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In life, there is a balanced amount of happiness and sadness. When there is yin, there must be yang. When there is life, there is death. You can't destroy one to fully obtain the other.

Everything must co-exist, no matter what.

But where did that put me?

I suppose, I had never really thought of how I would live my life. Everyone had an aspiration- I had friends who wanted to be doctors, fire-fighters, pilots, etcetera, etcetera. It seemed such a casual thing, to name out what you wanted to be, even before you had the knowledge required for that job. Needless to say, you needed specific subjects in order to qualify for that dream.

Anyway, I was to graduate with a diploma in writing. I simply adored the idea of penning down stories, submitting them to hungry publishers, and finally, getting that book in stores. How thrilling would it be when everyone knows your name?

Now, as I come to think of it, the life I was granted was perfect. My parents loved me, I had an awesome-packed family, some too-hyper friends; it was a wonderful blessing anyone could have hoped for.

But, sometimes, when you are too perfect, life will pull you down till you are not. That's what happened to me.

The day I was forgotten, I must say, was pretty unexpected. You would consider it ironic, for it was supposed to be a happy occasion (a family reunion, mind you!) and yet, it was a day, where everyone I knew turned against me. Have you ever had a dream, where you are alone, with nobody to talk to? Where you are trapped in a never-ending labyrinth of darkness where shadows stalk you?

I was felt just like that. My emotions churned within me: fear, confusion, anxiety. I was not prepared since everyone you know will tell you that death is the only thing that makes you disappear from the face of the Earth.

But in my particularly special case, there was only one simple sentence and everything you know would be gone.

All it took was a single harmless person and his crisp, but solemn, words before your life goes poof and snatched away before your very eyes.

My name is Sacrael Lyrtle.

I am a Forgotten One.

The next person to be Forgotten may be you.