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It wasn't as if anyone got hurt. At least not entirely. I wasn't sure if I was hurt. I was currently lying in a bed, constrained nonetheless, but there was something off about everything.

It was being described as a "freak accident" emphasis on the accident. A nuclear power plant had exploded within a tenth of a second. Since the factory was hidden deep in the woods located in the centre of the city and far away from any human life, everyone thought it was safe. It was deemed "safer" considering it had been abandoned for half a century. The only thing that resided in the decaying building was hundreds of rats, rusted metal, and broken pieces of furniture.

I wasn't supposed to be around when the explosion happened, but skipping school was relatively easy. Especially if you had a troll of a math teacher that wanted to ruin your varsity status with triangles. Anyways, some guys from the soccer team and a few girls from my volleyball team ended up ditching math to go to the mall. It was all fun and games until we got into our customary dare games.

Well, now that I think about it, those were fun too. I always did enjoy beating boys. Like I was saying, dare games. I got the unfortunate dare of breaking into the factory and stealing something that proved that I did it. Like any competitive girl, I did it. It was tough, let me tell you. The woods had been overgrown for decades. Overgrown branches that twisted into maleficent shapes and random twigs in seemingly innocent bushes managed to place small scratches on my bare legs. Bugs buzzed loudly in my ear, causing me to whip my head around only to find my hair tangled within the foliage. There was the occasional rustle that seemed to come all around me that I knew wasn't caused by the wind or any animal; it sounded much too big. However, I pushed it out of my mind. I figured it was just my friends trying to scare me out of not doing it.

I reached the chain-link fence that wrapped all around the ominous building. It was large and even though I craned my head upwards to the sky, I still saw no Sun. I remember gulping and immediately breaking out into small goosebumps. Half out of fear and half because a small gust of wind made its appearance. Shoving my black converse sneakers into a small hole, I hoisted myself up, climbing the fence as if it was a simple rock climbing wall. My fingers dug into the rusted metal as I made quick work of the interference. With a single huff, I was up and over.

As the dust settled beneath my feet, I took a quick look around, trying to find the perfect entrance. The landscape was completely barren; devoid of any life. There was nothing, no grass or even weeds; just dusty dirt. It kind of creeped me out and I half-expected some tumbleweed to start rolling through. Shaking it off once more, I rubbed my cold arms and fast walked towards the building; I just wanted to get the dare over and done with. I'm not usually a nervous person nor do I scare easily; it's just not in my nature. However, everything in my body seemed to be telling me that something was wrong; way wrong. Every sense I had, was immediately heightened.

I brushed it off; abandonment will cause any sane person to freak out a little. Wrapping my hand with my grey hoodie, I punched a small hole into a dirty glass window. Kicking aside some of the shattered glass, I cautiously climbed into the small hole that was just large enough to comfortably squeeze in. I was careful about my legs around the sharp shards of glass that I had missed; after all, I was only wearing shorts. I quickly looked around the musky place that reeked of chemicals, kind of reminding me off a gas station. There was a lot of moisture in the air, I remember peeling off my hoodie because I was sweating so much.

As I travelled deeper into the factory, it got darker even though it was clearly still early afternoon. It was almost as if there were no more windows in the place. My eyes tried to adjust in the darkness, but I still stumbled around quite a bit. The factory looked nothing like I thought it would. There weren't any machines or any signs of machinery. Odd considering it was a nuclear power plant back in its heyday. I remember letting out a small scream that echoed in the building. A large rat sat only a few feet away from me, its large red eyes glowing menacingly in the darkness. I ran, trying to ignore the hissing and skittering behind me that seemed to multiply by the second. I almost tripped over a few scraps of broken furniture in my haste.

As soon as I felt that I was safe, I stopped. Placing my hands on my waist, I breathed deeply, coughing a few times over the stench. Instantly, the hair on the back of my neck rose. I could feel something watching me and I knew it wasn't any rats. My hand immediately grabbed my phone, sliding it upwards to light up the dim place. I swung it around, trying to illuminate the entirety of the sparse place. I stood still for a few brief moments, trying to pinpoint any sounds of life.

