Chapter 3

"I wish I wasn't one." I said quietly. Xavier didn't say anything else, but it felt like he didn't need to. I stood and walked towards Xavier. I sat in my other chair that was close to him. He looked a little surprised. "I thought it would be easier to talk if we were closer." I said. He nodded and turned his chair in my direction. I lied. I didn't think it would be easier to talk. I just wanted to be closer to Xavier, I felt so lonely when I was sitting there by myself. Finally, here's someone that I can talk to. I found myself looking at his eyes. They are such a gorgeous green. His hair was black; his hair is sort of long, but barely touching his shoulders. His skin was pale. Not like a powdery white pale, just pale. He noticed I was looking at him. "Sorry, it's just, your eyes are so…" I trailed off. "I believe the words are, 'abnormal'." He said. I shook my head. "I was thinking more of… amazing." I stated. He smiled slightly. "That's one I've never heard." He said. His smile is so beautiful. He is beautiful. "I should probably go." Xavier said and stood up. I started to reach for his arm, but then stopped myself. He noticed my hand stretched out. I blushed and dropped my arm. "How about I come back tomorrow? I wasn't finished talking." He smiled and walked out the door. Xavier. He is beautiful in every way. Maybe one day… we can… no. That's not going to happen. He's obviously not interested in me that way. I sighed and climbed into my bed.

~Xavier's POV~

She reached for my arm; did that mean she wanted me to stay? She is so amazing. Maybe, possibly… one day we could… um… no. That is absurd. She obviously is not interested in me that way. Oh well. At least I can still admire her from afar. There is just something different about her. Is it her perfect personality? Is it her hatred of our kind? Is it her stunning beauty? I may never know. There are just too many different things that I love about her. Wait, why did I use the word love? I just met her today. I don't know… maybe I do have feelings for her… I just can't tell. I've never had this feeling before. I have never had the feeling of love. Well, at least not real love.

~Hikari's POV~

I can't sleep. There are too many thoughts keeping me awake. Does Xavier like me? Why does Xavier understand me so well? We just met today. His eyes… are just so amazing. I think… I think I like him. Xavier. Even his name is perfect. What does he think of me? Does he think I'm a jerk? Does he think I'm weird? Or, maybe, does he like me? No, no, NO! He doesn't like me. No one does. Nobody will ever. I'm better off just closing my eyes and going to sleep. At least that will stop the thoughts. Just not the dreams.

Mr. Dengeno. He's here. I see him every night. But I wish I didn't. "Get him!" I heard the loud, angry voices yell. "Make sure you don't kill the girl!" someone else yelled. I saw Mr. Dengeno protecting a small girl. Protecting me. I will never forget that night. "HIKARI YOU MUST RUN!" He yelled. I shook my head. "No I must stay with you!" I screamed. If only I had listened. If I had listened, Mr. Dengeno might still be here today. I saw the stake go through his heart. I saw the look in his eyes. He wasn't sad that he was dying. He was happy that I was protected. I saw my younger self scream. Someone put their hands on me, trying to take me. My eyes glowed a dark red and I went crazy. I kicked, screamed and even bit. But they kept coming for me. I screamed again and everyone around me started screaming too. I stopped screaming and looked around me. All those people… they're… dead.

Mr. Dengeno warned me. He said that my scream was powerful. I always thought he was joking. But I was wrong. I killed all those people. With just the shrill scream of my voice.