My name is Chloe Vargas, don't be fooled by my Spanish last name, I'm as pale as they come. My parents are from Spain; we moved to Florida when I was a child. They are both teachers; my dad is the Spanish Professor at our town's community college, and my mom teaches language arts at my high school.

Everyone says I have my mother's good looks but I also believe I'm cursed with my dad's shy personality. I've turned down a few date offers, not to sound conceited, but I just found it hard to believe that they wanted to go out with me. I didn't want to find out later that it was some prank and sabotage the rest of my school year.

I'm now a senior at Carter High and I still haven't been out on a date, held hands or even kissed a guy on the cheek ... nothing. Regardless, I did feel good about getting my first real job. I started last week at a local video store called DVD's R Us. After I got over how lame that sounded I decided that I would enjoy working there. Aside from being at home and at school, this was the highlight of my social life.

Unfortunately, I am the youngest one there, which I have no problem with. But I'm constantly surrounded by uncomfortable topics of conversation and personal details of my co-workers lives that I didn't care to know about. For instance, I've confirmed that its true, guys do think and talk about sex all the time. However, so do girls. They're just more dramatic and sometimes more poetic in the way they talk about it. While guys are disgustingly blunt.

I try not to seem that freaked out by it, but everyone pretty much sees me as the shy and quiet new girl. I would eventually like to be included in a conversation or two, I just don't know how to loosen up or relate to what they're going through.

My parents allowed me to take the night and weekend shifts, after I convinced them that school work was less and it wouldn't affect my grades. I'd work from Thursdays to Saturday, from 5 to 11pm. I liked my new job, aside from the minor detail I have already mentioned, though I was faced with a greater obstacle. I hated my boss's guts.

He reminds me of all the cocky guys at school who think they own the place. And yes well he sort of did, being the night manager and all. But he stank of arrogance to me. He was neither mean nor disrespectful; he was actually just the opposite. He liked the constant attention he received from girls. And this was just from what I gathered last Saturday.

Now Thursday, I was about to start my second week. Thankfully Trisha had the same shift and she seemed the nicest from the all the employees. I wore my white polo shirt with the store's logo, khaki shorts and white sneakers, as was the uniform requirement. Once I clocked in, I went to put away the pile of returned videos.

Within the hour, the managers switched, and in he came. To be completely honest, he really hadn't done anything wrong. It was just annoying how all these girls, including my classmates, would fly in with the skimpiest of clothes and flirt with him endlessly. And then they'd leave empty handed. I mean, c'mon! At least rent a video!

There were only a few customers so far, so Trisha had me on the computer-register. I really enjoy working with her, as she's very patient and has a "go with the flow" personality. I thought she was beautiful, with her pretty auburn hair and green eyes. What I liked most about her was she didn't buy into Erik's, the manager's, gimmicks. They treated each other like brother and sister because they were old friends. But she was seriously in love with her boyfriend Christopher, whom she swore she would marry.

It was quiet for a while and I hadn't seen the manager yet, for he was still in his office. Trisha and I were wiping some dvds in the meantime.

"So Chloe, are you dating anyone? Or is there some guy you have the hots for at school?" she interrogated.

"," I smirked.

"What? Why not? You're a pretty girl; you must have some secret admirers?"

"Nope, not that I know of … or care to anyway."

"Ah, are you just not interested in that right now? I didn't start dating till I was in college really. The guys are more interesting once you get out of high school," she laughed.

I couldn't help but laugh too. Just then I heard a door swing open, when I looked over my shoulder and saw the manager heading over, I turned and rolled my eyes. This made Trisha laugh even more.

"Hello ladies, how are things going tonight?" he asked as he approached the computer.

" you care to know," Trisha teased.

"Of course I do, I need to know the well-being of my employees. Happy workers equal happy customers. Right?" he turned to ask me.

I just nodded and continued to clean. After he got off the computer he lingered around the area, Trisha left to put away more videos, leaving me alone … with him.

"So how do you like it here so far? Is everyone treating you nicely?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's going well. I like working with Trisha."

He nodded, yet I knew he picked up on my timidity.

"Are you usually this shy?" he grinned.

I gave a bashful smile and shook my head yes.

"Oh no, we can't have that here. I'm sure we'll fix that soon," he said confidently.

Trisha came back to rescue me, although she made it worse.

"Erik, quit flirting with that poor girl! She's too innocent and good for you!"

I watched his reaction as he chuckled and looked to the ground. He crossed his arms and held his chin with his right hand.

