Me, the Little Sister

Sitting, dazedly dreaming of you. You and your smile that lights up the world. The laugh that you use when I say your nickname. The way I know it's you by the way you knock…and then you call me sister. Little sister.

I'm not your sister. You summon that title of familiarity without a thought of what you are to me. What if you're my crush? What if I'm your secret admirer? No, you'd never think of those things, because the world is so simple and bright to you, isn't it? And that frustrates me, but it is also one of the many things I love about you.

Catching up to me as I'm walking, slinging an arm over my shoulders. "Good to see you, little sister." I'm not your little sister.

I memorized the lyrics to your favorite song. I rescued a puppy because I know you're a dog person. I even persuaded your best friend to audition for the lead in our play so that you would stick around for rehearsals. Do you know how hard I worked with that fool to get his blocking straight? You are the sun in my sky, and you don't see me.

You don't just call me "sister", you treat me like one, too. But, don't you understand…the universe wouldn't be in the right order if I had been born into your family. No, you're going to have to rearrange your thoughts, dear brother.

Girls of all variations hang on your every word, keeping up with you wherever you go just to catch a glimpse of your dazzling smile. Some of them are lucky enough to catch your eye, or even gain your affection, but I earned the throne of Little Sister. Others say that is a "step up", but that particular staircase doesn't reach my goal.

It is said that being in the "friend zone" is dangerous, and hard to get out of. But, it's like being in a playpen compared to being in the "Sister Zone". All of us girls know…Little Sisters get quarantined.

On one hand, I'm glad you regard me with such affection, and that I've earned a position that can never be permanently damaged…but on the other…it's like being in a padded room with a sheet of glass between us. I can never make you see me like I see you…when you call me little sister.