His eyes cried the pain of autumn
and forever it flowed
like the petals scattering all,
like the bride that has ran away
with her hand-held flowers
dropping down the water.
His tears were filled with anguish
so visible to the naked eyes of mankind.
Yet he brushed it off, hands on hands,
and returned back to the state-
he was okay, he claimed himself to be.
Creating a maelstrom of droplets,
the petal twirled and twirled
like a ballerina just ready to land
and just tranquilly floated.

He was the petal-
lonely, forever alone and
it never had a place to rest
except for floating around its nest.
Surrounding it was the water;
it was the incompetent people of society
who left him alone and disregarded his feelings
that only wanted to be someone.
Yet petals, like many other petals,
if not rare, or important-
then it's just one ordinary nobody.