"How dare you accuse me of such a thing. Look, you embarrassed her and I was just starting to make progress."

"Yeah, progress to what?"

"To be further acquainted with my new employee, thank you," he answered, as he walked away.

I think he was just as embarrassed as I was, but he took it much better, as my face was still red. Some guys came in the store, apparently friends of his, and began to joke around with him. I was replacing some labels but glanced over every time I heard them laugh or clap.

For some reason, my opinion of him was starting to change a bit. From I hate him to maybe I don't hate him so much. I observed his perfect posture; he had broad shoulders and a smaller waist. He wasn't too tall, but it was obvious that he liked to work out. You could see his muscular arms and chest through his white buttoned shirt. He wore well ironed khaki pants and black shoes. You could tell he liked to look sharp no matter what he wore.

Then I took a good look at his face, I could see why he had such a fan club of admirers. He was very attractive, and had a signature flirtatious smile. His blue eyes were so intense they were almost too intimidating for me to look at, but I did like the way he spiked his hair and kind of combed it to the side and front.

Realizing that I had spent way too much time focusing my thoughts on him, I searched for another task, before I became another fish on his hook. I was not going to fall for that trap like the rest of these pathetic girls.

It was now close to closing time, because I was in high school they didn't keep me there too late. I collected my things in the back room and continued to punch out. The machine, from which I would swipe my card through, was right in front of the manager's office. So naturally he saw me as I was just about to leave.

"G'night, see ya tomorrow," he said aloud.


I was so glad it was Friday, not that I had any plans except for school and work. But it meant that tomorrow I could sleep in, since Fridays and Saturdays I worked till 11 at night. Only thing was that tonight I worked with Jessica and Rachel, which meant I needed to bring my ear plugs to cover my poor virgin ears.

I was determined to make the most out of my Friday night; I was going to be more open and friendly with the girls. And I was going to make an effort to look prettier. Which with that mindset I was actually excited to go to work; it was never a dull evening that's for sure.

I proudly put on my white collar shirt, and decided to let my hair down, since up till now I always had it in a ponytail. I applied my mascara to pop my big brown eyes and to really spice things up … I wore lip gloss.

I walked in with a different air in my walk. Jessica noticed as she actually threw me a compliment.

"Hey, you kind of look like Penelope Cruz with your hair down like that."

"Thanks! Well she is from Spain too," I replied.

"No way, are you from Spain?" Rachel asked. "That's so cool."

And from then on, I felt respected and a part of the circle. The girls made more of an attempt to include me in by asking me more questions and sharing their R rated jokes. I wasn't crazy about them, so I'd just stay quiet and smile, but I appreciated it.

I was in the back room eating my snack, since we were allowed a 20 minute break, when I smelt the dreamiest cologne coming from the hallway. At first I thought it was a customer that had sneaked through the employees' only door. Nevertheless it was Erik, arriving an hour late.

"Hey there, I almost didn't recognize you. You look so different with your hair like that. It looks nice," he said with a pleased smile on his face.

I saw right through what he was doing and I wasn't falling for it. I let the flattering remark enter and exit my ears just as quickly. I tried to hurry up as he was in his office. Back on the main floor, dance music filled the walls, as they played music videos on the television screens. I have to admit I loved my job; the people I worked with were way different then my friends from school.

I liked the attention I got, as cute guys at the register were extra friendly and even flirting with me. Although the bashful person that I am, I would just smile and nod all the time. I did feel like I was making progress and opening up more though, seeing as how I felt more confident.

Erik came around to the register to collect the big dollar bills and make sure we had plenty of change. I was the one at the register so I just stood aside, inhaling his amazing cologne. I wished I had the ability to hold my breath for that long, I figured that's how he lured his victims in. I had to stay there while he counted, but when I felt his arm brushing against mine, I stepped back. I think he noticed, because he grinned right after.

"Hey Erik, did you know our girl is from Spain?" Rachel blurted out.

Right away he looked at me and I felt my heart beat faster. "Oh no" I thought. It was like he was a male Medusa, and instead of turning people into stone, he made girls fall in love with him. I was afraid my wall was starting to crumble.

"Really? What other secrets are you keeping from us?" he asked intrigued.

I just shrugged my shoulders. I didn't know what was so interesting about where I was from.

"You are a tough shell to crack Chloe," he finished.

"You should come out with us tonight," Jessica insisted. "We go out every other Friday night to Marty's Pub."

"I can't, I'm not 18 yet."

"Oh we could get you in," Rachel added. "Trisha is meeting us there with her boyfriend, besides it will give you a chance to get to know us outside the work place."

