Everything We Could Be
Everything we are..
Everything we could be
Hasn't happened, but now you that you have seen the true me..
I close my eyes and began to pray,
That what you saw will never control me..

In a whisper you will hear,
Everything that was said that day
That day when I shed that first tear
Of despair and longing..

Now I'm here...
In the way..
Just holding you back
Trying to stay..
Feeling lost
And now confused,

The look on your face..
A simple reminder of how I felt
My feelings appeared
And I started to tremble

My heart was open
I gave it away

Now my heart is gone

Now its all starting to turn grey

Cause now I have nothing to take its place

I once knew what I was doing

But now I'm not so sure

Should I stay or disappear

Would it be the key to my end

Or the key to my desire

If I knew what to do

If I'd known how to get out

Erase the time

And get rid of the doubt

Then maybe my dreams is something I could believe

And lose the torture

That everyday life has become

When I look to the skies

All I see is the moon

Shining so bright

Lightning the night

Peace is fulfilling

And the quiet is sound

But the pain is still around

So I give a sudden shake

The edge of my sleep is near

But I am still tense from the shadows

The wolves are singing

In the meadows

Whispering thoughts

Cover my ears

The wind is cold

But it is still easy to breath

How could this all be