JD's Words

His words had pierced deep

And his pain just cut and scarred

How could I have done this..

I still ask myself why

I knew the answer

Even before I considered the question

This is what I want

This is what I know

I could curse the skies

But how much would change

Just this single tear

I have shed could have never been enough

To show you the way I feel

I trust in this judgement

And I know he isn't a mistake

But you won't see the point

I couldn't have cared less

But the truth is

I care a lot more then I could ever show

These are my lessons

And I will take the punishment

The raw honesty

Left me empty

Struggling just to hold a breath

Just like the day

You gave me that reason

I have reserved that hurt

Just to remind myself

To save

For a day so priceless

That could never compare

But the cold hard truth are like daggers

They hurt and make me bleed

Its all done now

Are you happier?

Now I feel empty


Like I can't feel anything

I cried out in my anguish

Ya, this is it..

The moment I have been waiting for

You're words still make me cry

I don't deserve what you have done for me

I wanted this

But it made me blind

Now all is forgotten

I can now see

You were the one still standing

After he had destroyed me

Changed me into something I am not

You are here

Am I forgiven?

He always said "You'll always be my little sister" and "I have you're back.."

But the words are twisted and he's saying you'll never understand.

"I try to be the big brother you rely on.. but where did I go wrong?"

His words are filled with sorrow

and now they are all I can think about

My apologies aren't enough

And I can't make anything better

So I just stand quietly by myself

How could I be forgiven?

I am sorry, JD. I truly am.