They're Gonna Clean Up Your Looks With All The Lies In Their Books

Disclaimer: MCR and Paramore's lyrics don't belong to me. Just thought they had a pretty ring to them. :P :))

Food left abandoned for more than six hours...

Milk, once slurped down greedily, left to fester for more than three hours...

My appetite's gone and with it, you too.

I wonder what you- what they- would say

If you could see me now.

It's a little bit lonely, and I tend to stare at the ceiling more,

Peer out of the windows, like a scared rabbit observing everything,

Just a little longer...

I find myself abandoning words-

Both reading and writing-

For the first time in my life.

They are, and have been, my best friends throughout.

Honestly, it's a little frightening.

I don't have a clue where I am

I don't have a clue what I am doing

I don't have a clue who I am

I just wish you would come...

Come and lend me a hand, to help me

Pick myself up out of this slump...

I don't know what I am trying to achieve,

Other than that dream which I saw once...

In that, I would have gone everywhere,

And through those journeys...

There was that voice,

That unrecognisable face accompanying me.

Everywhere I go, every person I meet...

I scrutinise them for that hint of familiarity,

That feeling of being home,I felt once upon a dream, now long gone.

I look into their eyes...

Where are those eyes?

I listen to their gossip and smile.

Are you one of the people being talked about?

Are you the one who is doing the talking?

I watch them laugh and I giggle in mirth myself.

Are you somewhere out there looking in as well?

These words, they flow so easily

But they took such a long time in coming,

I began doubting myself even more.

That beautiful feeling of warmth and easy affection-

I am still searching for it-

But a smile spreads across my face

And someone returns it.

People get used to the smiling girl

And I forget that dream.

But once again, food lies abandoned,

Milk is left to fester.

I am spending time staring at the ceiling,

Trying to make out hidden patterns,

When I once again remember that lingering warmth.

This time, that clenching around my lungs is a bit easier.

I am a little more jaded

A little more difficult to read

A little more sensitive

A little more at home in my skin

And I know you realise

I am starting to forget you...

But every person I meet- I search them

Every eye I meet- I look through to their souls

And it appears that my perceptions have changed.

For someone to get that close... Hah!

I doubt I'll accept somebody who is the same as you, anyway.

"And I'm on my way to believing..."

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