Leave It Behind

Hold me back

Or let me go

This is way too much

And it's killing me slow

I hear no knocks at my door

But why would I care

My sadness is too overwhelming

And my anger is fierce

But you wouldn't know

Because you never tried to see

What was behind these non perfect eyes

And that oh so believable smile

I try to leave it behind

I try to ignore what I thought I wouldn't miss

Everything is going wrong

And you chose the perfect time

To walk out that door

Now I want to punch that wall

So hard that pain strikes my fists

But leaves a hole wide enough to hide my grief in

So now I will run

Run till my feet bleed or they go numb

Under pressure and time

I want to feel the wind rushing through my hair

With freedom at my door

I want to leave it behind

In place of the guilt and resemblance

That gate won't ever open

Never again till dawn

Where I will lay

Always right there in the twilight

The one that I may never see

Exhaustion will eventually take over my running

But I will keep trying to get farther than where I will never be

Right now I run on pure anger

For I will never be free

I can't take over

What I will never know

And forget whatever was

For now I will run

Never look back

Till my dawn has settled

Settled over my heart

And Twilight will forever conquer my eyes

For as long as the moon will shine above

My mind and heart will race

Cause I will forever keep time in beat

I will try to be me

I will leave it all behind