Hi, guys! Um, this story is being put on hiatus because I can't update or because I can't seem to write for this anymore. I plan to update in this order:

Speak of the Devil: This is my most popular story so I shall try to finish it before anything else.

Thea Dixon: If any of you have read my one-shot or the beginning of An Author's Guide to Writing, then you know who Thea is. Long story short, Thea is a character I made this summer, before I became a member on fictionpress. She has 43 page worth of fun that I plan on posting after I finish editing.

The Last Shapeshifter: I stopped writing this story a long time ago. I have to post some more chapters and then I will start writing again.

An Author's Guide to Writing: This one I can't seem to get the next chapter right. I promise as soon as it seems okay, I'll post it.

Reeking of Chaos: I plan to actually rewrite this one. Quincy and Steve are gone. Simple as that. They will never come back and I'm sorry to everyone who liked them. I plan to actually write conversations I have with my characters, like Scarlet in Speak of the Devil or Thea in my imp story. They talk to me more than Steve and Quincy ever did.

Anything new: As an author, many ideas pop into my head. So new stories will sometimes get in my way of updating other stories. I'll try to stick to my plan but I make no guarantees.

And I think that's it. I hope you understand.

Thank you, guys. I love all of you. X3