I heard nothing, but that didn't stop my heart from racing or the feelings of dread overtake me. Brushing my black hair out of my face, I nervously licked my chapped lips. Like a bat out of hell, I ran. Blood was pumping in my long legs as my heart was rushing with adrenaline. In the back of my mind, I could hear the soft patter of footsteps behind me that seemed to think we were playing a game of tag. I panted and panted as my fear overtook me; I refused to look back at fear of what I could find. I didn't know how long I ran for, but in my mind, it was too long. Every so often, I could feel something softly touch the nape of my neck before I ran even faster. My legs hurt, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get out. I burst through the broken window, uncaring if I got cut on the way.

As I approached the fence, I readied myself. Hoping that my years on the varsity track and field team would work, I hurdled over the fence. Or at least tried to. Long story short, I ended up eating dirt and a few scrapes on my knees. As I lay in the grass and weeds, I was content. I may be bruised and battered, but at least I was out of the creepy place. However, my relief didn't last long as the ground began to rumble. I quickly pushed myself up, feeling the ground shake beneath my hands.

My first mistake—not counting me ditching school—was going into the abandoned building. My second mistake was looking back when the ground started to shake. The walls cracked right in the middle, threatening to collapse. My legs were completely frozen as I was unable to move. My jaw slightly unhinged itself, gaping as right before my eyes, the building exploded. Shards of building catapulted towards me as my vision blackened. The next thing I knew, I was hooked up to a hospital machine with masked people poking and prodding me. I never saw any of their faces or heard any voices, but I could feel their burning stares.

It was quiet, only the occasional beeping of the machine made any noise. Every half hour or so, a masked nurse made her rounds. Again, I saw nothing, but her stark white uniform. The beds were hard and uncomfortable. There were many times I just wanted to punch my stiff pillow into being soft and fluffy, but my hands were restrained by leather straps. I could barely make out anything that the machines were trying to tell me. It all came out as a bunch of numbers and squiggles.

I looked around, noticing a bunch of other teenagers laying a few feet away from me, each unconscious. There seemed to be about five of us, myself included in the tiny room. I didn't know most of them, but I had seen them around town. We all live in a pretty big town, one filled with five rival high schools. The boy on my right went to the Catholic school right next to mine. I could tell because there were only two schools that had uniforms and his clothes didn't seem high quality enough to be part of the private school crowd. He had black hair, kind of like mine, but I doubted he was Asian. Or half-Japanese and half-British, in my case. He was pale, almost sick, in my opinion. He was lanky and I would assume tall since his feet stuck out from underneath the covers. I looked over to my left and automatically rolled my eyes. Ashleigh Rodriguez was a cheerleader over at the private school across town. Every school in the city hated the private school or the "privates" as everyone called them. It may sound like a lame nickname, but the guys and girls that attended were complete assholes, hence "privates."

Anyways, Ashleigh was no exception to the rule. In fact, she was one of the worst. Her dad owned every Starbucks in the city making her think she owned the place. Her dyed red hair was splayed across her pillow as one of her brown eyes was slightly opened. Next to Ashleigh was a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, Tyler, I think his name was. The dirty blonde boy went to the art school in the West. From my position, I could see his normally green eyes rapidly moving underneath his eyelids. The last person, the guy to my far right, had a bit of a fade going on with his hair. He had the darkest skin I had ever seen; I would even compare it to ebony. I didn't know him, but he looked to go to the IB school in the East of town; the khakis and plaid collar shirt told me that. He was sleeping soundly, but I think he had been the first to wake up. When I woke up, one of the doctors actually muttered "this one's awake as well" or something like that. Plus, they had just come from his side of the room.

I waited in my bed for a few moments before the creeping sensation in my legs started. Ever since I was a kid, I would get a feeling in my leg; something akin to bugs crawling under my skin. It's actually feels a lot better than it sounds. My doctor called it Restless Leg Syndrome or something, all I know is that I feel the need to keep moving, even when I'm tired. And it's happening right now.