"I'll call my parents and see if they will let me."

I doubted they'd let me go but I really wanted to. I went to the back to call on my cell phone. I felt nervous fearing that I would hear an immediate no. Once I had explained where my coworkers were going, my dad kept asking me more questions. I told him the names of each person that would be there and the exact name of the place. He surprisingly said yes under the condition that I didn't drink. You can't imagine my excitement as I felt I was finally going to do something cool.

I was so eager for the hours to go by, so I could have my first night out experience. No doubt they were slower than ever. Rachel was nice enough to lend me an extra shirt she had in her car, so that I wasn't the only dork left with a work shirt. They wore theirs underneath their uniforms. It was now closing time, after I did my chores I changed into the black tank top. I still felt slightly stupid wearing my shorts and white sneakers, but I guess it didn't look too bad.

The girls drove over together except for Erik; he went in his own car. As we pulled around the pub, my eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. I couldn't help it; it was all so new to me. The crowd was definitely older, not like high school at all. It was noisy and people were starting to get clumsy.

There was a long u-shaped booth that we were walking towards, I was even happier once I saw Trisha at the table.

"Hey gorgeous! I'm so glad you could come. Maybe tonight the butterfly will break out of her cocoon," Trisha teased.

I didn't get it at first, I felt like everyone was on a mission to turn me into someone else. Was it so hard for them to accept that I'm naturally a shy person? Or did they see something in me that I hadn't yet? Erik then joined us; he had buttoned down his shirt a bit and rolled up his sleeves. I kept trying not to look at him, but that was impossible since he was sitting right across from me.

A waitress went to our table and gave me an odd look.

"Oh wow, you look so much like Penelope Cruz," she said shocked.

"See I told you so!" Jessica shouted.

I smiled, flattered. Then when I looked over at Erik he was giving me a sly grin, as though he were proud to be sitting at the same table with me. Everyone at the table ordered a beer but when it came time to ask me, I just asked for cranberry juice.

I hadn't noticed how cold it was till after I started drinking my juice. I had goose bumps all over my arms so I began to rub my hands over them. Not knowing that Erik was watching me.

"Are you cold?" he asked, and went ahead to unbutton the rest of his shirt and take it off.

He had a white sleeveless shirt underneath, which caused all the girls to stare at his arms. I was beyond speechless as he got up to swing his shirt around my shoulders. I caught Rachel elbowing Jessica as they snickered amongst themselves.

"Thanks," I uttered.

I finished putting my arms through the sleeves; at least now my sneakers matched his shirt. Not that anyone cared, since we were just sitting. A song came on that the girls knew so they started to sing, clearly the beer had taken affect. I couldn't help but laugh, they were pretty entertaining and good.

"There ya go! I think we're finally starting to break through," Erik announced.

"Just take one sip, I won't tell your parents," Trisha offered.

I had that little voice whisper in my ear not to, but then I thought just one sip wouldn't hurt. I took her bottle, but my facial expression said it all as I tried to swallow that horrible liquid. Almost the whole table died of laughter, after I handed Trisha back her beer.

"Wow, you're so innocent! Was that your first time tasting beer?" Jessica asked.

"Yes, and I didn't like it at all!" I chuckled.

"Would you be willing to try something else? You don't have to finish it if you don't like it," Erik asked.


He left to go to the bar. I realized I had broken my promise to my dad, but I wasn't planning on drinking the whole thing of whatever Erik was bringing me. But I felt like I was bonding with the group now, not that they were making me drink. I knew they wouldn't have minded if I said no; I wanted to do this. Besides, they weren't getting drunk and stupid, they were just more relaxed.

Erik came back with a weird looking triangle glass. It had a pretty green color and a cherry inside. I was smiling excited to try it. When I took my first sip, my taste buds exploded. I raised my eye brows impressed with the flavor.

"Yum... what is this?" I asked curiously.

"It's an apple martini. I thought you would like that, you seemed like the sweeter chic drink type," he assured me.

"You just want to get me drunk! It tastes like juice so I could easily drink the whole thing."

He laughed as I shared my glass with the other girls.

"Nah... I wouldn't do that. That wouldn't be very responsible of me, being your boss and all."

"Oh like buying a 17 year old a drink is so responsible!" Trisha answered back.

I laughed, and I kid you not, I started to have this warm fuzzy feeling after two more gulps. It was then that I stopped drinking and gave it to Rachel. After another hour of laughing at their jokes, we drove back to work. I felt well enough to drive, if not I wouldn't have, also I was only a few blocks away.

