I Love You Most 3

I'm afraid to go

Where there is no light

Because you wouldn't

Be in sight

Like you are

Every single night

But you aren't

Because you did no right.

I honestly never

Wanted to leave you,

I honestly never

Wanted to hurt you,

But there was nothing I could do

As they took you.

Away from me,

To where you were from

Now I'm afraid

How you will become.

Would you find another

Family of your own.

Would you forget me,

And leave me alone.

Would you ever

Forget my scent,

The hand I had

Always lent?

Would you ever

Forget my face,

As you go to

A foreign place?

Are you howling,

Wondering why?

Are you scared,

That when you fly

You would fall

Because I wasn't there,

To catch you,

Because I care.

I love you,

I miss you,

I never intended,

For it to be

The way

It ended.

Would you hear me,

If I called.

Would you miss me,

The slightest at all?

Do you hate me,

For leaving you?

For giving up,

Though I hadn't wanted to?

Do you still love me,

As I love you?

Because I do;

And I'll never forget

How you looked up in wonder,

As I thought my thoughts,

My mind always ponders.

And I'll never forget,

The funny smell that lingers,

When you come close,

To bite my fingers.

You were funny,

So proud and high,

Strutting along,

King of the sky.

You were so loving,

Licking my arm,

When I held you

To keep you from harm.

You were so kind,

Never to despise,

When I flick, and push,

Because time flies,

So you forget,

About things I've done.

Would you forget,

How we were one?

I lead, you follow,

Sometimes other ways around.

I sit on a chair,

You lay on the ground.

You chew my socks,

And my mother's slippers,

Claw with nails so long,

You never saw clippers.

Your fur was soft,

And your eyes so large,

And acting so tough,

Like you were in charge.

But what I remembered,

Was you and your kiss,

The one so gentle,

Like a piece of bliss.

I miss your comfort,

For when I was blue,

And now I want to

Comfort YOU.

But you, are far away,

Somewhere so dark,

And you are alone,

So you howl, and you bark.

I wish I was there,

To take you home.

I wish I could bring you,

Somewhere alone,

Where I can love you,

Hold you close,


You know,

I love you most.