Leah's eyes opened slowly as she gradually became used to the morning light streaming through her window. Glancing with slitted eyes at the clock beside her bed, she saw that it was 9:30 am- she had been asleep only five hours, having gone to bed very late the night before, but somehow it felt like she had been sleeping forever.

Shrugging the funny feeling off, she sat up slowly, swinging her legs off the side of the bed. She was careful not to awaken Jinx, who was still buried under the covers, having spent the night with her before. As Leah padded down her hallway to the bathroom, she tried to remember what she had been dreaming. She knew it was something strange, but she couldn't remember the details. The harder she tried to think of it, the more the details scattered, until she gave up. It was only a dream.

She brushed her teeth and headed into the kitchen. Her mother, Mara, and her father, Roman, were already seated at the table, both sipping coffee. Both smiled as she came slumping in.

"Morning, Leah," Mara said, her face calm and unlined. It always vaguely annoyed Leah how together her mother was in the morning.

"Morning, sweetie," Roman echoed. "How late did you and Jinx stay up gabbing?"

Leah shrugged, pulling up a chair and flopping into it."Not too late."

"Uh huh," Mara said skeptically, raising an eyebrow. Roman chuckled and patted her shoulder. Standing up, he asked his wife if she wanted more coffee, and she smiled and nodded an affirmative. When he returned with it, she gave him a little kiss. Leah rolled her eyes- she always felt kind of weird when they did that, especially in public.

Her eyes turned lazily to the window by the kitchen sink, and she saw that Cassandra Leaven, the little girl across the street, was riding her bike in her driveway. She smiled at the intent look on the child's face- she was a cute little girl.

After about twenty minutes, Jinx appeared in teh doorway. After greeting Leah's parents, she pulled up a chair, and they sat together in tired, companionable silence. Occasionally Leah's dad teased them, threatening to draw their thoughts right out of their heads if they didn't speak up,but they ignored him. Leah knew he wasn't serious. He never used his powers so invasively, especially with friends or family, unless necessary.

It wasn't until her parents left the room that Leah remembered what it was she'd planned to do that afternoon. Turning to Jinx, she said, "Jinx, you told me you'd introduce me to your cousin this afternoon, remember? What's his name again- Chris?"

"Oh yeah," Jinx exclaimed, sitting up. " I forgot. I will, don't worry. I just know you two will hit it off. He's a nice guy,but a tease. He's cute though! I think he'll like you, Leah."

Leah doubted it, but agreed to try.

"Come on," Jinx said, suddenly alert. Standing, she nudged Leah's arm. "Let's get ready, I'll call and see if he's up yet."

Leah followed her, feeling a strange fluttering in her stomach. She'd never seen Jinx's cousin, though he lived in the same area- something about their parents not getting along, so Jinx and he hadn't seen each other much until recently. She had no idea why she was so excited to see him there was no way he could be as great as Jinx said, or that he'd like her. But somehow she felt as if maybe both things were possible...


Noah smiled from where he sat in front of the TV, subtly watching his parents, his sister, and Jinx coming and going in the kitchen. He had seen Cassandra earlier as well, and though he hadn't seen Chris, he had reached out briefly to touch his mind, and knew all was well.

It had worked- it had really worked. He had brought them back- and managed to erase their memories of it ever having happened! He had even managed to erase time, to erase history- he had made it so the last week had rewound, no one had any memory of the missing people- because they'd never been missing in the first place. It was nothing but a dream to them now- a dream they couldn't even remember.

But most amazing of all, he had even managed to locate his father, bring him back- and alter memories, the past, so he had been part of their lives all along... even Roman himself did not know the difference. Noah had even made everyone aware of his and Roman's powers- aware and accepting.

Yes, Menorah would be proud, she had taught him well.

But one thing remained that Noah had not changed... but for this one, he would not use his powers. For this, he knew he should rely only on himself as a person...

He still did not have Jinx. But this was something he was determined to amend- today.

Smiling, Noah turned his eyes back to his cartoon. To anyone else, he'd look just like another lethargic teenager who'd never lifted a finger in his life... and that was exactly the way he wanted to look. The truth was far too much for most to even imagine.

the end