Summary: After four years of trying to ask her co-worker for a date, Aubrey is finally able to get his attention. Unfortunately she becomes caught up in a weak ploy to fool his ex…a beautiful yet vicious Succubus.

Genres: Action, Humor, Romance

Rated: PG-13 for sexual content, language, and gore

Dedicated to: You…thanks for reading!


Author: Niki Tori

Chapter One: Never Seen You

Lying across the floor of her floral sanctuary, Aubrey began to consider her life: twenty-three years old, having never been on a date, not even one of those just going to lunch ones. Each man that stole her heart away cared solely for the advancement towards worldly things or women of more maturity. It was not her fault that she loved cartoons and stuffed toys twice her height. Those addictions did not restrain her from becoming more knowledgeable or so she believed. Her hands rubbed down her average sized chest to her curvy waist. Men, what do they know, she was without a doubt a full grown woman. Her eyes watched the neon pink fan on her ceiling spinning wildly before sitting up. This meditation session was over, if she fails today, it will reoccur tomorrow. Taps on the door got her to her feet; an older woman with rollers in her hair told her to come on.

"Either you are going to this coffee house thing now, or I am going to bed."

"Come on mom, I thought you were going to let me drive the car." Aubrey whined, before crossing her arms.

"Oh-oh no, not after you backed into that damn tree at the library and cost us a fortune. Insurance is far too pricey as it is. Now put your shoes on sweetheart—"Her mother instructed while glancing down at the floor. "Are those the new three hundred dollar pair of glasses we bought you on the ground?"

"I was just sitting there…I took them off for a second."

"Aubrey Jane Mason, I swear you're going to land me in the hospital from high blood pressure. Isn't the floor the last place you messed up your other pair…ugh. I'll be waiting in the van; your dad is going to pick you up on his way home from work."

"Yes ma'am I'll be right down." She responded as her mother slammed the door behind her.


Flashing neon lights and thick hookah smoke beckoned streetwalkers into the vibrant nightlife of Heights coffee shop. Live jazz music blew through the funky residue of tobacco. Waitresses in trendy wears crossed through the busy dance floor with trays of hot wings and crisp cut celery sticks. On this night an unfamiliar face kept the fun seekers on their toes. His skin pale excluding his flushed, sparkling face; his hair untamed and black like smog. It was not normal to see an Asian man of his stature around this scene or anywhere. Blame it on the spectators' natural prejudice; although they seemed to enjoy him being there. From time to time he would dance to some of the faster paced songs, and could he dance. Women that had his hands on them felt a flame ignite, as though that musical piece was played just for them. His body movements were erotic at least and well timed. Yet as of late the music had died down to a more intimate mood. Nothing played that could make him forget, so the two drinks that were on his table soon found the company of five others. Cool air rushed past him as the front door open, and he sighed.

Wide-eyed Aubrey took in the exciting look of her favorite coffee shop at night. No one seemed to be bored or half-awake. As she glanced over the room she spotted him, the man she was innocently stalking. Nervous she turned around to see if her mother's van was still outside; all she caught were tail lights. Four years of daily meditation all lead to this; she was going to ask him out no matter what the cost. Trembling she pushed herself through the slow dancers to his table. The popular gentleman of the night sat up at her arrival.

"Miss. Aubrey, care to move I can't see the band."

His voice was dry as he spoke to her. It was no doubt if she was a fly he would have swapped her away more kindly.

"Tanaka…I-I came here to speak with you about something very important to me…and—uh you are going to listen."

He coughed before pulling her down into the booth and out of his view. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, before glaring at her.

"Can't this wait until I am on the clock?"

"This isn't work related."

"Oh, then why are we even speaking?" Tanaka asked as his temper began to simmer.

"Because this is very important, no it's vital! If I don't tell you right now, I don't think I could sleep tonight or ever again."

"What do you want to tell me Aubrey, that you love me?" He laughed.

Red splashed across her tender face as the word "love" left his alcohol drenched lips. An eyebrow rose in fascination at her coy reaction. That could not be why she was out nearing eleven at night. If there was anyone in the world that punctual and scheduled it was her. This was no place for her to be and he would not accept her staying there.

"Look I don't know how you knew I was going to be here…honestly I don't want to know. I just want you to leave."

"Why? Now that you know, why aren't you surprised more?" She said while pushing her glasses up.

