner-with-parents card.

"It's just an hour away Andrea and anyways it's 11 o'clock in the morning you can have lunch there if you'd like. I'll ask my mother to cook something."

"There's really no need since I'm not going." This conversation is going nowhere.

"Then it's settled! My mother will be expecting you! Thank you for doing this Andrea!" Mrs. Sanders exclaimed and hanged up on.

"Oh god, what am I going to do?" I mumbled placing my forehead on the steering wheel.


"Oh shit. Sorry!" I shouted out my window to the driver behind me.

"Pay attention lady!" the driver shouted at me.

"I said I was sorry already!" I spat back.

"Whatever just drive already!"
Oh right.

With that I drove off to the direction of Morrison Road.

What the hell am I doing? If Ace doesn't want to see me then I wouldn't want to see him too! That bastard! After all these years of chasing after me and then suddenly telling me one day that he hates me! The nerve of that guy!

"If he hated me then why in the world did he bother me all this time?" I asked myself.

That bastard making me think of him.

"What the fuck am I doing?" I asked myself. "I don't even have to go to this place. If I don't go, nobody will ever know anyways." I turned a corner to make a U turn.

But then conscience sucked in and I said in a small voice, "But Ace's grandparents are expecting me. Ohhhhh." I groaned. I decided against it and just continued on to Ace's grandparents' house.

"You must be Andrea Simons. Come in." I nodded and tried to hide my red face from the maid.

I followed the maid into the living room as I kept looking on the floor, from time to time peeking up to see the interior of the Stanley's house.

They're home might not be as big as our home or Ace's house, but you could tell by the antiques in the house that the Stanley's were pretty well off.

"Andrea? What in the world are you doing here?" I looked up to find a really surprised face.

"Eh?!" I exclaimed in shock.

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