when we strangle the
skies or stars or stratosphere,
what color shall they turn?

perhaps a bright blue like the
irradiated oceans and
iridescent trees all burnt by
atomic mushrooms bigger than
the moon

or even a pale pink like the
sugars that coat the death we
inhale until we
burst or
dissolve or just
fall over

who knows, maybe they'll turn a dim green like
the plastic grass lining the
ballparks and football fields,
because real grass is real,
and what kind of creatures would we be if
we embraced reality?

they could even turn blindingly violet
like the black lights at raves where
everybody flies and fucks
and never combine the two,
and if they do, they don't
give any

but probably, everything will just go
black, black, black like the hearts of
everyone in the world,
according to status quo
and 411 and lol
and brb dying of
pesticides because we're still all just
no matter how big of a splash we make