"Yo doctor dudes!" I yelled out, trying to get their attention by rattling at my constraints.

"Ugh! Shut up!" Ashleigh yelled from my side, sounding like she usually does, like a seagull taking a piss out of its ear. Alright, that was a little mean, but there's a small whine in her voice that reminds me of the grating of a Styrofoam cup; it just pisses me off.

I looked over to her, glaring at me as I returned it full force.

"Rodriguez." I said with a noticeable edge. I knew Ashleigh because I was once a "private." Or I would have been; my older brother was the only official private in the family. I used to have a ton of money, thanks to my dad's military career, but as he died in combat, the wealth stopped causing me to leave my cushy life and settle in the middle-class. It wasn't as if I didn't have any money, I did. A trust fund that could only be touched when I'm eighteen, three years away.

"Leighton." she responded. We continued to glare at each other, the tension in the room growing that much thicker.

"Alexia, what's going on?" We both break contact at the same time to look over to where the confused baritone voice. I gave Tyler a small smile that hopefully calmed him down.

"Dunno. I woke up a few minutes ago and I'm trying to find out." I replied before looking around, seeing that my antics and yelling had woken everyone up. The guys held their heads in their hands looking as if they were nursing a pretty big hangover.

"We were all involved in the explosion." A really deep voice coming from my right answered. I looked and was mildly surprised to see the black guy sitting up in bed, blinking away his sleep as he blindly reached for his glasses.

"I doubt it." I scoffed at the suggestion, even though I may have been thinking it myself.

"If you guys were anywhere in the building, I would have seen or at least heard you." I added, blowing a piece of hair off of my face. I turned my attention back to my companions, each looking at me like I just swallowed a bear. I raised a single eyebrow and looked at them expectantly.

"What?" I asked, eyes travelling to everyone.

"You were actually in the building when it blew up?" Tyler breathed out, eyes roving my form. Normally, I would have been grossed out, but I had a feeling he wasn't checking me out.

"No, I was just outside the fence when it blew up." I slowly answered, something unpleasant bubbling up in my stomach. I gulped before looking around, each of them still looking at me weirdly. My eyes quickly met the bright blue, almost as bright as Tyler's streaks, eyes of the boy beside me. I stilled for a second, momentarily frozen by the sheer coldness and ice looking back at me. I offer him a small smile, but he does nothing friendly to reciprocate. Shrugging, I pushed it aside; most emos that I met were antisocial.

"That's impossible." the nerdy guy breathed out, slightly shaking his head. I looked over at him as he did mental calculations. His head shot up before his dark brown, almost black, eyes met mine with a look of puzzlement and distrust.

"How far away would you say you were?" he questioned. I furrowed my eyebrows at the weird question and opened my mouth to give him a sarcastic remark, but his face was utterly serious. Almost as if it was a life or death question. Closing my mouth once more, I thought.

"I dunno. It took me, like five seconds to reach the fence from the building running full force." I replied. Almost immediately, Tyler corrected me.

"You're on like every varsity team though. Five seconds to you could be thirty seconds to someone else." he quickly added as I just shrugged. How would I know how far I was from the stupid place? I didn't carry around a ruler with me.

"It's practically impossible for you to be alive if you were only two hundred feet away." the nerd continued, shaking his head once more. I looked at him, the feeling in the pit of my stomach growing with every passing second.

"And why is that?" I replied. As nervous as I was, I had just woken up which meant I was starving. I looked around for a brief moment, trying to find something that I could chow down on.

"Because I heard that everything within a quarter of a mile of the place was completely destroyed. The only things that were there was dirt and pieces of building. No trees or anything." he answered as my blood ran cold and my face visibly paled. My mouth suddenly felt dry as my head whirled with the possibilities. If what he was saying was true, then—

"I shouldn't even be alive." I whispered under my breath. I looked back up and immediately regretted it. Everyone was looking at me with a mixture of disbelief and distrust.