When I got home, I went straight up to my room as quietly as possible. My parents were asleep as it was well past one in the morning. I crashed on to my bed, but when I went to crawl underneath my blanket I noticed my white rolled up sleeves and gasped.

"I forgot to give Erik back his shirt," I said aloud. "He didn't remind me or ask for it back."

I took it off and call me crazy, but I took one deep breathe of his shirt that was covered with his scent. So I did what any love struck teenage girl would do... I slept with his shirt like if it were my own teddy bear. This was the best night of my life.

I woke up around ten in the morning; extremely thankful that my parents let me sleep in and didn't come barging in to hound me with questions about last night. I went to grab my cell phone from my bag and noticed I had a text message. When I opened it, I had to sit down right away. I couldn't believe what I had read.

I'm glad you came out with us last night; it was nice to see your other side. You should show it more often. -Erik :)

I lay back on my bed and probably read it ten more times. I know, he wasn't confessing his undying love for me or anything, but the fact that he text me in the first place was reason enough to celebrate. I went downstairs and told my parents about my whole night. My dad wasn't too happy about me drinking after all, but appreciated my honesty and didn't stay mad.

My mom was somehow thrilled for me; she didn't seem to mind too much that I had a crush on my boss since my dad was eight years older than her.

I took one last whiff of Erik's shirt before I washed it along with my whites. My parents were in the study room preparing for their classes, so I sat in the living room to watch a movie. I had almost forgotten about Erik's text. I wondered if I should text him back but started to get overwhelmingly nervous at the idea. I didn't want to bother him, still after much contemplation I decided to be gutsy and do it already.

I'm glad I went. I had a lot of fun with all of you. Thank you for lending me your shirt, I will bring it to work tonight. –Chloe

I felt a chill run down my back when I hit send. I didn't expect him to write back or anything, although the thought of the possibility kept me on edge. I kept staring at my phone, it was driving me nuts. I had to put my phone down and distract myself with the movie, so I placed it on the coffee table.

Finally engaged in the film, I heard a beep followed by a vibration from my cell. I leaped to the edge of the couch. I was so curious to see if it was him but I didn't want to risk the disappointment if it wasn't.

"Ahhh, what the heck!"

I grabbed my phone and hurried to open the text screen. It was him. I jumped back on the couch and snuggled up to my phone, ready to read.

Well good morning! I didn't think you would respond. I hope that you join us again. Maybe we'll even get you to sing next time? ;)-Erik

I was biting my lips trying to think of what to answer back. I kept curling my toes in suspense.

Hah! Fat chance! I'm way too shy. You can sing instead. :) -Chloe

Before I knew it he kept answering right away and we started our first text conversation.

Oh you don't want to hear me sing...but I do believe there is a 'not so shy girl' waiting to come out. Very soon :p -Erik

Oh really? I don't know... how are you so sure? -Chloe

I can tell. You wait and see. I will get you to let your guard down. -Erik

Okay, I'm not that stupid, but I do believe that my BOSS is flirting with me. And I like it, obviously or I wouldn't be replying. It was weird that a text message could make me feel so giddy and excited. I wanted to continue, but I didn't want to seem like I was one of those girls, like putty in his hands. I decided to end our text chat.

Okay we'll see then. I gotta go though. See you later :) -Chloe

See you then :) -Erik

Of course I wanted to run and tell my mother about what just happened, that or scream. But I did neither; instead I opted for the next best thing. I went to my room, cranked up my stereo to my favorite songs and sang and danced around. I wished it was time for work already.

Now I know what you might be thinking, that I'm going to go all happy and get my hopes up. Wrong, I wasn't going to demonstrate one bit of interest. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of thinking that I was eating out of his hand. I thought it would be better to prove myself to be different then the girls he was probably used to. Most of all, I was interested in seeing how he would act with me at work; if he would pretend that the texts never happened.

I wanted to keep busy at work so that I wouldn't notice when he'd arrive, but who was I kidding, I checked the clock every ten minutes. It was close to the time when he'd be arriving, so I knelt down to wipe the bottom shelves. I guess I wanted him to search for me and be real obvious. I was disappointed when he didn't come straight towards me; which I knew he always went in his office for a while.

I used my disappointment as an excuse to dislike him, which worked and took my mind off him. I went back to hating him, that felt safer. I was now squatting while I continued to clean. I could smell his cologne floating through the air... I hated it.