"Surprised isn't the word for it, more like disturbed. I want you to go back home—"Tanaka paused with a sigh as his cell phone buzzed in his pants pocket. He pulled out the device and opened it. On the screen was a floating envelope with wings. Another text message to be grouped up with the others he assumed, until he opened it. A bit of anxiety tensed his muscles as he read the note. He looked over the crowd before texting something back. "—I was joking."

"Joking about what?"

"I think we should go somewhere more private to discuss this, how about your place?"

"Well—I-I can't take you home with me. My parents they'll freak-out."

"Dear god you still live with your parents. Forget it; we'll just have to go back to my place.

"Huh?" Aubrey's face went burnt red as his hand wrapped around her hips. Together they walked through the crowd of judgmental eyes. In those colorful jeans and childish tank top she looked no older than eighteen, and him dressed in vest and slacks a professional older man.


After walking a block down the street with the stunning specimen, she finally started to worry. When it seemed they would never reach their destination they came across a dinky apartment complex. Aubrey looked at the rickety stairs to the second-floor with concern. Much to her relief, he stayed on the first-floor in apartment number 208. As he turned the key to the door herbal aromas hit their noses. It was a tidy place filled with endless bookshelves of wines and whiskey. After his female guests entered his place he closed and locked the door.

"Please make yourself comfortable. If I can offer you anything to drink let me know, I keep beer and sake in the fridge if you are interested." Tanaka informed, as he removed his vest and shoes.

"No thank you." She smiled, before sitting on his cheap leather couch. "We were moving so fast I never got the chance to ask you why you changed your mind. Or why I am even here right now. Don't you think this is going a little quickly for us? I mean we haven't even had out first date."

"My point exactly;—"He replied irately, while grabbing a Sapporo beer from his refrigerator. With his teeth he popped the tabbed before gulping half the contents down. "—I moved into this area to get away from crazy broads. It seems they just come at me like paperclips to a magnet."

"You think I am crazy?" Aubrey mumbled hurt from his a statement.

"You …crazy, that is a bit of an understatement." He spoke disdainfully. "But don't let that get you down. Compared to the other women I've dated, you're a harmless angel. Yet I think any woman can be venomous if they try hard enough. You should have seen yourself tonight; you looked starving for affection, as though you'd do anything to have it. It sure as hell convinced me to bring you here."

"I'm not sure that your little speech there makes me feel any better."

"Well it should. This is the first time you have scared me this much—"

"Was it me that scared you or that text you read? I am not slow. You seemed level until you opened it. Who was it from?"

"Ah, I guess there is no fooling you. Let's just say you aren't the only crazy woman that's been pestering me." Tanaka released carefully, before resting his tired bones next to her. "An ex-girlfriend, she found out where I was going to be tonight. She said she was almost there. I have crappy service so who knows how long ago that message was actually sent. That lady is the definition of insanity. She nearly killed me once, beat the daylights out of me and pushed me from the top of a three story building."

Visions of this muscular dreadlocked blonde came into the young woman's mind. She shivered at the thought that such a woman could hurt her love, let alone entertain him physically and mentally.

"I brought you home, because she is not a person to be toyed with. I am almost certain that you would not have left that place without me. And if she had seen us together it would have been a catastrophe that lasted decades—"

Aubrey snatched the beer from his loose hand, and drank the rest down. With watery eyes she fingered where their mouths had been. A weak smile brightened her face, before she threw the can back.

"We aren't together…we are co-workers." Aubrey grumbled while getting up. "I did something I never thought I could. Now that I have told you how I feel…I know there is no use in asking you out and you know what? I am so proud and satisfied with myself. As far as your little problem with your ex…it's none of my business. Hope the two of you work it out somehow, restraining orders are a good way to start."

"Where are you going?"

"I am going back to Heights, before my father gets there and is worried sick about me."

"Allow me to walk you there—"

"No just stay here! I am fine on my own, always have and I always will be." Aubrey snapped, before opening the front door. She gasped as her face was smothered in a woman's squashy chest. Quickly she backed up to see a tall striking woman, with long ebony hair coursing down her back. Tight and sheer was the dress she wore and it appeared to be ready to burst from her seductive figure. She spoke Tanaka's name warmly. There was no doubt that her origins were American, but her accent made her sound foreign.

