And I'm writing here to inform you all that yes, Professor J, Meet Me Halfway is finished!

Now, I'm expecting to hear some "Whaaaat?" and some "But the story's not finished!" But au contraire. It's done. It's so done. It's like putting a piece of bread in the microwave for 30 seconds. That's done. It might even be a little burnt and crumbly.

But moving on to something that makes sense. Is there a new story? Actually, I have finished a completely new story... I'm currently doing some pest control and taking care of a plagiarizer who thought it would be cool to copy me word for word. *loser*

So if you have any questions about this story or any spinoffs (because I've got two on my mind right now), do COMMENT (I'm only five away from 200!)

I will hopefully find time to look away from Doctor Who and respond to youuu (that rhymed bitchesss)... I just graduated from HS sooo I've got a little bit of extra time.

AGAIN, pleease comment on what you think about the ending, and a new story is coming VERY soon!