Suddenly I felt someone's knee push me slightly so that I would lose my balance. I was about to shout out one of the girl's names, when I held my tongue to see who it was.

"Thank you for washing my shirt and leaving it on my desk."

Just like that I was back to liking him again. He stood so handsome there with his hands in his pockets.

"You're welcome," I answered as I stood up.

He scratched the back of his head, like if he was searching for the next words to say.

"Well I have to go count the money now. You are doing a great job by the way."

I thanked him and kept on working on the inner aisles of the store. To my dismay, a couple of those sleazy dressed girls came in. They were so obvious it was sickening. They wouldn't take their eyes off him as they talked and laughed awfully loud. I'd glance at them and then at Erik, he was already looking back at me and shrugged his shoulders while making a funny face.

I looked forward to chatting with him but we got so swamped with customers, even he took a register to help out with the long line. It was on and off like that for the rest of the night till we closed. In between the rush, I'd try and put back as much videos as I could to not have a mountain of dvds by the end of the night. It was almost midnight when we finally had finished.

We were all walking out and Erik stayed behind to lock the door. I was unlocking my car door when I heard someone shout good night. I looked where it came from, it was Erik alright but I couldn't tell who it was directed to.

I was still pretty wired when I got home. I said goodnight to my parents before they fell asleep reading; then changed into my pajamas before going to watch some television for a while.

Just when I was about to exit my room I heard my phone beep. I thought for a moment it could be Erik. I reached in my bag for my cell and waited till I was on the couch downstairs before opening it.

I was very impressed by how well you did tonight. Good job! I hope this text doesn't wake you up, if you're already asleep. -Erik

Okay, if we were going to have another text chat, I wasn't going to end it quickly this time. I wanted to see where this would end up. I was ready.

I'm up... just watching TV. I think I finally got the hang of things at work. It was a good night. What are you up to? -Chloe

I'm at a friend's house, with a couple of the guys. They are playing very loud music I wouldn't be surprised if the cops showed up at the door. Lol. -Erik

That's funny; it's so quiet here you could hear a pin drop. My parents are asleep. And I can't find anything interesting to watch. :/ -Chloe

See you should have just taken a movie from work and invited me over to watch it with you. -Erik

Whaaat? Are you for real? I could have you arrested for saying something like that ;) -Chloe

Hahaha... I was just kidding! But I don't think you would do that :p -Erik

Yeah right I would! Change of subject... how old are you anyway? -Chloe

:) Oh this just got interesting. I'm 23, why? ;) -Erik

You're ridiculous lol. Why are you such a flirt? -Chloe

I am not. I'm just a friendly guy. I go out with my friends every once in a while and with the group from work, like we did yesterday. But I haven't been out on a date for several months now... no one loves me :(-Erik

Ha ha...I'm not falling for that. You have a fan club of admirers fall around you constantly. -Chloe

But I'm not interested in them. Yeah it's flattering, but that's it. You should talk; I see the way you blush when a cute guy asks for your help at work. You going to tell me you don't like it? -Erik

Well...yeah. Ok ok! I misjudged you. I'm sorry. -Chloe

Thank you, I appreciate that. So when can I come over tomorrow? -Erik

What? Where did that come from? -Chloe

Well I saw that you're off tomorrow, and I want to see you. -Erik there something you need to tell me that's work related? Did I do something? -Chloe

Chloe, don't be naïve. You know what I mean. -Erik

So this got further than I had anticipated. Now this is normally where I would draw the line and turn down this invitation. But I really liked him, even though he was my boss, it added an extra thrill to this whole adventure. I guess I took too long to reply that he text me again.

...Did I scare you off? If you are not interested in me than I won't bother you. I was just under the impression that... you might like me.-Erik

You can come by around 1pm :) -Chloe

Great, btw, what are you wearing? -Erik

WHAT! Goodnight! -Chloe

hahahah... It was a joke I swear it! I wanted to see your reaction. Don't be mad ;) -Erik

I'm not. I have a white tank top and gray shorts :p -Chloe you're playing along now...I knew I would get you to open up somehow. ;) So what did you think about me the first time you saw me? Otherthan stereotyping me as a flirt. -Erik

Well, if you must know. I also thought you were arrogant… and cute. But you already know that. -Chloe

I like hearing you say it. So does my age or the fact that I'm your boss bother you at all? -Erik

