July 3rd, 1999

"Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Christina

Happy birthday to you,"

5 year old Christina Parker smiled as she blew out her candles. But the next thing she knew, someone had shoved her face into her cake.

"Ha-ha!" Someone behind her snickered, "Oops sorry," they said sarcastically. She lifted her face up, turned around and scowled at who the prankster was.

"ANDREW THOMAS! YOU'RE DEAD TO ME! YOU HEAR ME? DEAD!" she yelled, hopping off her chair to chase him.

12 years later

Malibu, California

"Christina! Hurry up! Don't want to be late for school!" Amanda, one of our housekeepers called.

"Don't worry! I'm already dressed!" I called back. I waked over to the full-length mirror and examined myself. I was fairly tanned, dark brown (almost black) hair that went past my shoulders and bangs that swept across my forehead and fell into my eyes (which were a chocolate brown). I was wearing a white button down short sleeved shirt, midnight blue and black plaid tie and a matching skirt. This was the uniform for Malibu Prep, which was where I went to school.

I walked downstairs and found Amanda waiting there for me with my school bag in one and an energy bar in the other.

"Thanks, Amanda," I told her, taking my bag and energy bar.

"You're welcome, dear. Have fun at school," she said with a smile.

"I will, bye," I called over my shoulder as I stepped out the door.

"Good morning, Miss. Parker," my chauffer greeted me, opening the door to the limo.

"Morning Jackson," I chirped, stepping inside.

OK, now that you've seen what my mornings are like, you're probably wondering who I am. I'm Christina Parker, daughter of Hayden and Blake Parker. My mom, Blake Parker is a HUGE fashion designer and has a GIGANTIC cosmetics line. And my dad, Hayden Parker is a hot shot director who's currently making the next biggest blockbuster. So my parents are billionaires to sum it all up.

Then, there's me; only the daughter of the most successful people in the country. Yeah, you'd think it's awesome…NEWSFLASH. It's NOT. Everywhere I go people are always "OMG! You're Christina Parker! Do you wanna be my BFF? So I can go to all of the awesome movie premieres with you and get awesome make up and be a supermodel too? OK… so maybe I fibbed a little bit but that's usually what happens!

Enough about my parents; moving onto MY life. I'm 18 years old and a senior at Malibu Prep. People there treat me like a goddess but it annoys the hell out of me! Thankfully I've got some true friends or else I would've probably gone mad!

"Miss Parker, we've arrived," Jackson called, breaking my train of thought. I grabbed my bag and stepped out of the limo.

"Thanks Jackson," I thanked.

"You're welcome Miss Parker. Have a nice day," he returned.

I walked off to find my friends in their usual spot under the big willow tree.

"Hey Chrissy!" Abigail chirped when she saw me. Abby was a pretty optimistic girl who had light brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Hey Abby," I greeted. Now, these were my true friends: Abigail Jenkins, who I've known since kindergarten, Brianna Greene, who I met this year, River Woods and Andrew Thomas, who I've both known since birth. Abigail was the mega happy and chatty one, Brianna was the matchmaker of the entire school, and she was currently working on getting Abby and River together. Speaking of River, he was the really quiet one who people would call "emo", but he's not. Then, there's Andrew; the ex-bane of my existence. See, since Andrew, River and I were kids, Andrew would always tease and bully me but River would always back me up. So that's how we started dating in our sophomore year, but broke up because we realized that we didn't like each other THAT way.

But now, Andrew and I are friends since we called a truce over the summer last year when…something happened.

"Yes! Finally!" Brianna squealed from my right.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, staring at her.

"Look!" she squealed, pointing to Abby and River hugging.

"Oh, they've been dating for a while now…" I told her sheepishly

"WHAT? NO ONE TOLD ME? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?" she exploded, staring daggers at me.

"Well, remember when you were gone that one week? Yeah, that's when they started dating," I confessed.

"But… I got them together right? That means they'll be the 20th couple I've paired up!" she asked.

"Yeah…sure," I lied.

"Hey guys," Andrew called from behind us.

"Hey," I replied.

"OMG! I so got it! I know who to pair up next!" Brianna piped up.

"Alright, who?" I asked jokingly.

"You and Andrew!" she sang.

"W-what?" Andrew stuttered from behind me.