We're spending a day apart

There's this longing in my heart

Surging with a sense of urgency.

Baby I need you here with me.

I have been feeling so scared,

Like I'd look and you won't be there,

Like something bad is gonna happen.

I don't want a heart break again!

I need you here now by my side.

To tell me everything's alright.

I keep wondering how you are.

I do believe you're not too far.

This distance of million miles

Makes my heart seem so fragile.

I feel like it's been broken into

A thousand pieces without you.

I miss the words you'd say,

The minutes we'd steal every day.

I miss that silly grin on my face.

Oh God this is a mess!

We're spending a day apart

And my anxiety has hit restart.

Please walk and talk carefully.

Baby I need you here with me.

I keep cursing my stupid fate.

Couldn't this stupid cruel test wait?

Doesn't life know that a day apart

Breaks me so much that it hurts?

I keep counting the minutes

And keep wishing you were in it.

I keep counting the seconds.

Oh when will this separation end?

I didn't realize this will be so hard.

I guess we're not a house of card.

You are my sand-castle and I

Will turn every wave back with a bye.

You are way more mature.

You're holding up I'm sure.

But baby this girl here is going insane.

Yeah it does feel like a year without rain.

I'm missing you so much!

Words can't describe it as such!

I can't wait to get back to you,

To join the pieces with a glue.

I believe in miracles,

I believe that we won't fail.

So I keep praying to that shooting star

To connect us, no matter where we are.

You're the other part of my soul.

Obviously I haven't been feeling whole.

I'm the broken miserable part,

Now that we're spending the day apart.

There's so much I need to tell you.

I need to ask you what I should do.

But so are so freakishly far away.

I'm completely lost and lonely today.

I've been falling into you.

I've been calling to you.

And now you have to come to me.

I need you here with me baby.

Show me our telepathy….