The communicator rang as Dak stared out the large window, the lights of large city of the space station lit up the artificial night sky. He raised the communicator in front of him and a blue hologram rose out of the circular base. The hologram was a silhouette of a male human.

"The target is in the lower ward of section 23. Objective—eliminate target at all costs. Reward will be wired to account as soon as objective is achieved. Do you accept? Please comply." The hologram said in a deep voice, obviously altered by a voice changer.

"I accept." Dak said throwing on his brown over-coat and shutting off the communicator. He touched the panel next to the door and the white door slid open. He walked out into the brightly lit hallway of the space station. He walked down the many hallways and corridors until he was in the market area of the lower wards. He popped up his collar of his coat and moved through the crowd towards a security door on the far end of the wards. He walked from merchant to merchant, looking at the merchandise and periodically checking on the door to see if the guards had changed or left.

When Dak noticed the guards had gone on patrol he walked toward the door and was half-way there when the door slid open and three guards walked out. Behind the three guards was a man without armor but was in a military uniform and a blue beret. The three guards turned around as the man began to talk.

"Alright we have reason to believe that an assassin will strike tonight in this area, so spread out and look for anyone suspicious." The man said to the three soldiers who then split up into the crowd. Somebody has a leak. Dak sighed and continued toward the door as the officer went back through it. He kept his head down as he walked and tried to avoid drawing attention, but things got even more complicated when he ran into one of the guards.

"Uh, oh sorry, sir" The guard said as he walked around Dak. The guard noticed a protrusion in Dak's coat. "Hey, hold on a minute." The guard yelled to Dak, as two people walked past him and before the guard could reach him Dak had disappeared. Dak leaned against the wall next to the door. He took out a small rectangular object from the sleeve of his coat and tapped a small orange button. The panel of the door went from glowing red to green and Dak swiftly entered the room. Seconds after the door opened it Dak turned around and locked it. Dak checked the gear in his coat a turned to walk down the hallway as a guard turned a corner. From his sleeve Dak threw a small needle into the throat of the guard. Before the guard could drop to the ground Dak was there to catch him and hide the body in a nearby closet.

Dak ran down the hallways and came to door marked Interrogation and Holding. Dak looked around for another way into the room and noticed a room next to it. He unlocked the door, his hand clutching another needle. Dak charged in, half expecting there to be a few guards, and stopped in the middle of the room. He released the grip on the needle when he saw there was no one in the room. In fact the only thing in the room was a giant window looking into the holding room and a couple of chairs. Behind the window were a couple of civilians and soldiers, Dak scanned the room for his target and saw him sitting in a chair near the window. He smiled as he backed up and ran, crashing through the window and landing in front of the desk.

The man in the chair looked up in terror as Dak pulled a dagger out from his sleeve and slashed across the man's throat. The blood spurt from between his hands as he tried to stop the bleeding but fell to the ground and bleed to death. Dak rose as a crowd guards surrounded him, luckily no one else outside the room knew what was going on. In the chaos none of the guards thought to hit the alarm, which was a fatal mistake on their part.

"Don't move or we'll shoot!" Yelled one of the guards as he pulled the action of his assault rifle. Another guard lowered his rifle and moved in to apprehend Dak. Big mistake. Dak spun around and launched two knives into their respective guards. He vaulted over the table and the guard moving toward him. He grabbed the guard's head and brought the guards neck over his shoulder, breaking his spine. With three guards down and six others standing in awe Dak saw his chance to escape. Dak reached in to his coat and pulled out a silenced pistol and precisely shot and killed the rest of the guards. He ran to the door and exited the room. He walked back the way he came and exited back into the markets. Dak made it back to his room without any other interruptions.

"The target is eliminated."

"Good, any problems?" The hologram said over the communicator.

"Just a few guards and you might have a leak." Dak said standing in front of the window looking out over the city.

"It wasn't a leak; it was part of the plan." The hologram said. Immediately after the transmission shut off and three gunships rose up in front of the window spotlights shining throughout the room. Dak turned around and ran toward the door. The door blew open as unmarked soldiers charged in and began to surround Dak.