For You, Mom

The photographs on your window

Sheds the memories of younger days

Like when you said you'd never leave

You made it so easy to see

You would sit there through the tough times and troubled days

Just snuggle us by your side

And Never Let Go

Even when the road always seemed to go no where

Always wanting the best for us

Even if it meant not seeing our faces

But the blood that beats strongly through our tiny bodies

You always said came from you

There was never anything big enough that you wouldn't get through

Protecting us like we were the world

But I have a feeling to you we are more

In trouble and in doubt you'd spread the light on better things

Bring us up, open our eyes

To something we've never seen before

You were preparing us for this wild life

You guide us, taking our hand

Spreading our wings, teaching us to fly

And really there was nothing that you wouldn't do

We Always Believe In You

You taught us to be brave

And don't try to fit in

Cause when the time comes

It won't matter in the end

So take our hearts and make something of them

Don't worry about the pain

One day it will all be worth it

So just know that with mine

I will always be there

I remember the tears I cried

And the joys I've shared

The breaths that I'm breathing

And the heart that is pounding

Is All Because Of You

Dear Mother, We All Love You 3