Hope's Luck

Looking into those eyes

I'm breathless

I'm in over my head

I'm careless

Not knowing all too certain on how this is going to end

I'm reaching

You have no idea what I'm seeing

I'm falling

It's got to be more than this

I don't know what I did wrong

Tell me the truth

No matter how much it hurts

Pain is only a state of matter

What do you see in me

I have got to know

I believe in you

Without a doubt

I have found what I need in you

Don't say I can be free

Cause you hold me bound

Broken and caught

Twisting in words

You watch me fall

As I paint a scene of oblivion

Carefully constructing a picture of disaster

Shame darkens my eyes

As I look up to you

Do I deserve this

All that you have given me

This chance I have clung to

Protected and sheltered

But you can't even look me in the eyes

I wonder if you feel a thing

I'm sure you do

I could feel it that one night

Close, but so far away

Guarded, but raw

What were you expecting

I want to know

How did you see it all going down

Tell me your version

And I'll listen carefully

Counter every detail

You know I care

And as hope's luck would have it

Somehow I wonder

If I was meant for this

Kill me

You do already

Riding in

Saving the day

Without this right

I'm forgotten