Bother me in regards to what exactly? It doesn't though. -Chloe

Well, If I took you out for dinner, would you feel awkward? -Erik

You want to go out on a date with me? Why? -Chloe

Because I do. I like you, Is that hard to believe? -Erik

Kind of, yes. I must confess I've never been out on a date before. -Chloe

What? Really? So does that mean you have never kissed a guy either? -Erik

Right! Don't you tease me about it! -Chloe

:) Oh I won't be teasing you...don't worry. But we will fix that. -Erik

Umm... okay I have to go to bed now. -Chloe

hahaha...I made you nervous. I'm sorry. Good night.-Erik

:) G'night -Chloe

Holy Crap! I was nervous as heck. To learn that I could possibly get kissed tomorrow by the hunkiest guy I had ever met. That he wanted to be with me, over all the girls that would answer to the snap of his finger. And he's my boss! Tomorrow I could possibly die of happiness.

I fell asleep with the cheesiest smile on my face. I think I even dreamt about the kiss, since that was the only thing on my mind. Oh gosh, had I become like Jessica and Rachel? A dramatic poet about to rant someone's ear off about my very detailed first kiss. To the point that I'd reveal too much information of my sensual feelings? Say it isn't so. I'm about to become one of them.

The minute I opened my eyes I jumped out of bed and ran to find my mother. She was in the kitchen with dad. I discreetly walked by her side and grabbed her hand.

"You need to come with me... I have something I have to tell you!" I quietly shrieked.

She immediately knew who and what I was talking about. She followed me up to my room, where I told her everything; we had a good relationship like that. Thankfully, she didn't treat me like a child. I was almost 18 anyways.

My mom started to tell me about her first kiss when she was in junior high. She told me what outfit I should wear for this memorable occasion. I completely agreed with her, for she had pointed out that this would be the first time he was going to see me in the daylight and out of work clothes. She picked out my simple taupe slip dress that had the same color lace adornments around the neckline and short sleeves.

I wanted to look pretty but not overdo it. I left my hair loose and put some beige flat sandals to complete my outfit. I could barely eat anything, I was still too nervous. I thought if I forced myself I might throw up. I hoped that this was real and that I wasn't being played tricks on. My moment of truth to overcome this fear was now. I waited anxiously, watching the hands on the clock take what seemed like days to reach one o' clock. I couldn't contain my heart or my shaky body.

I heard tires roll over the dirt and stop. My hands started to sweat a bit, as I paced back and forth by my front door. My parents had left so I wasn't allowed to let him inside. I heard him shut his car door, and that's when I came out. His face lit with a smile from ear to ear. I couldn't believe what I saw in his hand. Flowers, No he didn't? I smiled.

He looked nice in his jeans and blue V neck shirt; he got a closer look at me and covered his mouth with his hand to keep from smiling so much. I could tell he was impressed. We met half way, and he noticed right away how nervous I was.

"Is it bad that I think you look adorable, even though I could tell you're really nervous," he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, he then handed me his flowers. This was better than how my friends described their first dates. I went to grab my flowers but he held on to my hands and didn't let go.

"Where are your parents?"

"They left for a moment. Would you like to meet them?" I asked, doubting he'd say yes.

"Yes I will...later. Right now I need to take care of something..."

Before I could ask him what, his hands were already entangled in my hair. I watched as his intimidating blue eyes became a place where I could dwell in. He took his index finger and began to softly trace a line down the center of my face; starting at my forehead then down my nose and over my mouth. I couldn't figure out why he was doing that, but it tickled a bit so I giggled. Yet he continued to barely pass his finger over my lips, and it kept on tickling me.

"Yep, they're ready," he murmured as his hands slid beneath my ears, I instantly closed my eyes and within seconds I was surprised by the greeting of his lips. I smiled as though I had just tried the greatest chocolate in the world, which made it a little difficult for our lips to lock. I ended up giggling trying to hold my laughter. Though that only made matters worse as he then felt compelled to laugh. He pulled away, laughing with his head faced down.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I said with the stupidest grin on my face.

"No, no, stop laughing!" but he didn't stop either. "Okay, let's try this again."

He tried to shake off his smirk and took a deep breathe; still he couldn't make himself stop smiling. I thought I had just ruined the most significant moment of my life. He must have noticed the guilty look on my face when he abruptly charged for my lips, with an ever burning kiss. I felt like he was sucking the energy out of me only because I became so weak in his arms. I knew I would die of happiness. He didn't seem as excited as I was when he finished kissing me.

"Here I was so confident that I was going to sweep you off your feet and I couldn't even give you the perfect kiss," he confessed.

"Erik, but you did! You most certainly did!" I assured him. "I loved it. It was sexy yet funny...I couldn't have dreamt it better."

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