"Cecilia it's been a long time." Tanaka gritted his teeth while pulling Aubrey to his side. It was incredible how tightly he held her hand.

"You know they just let me out of jail on good behavior." The intruder snickered, while entering the home. Softly she closed the entryway then grabbed a bottle of wine off the wall. "I've missed you dear, even though you put me there. I am always willing to forgive. I went to that hole in the wall coffee house you said you be attending but I didn't see you there. So I figure you went to your new place, the one you thought you were hiding from me. Sweetie, I know everything about you that's why we work…oh and this." Cecilia pointed to the outlined black bat wing on her shoulder.

"You've already said enough. Now I'd prefer it if you left me alone and got the hell out of my apartment!"

"But honey cakes I just got here. You didn't even kiss me or even smile my way? What's a girl got to do to get some love around here?" She said while entering the kitchen to find the bottle opener. Sighing she opened drawer after drawer to find it. "And for Christ sake when are you going to learn to put your stuff away neatly. Ah here it is."

As soon as she retrieved the item she went to work on opening the Merlot. A hefty snarl escaped Tanaka mouth as he told her once more to leave.

"While you're pretending to be a baboon why don't introduce me to the woman that's about ready to cry? Is she a prostitute or something?" Cecilia focused on Aubrey as the cork popped. "I've never seen you woman, so please take no offense to little old me."

"Damn it Cecilia you know I don't mess with whores. If you are so curious to know who she is… she is my wife. And at this point she probably thinks I am cheating on her with the likes of you!"

"What!" Both the women looked at him with disbelief. Tanaka squeezed his co-workers hand begging her to go along with it.

"Yes…I am afraid he's right Miss. Cecilia. Now I am going to have to ask you to leave. He and I have much more to discuss then I thought!"

"Is that right?" Cecilia bent her head downward; her long glossy hair flowed over her aqua green eyes. In record time she grasped the wine bottle and flung it towards the pair. Tanaka pushed Aubrey to the ground then slid over just an inch so that the bottle hit the wall. Dark fermented grape juice dripped down the grey painted barrier and stained the tan carpeting. "Last I check you weren't married, but I guess you would find a way around it. Well I guess I should go then huh?"

"There will be some serious issues if you don't. First thing in the morning I am calling your probation officer to find out why the fuck he didn't keep you on a leash." Tanaka shouted, while helping his associate to her feet.

"You aren't any fun." Cecilia replied, while heading towards the door. "I love you, Tanaka. Hope you rest well tonight, Mrs. Tanaka."

Tanaka opened the door and kicked the woman out of his home. Shaking with terror the girl begged the man to take her home right then.

"There is no sense in that. If we go out of this house, she'll go crazy. Don't be surprised if she's out there all night."

"So what are we going to do then, huh?" Aubrey inquired, as she saw those evil green eyes peering through the cracks of the blinds. Thoughts crafted an innate simper on Tanaka face as he caringly lifted her chin.

"Tonight we sleep in the same bed and you'll be safe." He kissed her thick lips and the most abnormal feeling came across him. Perhaps it was from the many drinks he downed that made his loins tingle. No it was that fearful appearance and neediness in the woman's eyes that attracted him. Another side-effect of being what he was; what the resentful woman outside was. He closed his curtains shutting Cecilia completely off from what was going on then led his co-worker to his bedroom.

"Why'd you do that?" Aubrey asked dazed; her hand covering her mouth as though it were scorched. "Are you trying to make that woman even more jealous?"

"Not at all, I was just doing protocol." Tanaka replied, as he crawled into bed; he waved at her to join him.

"No I rather sleep on the floor!"

"Damn it, the closer we are the safer we'll be."

"I want to know what is going on with you two."

"Ugh, it's really complicated. I can't tell you everything but I can tell you…that I informed the police on some of her rather devious acts. She got locked away, for what should have been a lifetime. It is my regret that we have complete idiots working in the judicial system in my state. Before then we were an item. I admit it I loved her. She was struggling and I helped her out. It took me a while before I realized that she didn't want to stay on the right side of the law. She wanted to be evil and keep me too. Is that satisfying enough?"

"Not really." Aubrey yawned, as she rocked back and forth. "God I am sleepy."

"Now come to me."

Exhausted the girl swayed her way towards the comfy bed. Tanaka lifted her up in his arms and held her tight. Soon soft snores walked across his chest.

"I will protect you from that demon."

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